Mike McNeal is a holistic health coach and a representative at Cell Core Biosciences.

"So I started my own healing journey, which is important because I'm sure a lot of people who are listening want to know where to start or what to do. And it could be a YouTube video, it could be this podcast, it could be something that you hear. That's the light that's gonna guide you in the direction that you need to get healed."





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"So many people who are non practitioners in my journey were a huge part of my healing."


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Baldo 0:58
Alright guys, well, welcome to the How Do You Health? Podcast. Can you guys hear me?

So yes, we have Mike McNeal here. He is a holistic coach. Yes, and holistic health coach. And we're gonna talk about his journey, because I know that I just met you like a few minutes ago, but you guys connected for a while. What was the last week all of last week?

Mike McNeal 1:25
It was a millennia. It was

Jon Mendoza 1:29
like seven minutes.

Baldo 1:30
And briefly what I do, what you did tell me before is like, Man, you went through this long journey. And what really helped you out was when you started seeing some holistic practitioners. Right? I just like that made the difference. Yes. So we're gonna get into that because you healed Tourette's and you healed

Mike McNeal 1:46
was type two diabetes, type two diabetes, epstein barr. stuff. I got it.

Baldo 1:53
And we can attest to that, right, because we see it with labs all the time with the way that we do care as well, too. But we'll get into that here in a couple seconds. But we got nurse doza here. So we're, he started an IV on Mike. And as we do very often, and we're going to go ahead and get started here. And I'm TexMex Yogi, so let's get the party started.

Jon Mendoza 2:13
The So you started named dropping some some serious chronic illnesses over there. list off the diagnoses that you've had.

Mike McNeal 2:23
Sure. So 12 years old, I had a TBI said post concussive syndrome after traumatic brain injury the back lower right side of my head. Post concussive syndrome caused leaky gut, I started to get adult onset diabetes at 13. After my brain injury, that led to Nervous System breakdown completely. Like I'm talking completely like sitting in school, little tics are turned into full blown I couldn't control my body couldn't control my voice. So I got diagnosed with Tourette's from a functional neurologist. And at the same time, in my stoic journey of life, I wound up getting married when I was 18. pretty well. But I wasn't getting epstein barr from my ex wife. And so I hit chronic fatigue really hard. So I hit like a combination of I was a high school dropout with Tourette's. I had type two diabetes, and I just felt lost. My mom was a single mom, raising three of us in a trailer park couldn't really afford care. So I was kind of at my wit's end, I know what to do. And so YouTube had just came out. And there was a guy on there named David Wolf, and I've ever heard of him. He's a raw vegan educator guy who's talking about reishi mushroom, and being a vegan would cure your diabetes in 30 days. And I'm like, what,

you know, like,

I'm like, so I literally told my mom, I'm like, I'm gonna be a vegan, a raw food vegan, and I'm gonna order this reishi mushroom this guy was talking about and I'm gonna start taking it. I don't see what's going to happen. will literally I started to feel incredible. So imagine me like toxic kid just eating a bunch of garbage Oreos, coffee sugars, like a total addict to everyone's normal, sad diet. That was the creation of a diabetic environment with a leaky gut going on, and a nervous system breakdown couldn't process anything. I was in sensory overload. I was a mess. I was sick, like 80 days of the school year, I just was in the chronic state of illness very quickly. And it came from a brain injury. And it's something that I don't think a lot of people talk about, especially from kids, because traumatic brain injuries have a massive impact on the nervous system. So I started my own healing journey, which is important because I'm sure a lot of people who are listening, want to know where to start what to do. And it could be a YouTube video, it could be this podcast, it could be something that you hear. That's the light that's gonna guide you into the direction that you need to get healed. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 4:58
yeah. Yeah. I love Wow, that's, that's awesome.

Mike McNeal 5:04
I'll take a deep breath with that.

