How Do You Health? Fest 2022

There’s no one size fits all to approach Health. This festival dedicates itself to celebrating all the ways that it can look for you!

About this event

Join us for the 3rd annual How do You Health? Fest in Austin, Texas.

This fun, health-focused weekend will bring you the best of health in a format that feels like a celebration.

And there will definitely be some party vibes, too.

What you can expect every day...

  • Talks from specialists in every area of health & wellness
  • Workshops facilitated by pro
  • Activations set up by our favorite health brands
  • Health bars all over the campus, serving vitamin cocktails & treats
  • Masterminds and networking for health practitioners & influencers
  • Vitamin injections & IVs onsite
  • Nighttime events including dance parties, comedy shows & more!