Jon Mendoza 5:08
It's just amazing. I've always been fascinated by people who, when they present themselves, they present themselves in a way that they're almost apologetic and a good way. And I think that with you, and I think we resonated in that sense. There was very unapologetic. This is who we are, but we were already on a path. Yeah. And we didn't have to explain it. And I think that's why you bypassed like that story, because we didn't really discuss that. And it was cool, because I almost understood that you already went through something like that. And like I always was like, there's a reason why you're doing what you're doing. Because we didn't talk about we talked about vitamins and supplements and how your friends that you brought in, I guess, really, they brought you in? Yeah, they're our friends. Yeah. And Baldo now has gotten to meet them as well. Awesome. weed. They've hung out here. They went to our psychedelic night. Beautiful. Oh, like we we talked about?

Baldo 6:03
Yesterday. She did a she did Lucy light. Well, yeah, but she adjusted you miss today? Oh, she adjusted me.

Jon Mendoza 6:10
Oh, yeah, she's Oh, she's right. Oh, yeah. So for the listeners, we're both chiropractors and Elaine and I, she's a wonderful, wonderful chiropractor. And, and she adjusted me she does is one adjustment, this behind the shoulder blade. And she's like, I want to teach you this. So you could do it for me. Because it's so incredible. When she does it. I never had a chiropractor ever do and so I'm just like, do I want to do like an adjusting party? Mm hmm. But yeah, she came over and I do she got my neck. And it felt so good today. And it's nice. Like I was like everyone should get adjusted. Yeah. And she doesn't adjust as much. So the cool thing is like with her is she I think she's rekindling her love for chiropractic. Because every time she suggested like Heather now, yeah, and a couple other people who normally don't get adjusted. And so it's cool when you still meet people who haven't tried chiropractic. What it's interesting, I

Baldo 7:03
find that in our community, we find a lot of chiropractors that tap back into that practice after a certain period. It's almost like, I don't know, like, even with the lately you've been saying like, man, I want to do more chiropractic, but the you almost like let it go for a little while and like you would still do it because, you know, because we have patients. But, but it's like lately, you've had more of a passion for it?

Jon Mendoza 7:24
Well, I think the calling for chiropractic for the background of people who still don't know what chiropractic is, I guess I'll speak on this real quick. It's basically adjusting and maintaining the nervous system in the body. From the theoretical standpoint of an information highway going down the nervous system, if the nervous system infiltrates and innervates every single aspect of the body muscles, tendons, organs, then the nervous system controls all the actions. So the nervous system, which we now know has a parasympathetic and sympathetic system, you can either be up or down. And when that happens, the spinal column is only there to protect the spinal cord. And the nerves that come out of there that the information are being carried on the highways, right. So when you get adjusted, you allow all that interference, it's blocking that highway of traffic to allow the body to heal it. So allow the body to heal itself,

Baldo 8:19
which is what like your TBI was

Jon Mendoza 8:22
what you did,

Baldo 8:22
yes. And, and then then and then the foods that we eat also play a part of that huge

Mike McNeal 8:28
and I actually jumped into chiropractic because a person from my family's church found this chiropractor guy who was named Peter jele. And he was actually a teacher at Parker. And he ran the funk neuro club. He was like, This guy was a pure genius. And he was someone who is absolutely wildly smart, would barely talk. And so actually, I wasn't moving to my stepmom, my dad's they could afford to get me treatment. And so I go see this guy, Dr. GLA and literally when I walk out of the car, he's looking at how you walk, how you lean? how you look, your countenance everything. He's basically reading you like a functional neurology book. Yep. And he's seeing how your nervous system interacts when you hug him. When you look him in the eyes. Yes, when you all that stuff. So I come into his office, and he starts to check my reflexes. Well, I can't hold my tics down. tics are like, if anybody's had Tourette's or takes or anything. It kind of feels like a ghost in your body. And it pulls on your nerves when it wants to. Yeah, that's how I describe it. Yeah. And so he's sitting here, like, you know, hitting different reflexes. I didn't realize there are more than just your knee. You know, they're everywhere, right? So he's hitting them all over me. And all of a sudden I jump at him and he pops back and he's like, what was that? And I go, this is just what happens. Like it happens all the time. It gets worse when I'm stressed. And I'm like, it gets out of control. I can't even control my voice and he's like, bro, he goes, we're gonna fix you. He goes, You have nothing to worry about. And I was like, Okay, if it's the first time I ever heard that, like something that was incurable, someone tell me that it could be cured. Yeah. Which is powerful. So anybody listening, if you have incurable things, there is the power to be cured. We're not afraid to say it, we can say it. And so it was powerful because it gave me the hope that it could be possible. So it's funny hear me stand in the corner of the room on a Bosu ball, the little half cut off medicine ball. He told me to close my eyes and fold my arms while I close my eyes and full my arms fall straight forward, and no standing balance at all. And so he's like, put these glasses on. Like, what is this? You know, it seems kind of quackery. I don't know. I'm like, I'm some researching what he's doing as he's doing it. And so like, they flash in my eyes, like I'm checking you, right? Yeah, like, what are you doing? They flash my eyes is 30 seconds, he pulls him off. He's like, stand up straight, I stood up straight. And I go, what did you do through my eye with light that affected my entire body? And he goes, why did neuro optical stimulation, we use light and color therapy to adjust your nervous system through your eyes. And it acts as an internal adjustment so that your spine and your nerves and your muscles, they line up right away without even touching you. And I'm like, This dude is on a whole other. Like, what is this? Do you know? And so that was really the beginning I worked?

Well, he, he actually made it for practitioners, I lights calm if people are listening, I don't get anything from it. He doesn't even practice anymore. But he made it as a functional neurology tool for Kairos. And through Carrick's studies and stuff in the neuro world, that they could have access to it so that you can do brain stimulating work at home, or wherever and see a huge improvement on patients with cognitive dysfunction. Yeah, and it can go from anything from narrow vision to ADHD add it affects all of these positively. And it's interesting because he tuned the frequency of the timer on the light itself to the Schumann resonance. So in its timing, it's really interesting. So it's, it goes back to like by neuro or so federal solfeggio tones, but light can be tuned in time where you put your body at a parasympathetic state. So for these four years of him treating me my body craved this calming energy from the glasses from these lights. It just is something that fed my nervous system when I was away from him actually adjusting. And so there's some power I love the science of neuroplasticity, because he was saying every time you wore it on a cognitive or on a physical side, so either like serotonin dopamine pathways, you were retraining your brain and your nervous system from stimuli to help stay in a parasympathetic state, no matter what stimuli was coming in, two years in, I never talked with him. And at the same time, he's bringing me through detoxes supplements, like all kinds of nutritional therapies, magnesium citrate, he had every company you could ever imagine on his show, and he would just literally pull in whatever you needed flower essences emotional work, he would, he did the gambit for somebody who spent like an hour hour and a half with you every time. It was pretty powerful. So at the same time that I see this guy, I actually saw a functional medicine doctor in Rockwall named Dr. Good Nino who has an IV clinic, he did live blood microscopy, and he went a totally different approach. I did both approaches at the same time. So I had really good insurance that covered IV therapies and covered anything I was going to do even on the functional medicine side. And so I was like, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be healed as fast as possible. I didn't want to be debilitated. I didn't want to be impaired in life and my job and what I was doing, and so he does live blood microscopy, puts me on a full IV regimen. He puts me on nice. Staton, he puts me on diflucan. He puts me on all these different prescriptions, which I thought was interesting. And then he did ozone, he did Myers, cocktails, all these high dose vitamin C, I'm sure a lot of things that you guys do at MSW. And those things are were giving me a baseline of nutrition that my body had never had before. I don't care what capsule I ever took this type of nutrition that I'm getting in my arm right now. There's nothing like it on the planet, bypassing the digestive system immediately getting into my cells. It felt like if anybody listening has ever had an adjustment, the clarity that you receive from an IV is very much Nervous System healing like an adjustment. When you get up you feel this influx of energy and this clarity come over your mind. There's nothing like it on the world. Yeah. And so that was that was kind of my dual track into going I needed both types of therapies in order to really fast track my healing. And I became obsessed, studying everything that they did. I'm like, What are you doing? Why does this stuff work? What has happened in my body what, and that was launching my brain to have experiential knowledge for my own healing journey, to apply to speak to practitioners and to people today, and talk about, you know, pretty complex things, we're kind of joking, we don't have to get complex. But you know, we can if we want, we can nerd out if we want. But at a high level, it was really the pathway for me to be healed. And it's important, I was actually thinking about doing this podcast on the drive over here and how this you hearing my voice, may be the ticket for you to be healed. And it may be for you to reach out to Msw to reach out to nurse doza, to reach out to boldo. To get an IV, maybe that's your first drip into a new life. Maybe that's your first talk of an adjustment or talk of somebody who has experience in the healing world even. And so listeners, we just encourage you right now, it just I don't want to waste time on this. But if you have any feeling of chronic illness, you feel like anything is off. You are surrounded by people on this podcast right now who have a heart for healing, who want you to be healed and to be at your highest potential. Reach out to them. Don't wait. You it can happen today. You can be healed today. That's I felt it on the drive over here, that someone who's listening to this needs to hear that

Jon Mendoza 16:36
that beautiful commercial right there. That's that's well said I I very much appreciate it on so many levels might because this is how I looked at when when I remember pitching this to bother because ball is my best friend. And for people who listen, they know this. And he is a brother to me, he's my brother. That's how I view it. And so when I pitched him this idea, imagine your pitch an idea that hasn't really been done before to a guy who wants to challenge. He gets it right. You don't have to explain the healthcare aspect behind it. But he knew that I was passionate about it, and he trusted me. So he's like, I cool, I believe in what you tell me. I just want to know more about it. That's cool, man, I can explain it, it's not a big deal. And then when you start to look at it, you start realizing like alright, cool, this is really important. Because you know, what we have here is powerful. The fact that you can get an IV full of, you know, yours B five, B six and a NAD. Like, the fact that you can get that directly into your bloodstream right now. Means is the greatest time in the world to be a human. Basically, like you can get treatment that you would not normally get. And then you also can bring it out within yourself. And so the chiropractor sense of ambala you asked the question earlier, why am I going back to it because of innate intelligence. And innate intelligence is the idea that the body can heal itself on its own it chiropractic, dd Palmer and it's a bj they firmly believe it but in chiropractic for people don't know DD started it. BJ kind of took it and made it into you know what it is today. And chiropractic just believes the body standards way, you know, remove the interference, they have his way. Well, we have half that approach with the chiropractic philosophy, but with Baldo. It's almost like adding the yin and the yang as well, right? Yeah. So what else do we need is like, well, we need to make sure that we look at the holistic side, we always emphasize that. So we look at it, we're always including mental wellness. We're including nutrition, including sleep, very sensible things that we've had conversations with throughout this journey together. And it makes sense because he'll read something about quantum physics. And he'll start talking about, you know, ESP. And, and you have to, you have to go into it. Because from an enlightened conversation standpoint, it's something new. You'll learn something from the other standpoint, it's science, because it's quantum physics. Yeah. And you can prove energy on so many levels and eight intelligences quantum physics. So when we look at that we look at biochemistry, because biochemistry is involved in the chemistry that is energy. I mean, that's how I look at vibration. You call it ionization. You call it polarity, you call it vitamins ation. Yeah. You didn't call it hormones.

Baldo 19:29
Yeah. Well, I think that there's a there's a lot of getting in the way of the body. Right. And, you know, and we talked about, like, in your case of brain injury, which, that's a lot of like, I mean, that's a traumatic event that's getting in the way of the communication, right? Same thing with nutrition, right? There's a, there's something blocking you absorbing that that will feed your body's to help it do whatever it is. Same thing with chiropractic. I get into a lot of the metaphysical stuff and it's the same thing we just get in the way of us connecting to what we already are connected because the moment you remove all that like meditations Perfect example of that is like, Oh, I like to meditate to connect, it's really more like I like to meditate to disconnect from all these other like stimuli that are that are blocking my, my ability to, to, to understand what's been what that connection is, right. And that could be a million different things because I've experienced a million different things do have to do your meditation, right but but but at the same time, like if if I am very active, doing all the things all the time and not taking my time, then I'm never understanding or never listening, right in the same thing, if we don't give ourselves time to do the right things, then your body's never going to listen to what what it needs, or you're not ever going to listen to what it needs 100% and your body can't heal. And it's as simple as

Mike McNeal 20:41
that. Because it's like, you know, the yogi who's eating a cheeseburger is gonna have cheeseburger meditation. Yeah. And so there's like the, you know, there's a whole polarity to the aspect of, you know, this type of nutrition feeds on a higher level, that's going to empower you at an intercellular level, to feel yourself in a greater degree. And so it's very interesting to see people in the metaphysical space, they don't touch the physical space, but they think it's all metaphysical. You know, it's all metaphysical, and it's all physical at the same time, they're all interconnected, you're gonna affect one or the other. And so it's really interesting, the older I get in this world, and I'll tell you a little bit about my journey, but just recently, I've been doing mind body spirit release mbsr, and going through past traumas. But the one thing that this practitioner says is without nutrition and empowering your organs, you actually can't handle the emotional release. So she's like, the physical helps lock in your body getting ready to release something that it's been holding on to. So she did a release on me over my liver and over resentment, and not me not being valued. And let me tell you, I ran to the bathroom after the release, and I pooped out a ton of Candida. And a ton of night, our supplement company is lost of her liver and cholestasis and killing parasites on stuff. But there was something tied to that emotion. And when I let go of it, and she's like, yeah, people with Candida, they hold on to resentment, they lack sweetness. So they're finding sweetness and carbs, and all these other things. She's like, I'm sure that's how you were like, that's exactly how it was. And she did this whole work on me to help go into a deeper space, so that I could understand what I've been holding on to and generationally I'm holding on to that I can finally let go. And so genetically, it's it's it gets stuck and written in our code, and it can be rewritten. And that's what people don't, don't talk about. The genes express themselves, but we start to change the expression. Right now, the moment that drip came in my arm, my DNA, and my genes are going to express differently with NAD would be five would be six, it's going to start to shift. And it's going to start to empower me to move forward into whatever we're going to get into or what I'm going to do. And so it's interesting, because even when I saw that, that I like that you got into the metaphysical because I think it's really important to talk about that chiropractic neurologist had all these flower essences, you know, I mean, you know, essences, and also, I'm just learning all this. I'm like, What is all this? How does it help, you know, what's the essence what's a vibratory he called him vibratory hammers. That's what that's what made it nice made me understand it. And he's like, I walk in one day, and I'm leaning to my left side when I come out of the car. Well, the night before I had a dream about my mother. And I went to my mom in this dream. And I told her all these terrible things I did behind her back when she was trying to raise this. And I just wanted to resolve all this with my mom I hated holding on to as I got older. When I walk out of the car, McLean into the lap, I walk into him and he goes, What's up with you and your mom? I go, What are you talking about? He goes, you're leaning to the left. He goes, I saw you, when you walked out of the car, he goes, give me one second, he grabs this fire essence, this floor Li was the company name. And he pulls it out and it was white snake. And he puts it on me. And it was like dealing with your mother. And he he drops into my mouth drops in water. And I start crying on his table. And I'm like, What is

like what's going on? And he's like, what are you doing today? I was like, well, I actually took today off because this dream threw me off so much. I was like, I don't know what I'm doing. He's like, how about you go visit your mom. And I'm like, I'm on it. I'm going right now. So I literally when I pick up the phone to call my mom, like Hey, Mom, I need to come see you. She starts crying on the phone. Because I knew you're gonna come see me today. I took today off and I start crying. I'm like that that's like I don't know if you would call them cosmic coincidences or synchronicities. There's a million different things. You know, guy said God led me to do it, whatever your vibe is, but like God opened that opportunity up for me because I don't need to be carrying that anymore, right? I show it to my mom, my mom's crying. And she says, before you say anything, I want to let you know that I wasn't the mother that you deserved, that I was so busy following my religion, that I didn't raise you the way you needed to be. And I lost it. Because I held resentment for her being like a big religious figure and a worship leader and all that stuff, become neglecting us as our kids. And we needed her more than the church needed her. Right. And so I just want to telling her like that gave a vulnerability for me, that opened me up to all kinds of things I never would have experienced if you were there for me. And so we had this huge resolve Why go back to Dr. GLA? And I had just bought this frickin fluorescence. And he tests me and as you don't need it, he goes, you resolve the thing with your mom, like, Yeah, I did the same day, as on the next week. And he's like, bro, your whole Nervous System shifted.

Do you take over.

But it was a you know, but that that type of work is so powerful and so prolific, and it came in this physical healing plain. But you we need to pay attention to our dreams, pay attention to your visions, pay attention to your intuition, just like you did with me. I mean, the interaction was extremely short, but our vibe and our connection was so high, so quickly, that we are in each other's plane and interacting in that space. We didn't even really have to say anything. It's the instant brother connection that I love. It's powerful because people who are listening, they need to follow that more. We're in a society of suppression. We're afraid to be ourselves. We're afraid to express ourselves. We're afraid to connect. Look each other in the eyes. Just be present. Be yourself. So just take this again, listeners and be able to just as an encouragement, be yourself open up. Don't be afraid. Like you said, I am a get what you get kind of person. I know this way you are too. And people respect that. Or they're really offended by it. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 27:11
I mean, the first thing we talked about was the handlebar mustache. That's what it was. Cuz Yeah, he has one. It's awesome. Thank you. And I bought her nose. I had one, you know, and I told him a little bit about it. And I was like, that's really cool. Because when you do that, you're stepping out. You're being bold. And it's cool, because a lot of work. It's a lot of

Mike McNeal 27:32
wax it before I came in here.

Jon Mendoza 27:34
I know. I talked about said you got the little thing on the side that Yeah, you have to screw out and like it's like it's like the lip balm stuff. Just do it for a little tip. Yeah, a little tip. Yeah, I always had this code. I think I'd always put it up here. He said always had a quicker, you know, reference for it. Yeah, we used to wear masks back then. In the end, oh, he would droop and so as soon as I take the mask off, I'd have to like, you know, that's it, you know, back up again. And I like it. Actually, I I do dig. Like she didn't mind it. Because she said it never got in the way of me kissing her. You know, like, like, because the way mine grows and yours kind of grows is like Rollie fingers kind of style. Salvador Dali. Yep. Yeah. And it's nice. Because if it was a big old like Kurt Russell style mustache that's thick. Got a beard. I don't have a beard like that. You know, like, it's all comes up here. But it's still kind of thin. Gotcha. Oh, you know, Salvador Dali is just extends very thin day. So I mean, I don't really want to pull that look. Man, I need

Mike McNeal 28:38
a lady who's okay with the whole thing.

Jon Mendoza 28:42
looks okay. I mean, that's nice and neat, right? Yeah.

Mike McNeal 28:45
I keep it you know? Yeah. It's, like professional. But you know

Jon Mendoza 28:49
what it's work though. Right? It's

Baldo 28:52
gotta be like, maybe this is a tool

Jon Mendoza 29:00
in the future is called Mohawk. And we've been in so many times for badass concerts. Well, they also used to host this thing by the Austin facial club, I hope and so they would have a contest. And there used to be the show that came on, like, I don't know, Netflix or something like that. And it was around the world, the best beards and mustaches and all that and Well anyway, our friend was a producer on the show. And so all the stars came in to go hang out at Mohawk. And so all the people that worked at door who were there, they had gnarly beards and they had like, you know mustaches. And so the story is that when I go there, that the handlebar one of my buddies that do you should join us totally dies like, Nah, man, I'm not gonna go into that round dude. That's a whole nother thing. I don't want to step into man. I'm cool with myself. He's like, No, you should totally cool we got like categories as it Yeah, yeah, that's that's I'm saying because I saw the pictures. I saw the pictures that one night. We're talking three four feet beers. Like down to what like almost a stomach. Yeah. a badass, but imagine like a hedge trimmer, right? Yeah, right. ZZ Top style.

Baldo 30:09
They also used to host air guitar championships there.

Mike McNeal 30:11
Whoa, yeah.

Jon Mendoza 30:15
The air sex championships too.

Baldo 30:17
There's like air sex championships too check it out.

Jon Mendoza 30:28
It was legit and I say was because I hope it's dope. I don't know if it is or not. But yeah, like, just kind of look at it that actually

Baldo 30:35
that was the last place we went to before the pandemic because we will go see we went to go see Polo and pan there. And that was the last show.

Jon Mendoza 30:42
We saw Paula pan there. It was a Tuesday night was raining. Everyone's still jamming. Yeah. Everyone came out to jam. It's like it was cool. I liked it. Yeah, it was it was cold. It was cold.

Baldo 30:53
It was cold and rainy.

Jon Mendoza 30:55
Because that was that Thank you. That was my that's got to you got me. Yeah, but like there and that was kind of places you go back to like the vibe. Like that was a cool vibe. I after I stopped drinking, I really didn't go out to bars like especially like here in Austin like unless it has like music. But even then, like I don't want to go to a bar to like watch live music. So Mohawks a little different it has an outdoor outdoor like kind of stage and setup. So you're actually like thinking you're at a concert very just happens to be there's like a weird, like, hipster like bar vibe in the back. Right and but it's kind of like the Austin scene.

Baldo 31:27
I was always like shoulder to shoulder like even with the smaller bands,

Jon Mendoza 31:31
that Asti I'm telling

Baldo 31:32
I don't know that that's gonna happen anytime soon.

Mike McNeal 31:34
Yes, so

Jon Mendoza 31:35
many bands I've seen there that were just like some of my favorite nights ever. And so that vibe to use, but to talk about Parker. Well, my wife and I, we were always hanging out in like de Belem. And deep ellum had like an underground kind of vibe. And that was paid to play shows them Yeah, exactly. Right. So like, it was cool, because it felt like Austin. Yeah. And then at one point, like Austin, kind of like a warrior would go with the Mohawks wherever we go with like, the gnarly beards and shit, like, you know, and it kind of changed the vibe a little bit. But when you see like, even what's going on now, there's still a creative side of people. They just have to get like real jobs. And so, you know, doing like, Well, I do this online gig now I build websites. Yeah, you know, yeah, graphic design. Yeah. Like, that's perfect. I do video editing, right. I mean, this guy alone? I wouldn't how many job descriptions Do you would you put on a resume now?

Baldo 32:29
Right now? Oh, my God,

Jon Mendoza 32:31
you would you add 1000 different jobs?

Baldo 32:36
Oh, man. I love that. Yeah. And I like to think that I'm pretty good at all of them.

Jon Mendoza 32:44
Yeah, that'd be that's it's impressive, though, nonetheless, because like, you talked about your journey to where it got you now. You just dedicated your life to something that you feel passionate about, and it got you on your on your way. 100% most people who step into doors at our place, you kind of almost have to go back to energy. Do you sense that they are on their path? Yeah. And do I keep saying it I thought about the other day, the practitioner or doctor or the future should be the person who brings it out from the patient. And it's not that the idea is that you tell the patient, what it is, is that you help bring it out for themselves. No, and and that's what they're there for. Right? You come to the doctor and you say, Hey, I have these issues. I think that's going on doesn't seem right. I've kind of diagnosed issues myself. I'm kind of like troubleshoot it and you know, shot it, I guess. And then now you're like, Alright, well, I kind of think it might be this, I want your opinion on it. Because I value what you're doing. And I think you might be able to guide me. Yeah. And that's really what we feel like and what Balder also saw very early on to I was like, well, you're part of that as well, because health is not defined by a doctor or practitioner. And I think you might have made that a perfect example of that. I yeah, yeah. How many people have you helped now?

Mike McNeal 33:58
1000s, countless 1000s. I mean, it's innumerable. And now I'm in a job position where my testimony or my story is how I'm in front of every practitioner. And guess what? It reignites the fire for them to continue to do what they're how Yeah, and I may be talking about my supplement company, so core or whatever. But I shelve all that because I got to the point where I connect with them Soul to Soul and person to person, that I'm in their wheelhouse, and that what I do for them is what they've done for me, they're gonna do for a lot of people, because they empowered me to go out there and share my story. It's powerful. Yep. And so I agree, you don't necessarily, I'm not a doctorate or PhD on anything. But I've been on platforms to share and what you're doing is reaching out your hand. Here's the deal for me so many people who are non practitioners in my journey. Were a huge part of my healing my parents, my my parents are in ministry, but then listening to me was powerful. I mean, I needed someone to listen to me, I went to mental health, there's a lot people don't listen, there's a lot of people that right. So there's these other aspects, you know that, like you said that that's part of being a practitioner, even though you don't have a degree behind your name, you know, or whatever that is, but we can provide that space for people to be healed. And we can provide that space for to listen in to share is so powerful, just that alone. It sets the space, it sets the tone for healing to start, and we're doing it now.

Baldo 35:33
Yeah, I always find it interesting, because like, I get to talk to doctors all the time. I'm practitioners, and they're asking me questions about nutrition sometimes. And I'm just like, dude, I just work here. But it's crazy that I that I know all this right. A lot of it has to do with because we've, I mean, I was staying with him for the first two and a half years, three years. And so we've had these deep conversations, and I was like, What are you drawing? Do I need to understand that part of it to be a better salesperson? Yeah, yeah. But second of all, because I knew that people were going to be asked, I mean, there's so many times that people because we look so much like each other. Yeah, there's so many times that people just come up to me and start asking me all these questions. Just like, like, you think you're talking to john. So that happens a lot, right? Which is great. I mean, I'm thankful that I was able to, you know, at the beginning, it was a little more difficult, but I still try my best. And if anything, it's always like, Look, I don't know the answer to that, because you probably think you're talking to john, but we'll figure it out. But we'll figure it out. And at some point, it was like, Okay, I can I can answer that a little bit more. And there's Okay, I just don't have the answer to this one thing. Can you help me with that? And then it's in its end. And I think that some of the new people that are working with us are going through that same process, and like they don't know a lot. But they're learning and they want to learn because it's going to continue to happen. And I texted someone today, I was like, Look, just serve the people get whatever they need, they will figure it out beautiful. And serving doesn't always necessarily mean that you have the answers that hey, I'm gonna help you figure it out. I

Mike McNeal 36:57
love that. Yeah, it's more about being present. I like that because and I'm going to go back to this I because I know a lot of people were listening, I worked a job that I hate hated. For seven years, I got a corporate job, I worked in logistics and supply chain security, the worst job ever. But guess what that is what fueled financially for me to pay for my own education for me to have the resources to pay for supplements or to pay for treatments, I became a modality junkie, I'm like getting acupuncture, I'm buying zappers and parasite, cleanse and mice, I'm doing everything possible that I can do. And I just use that resource to basically pay for a passion expansion, if you will, every day. And so if you guys are out there flipping at McDonald's, or you're out there, like rocking at chick fil a, or a web designer, or whatever you're doing, that can be the platform that you're going to use to launch into your passion, and don't negate your passions. I'm into music, I'm into health, I'm into ministry and philanthropy and I have a myriad of things I like it's like a million different job descriptions. But all of those feed the passion of who I really am. And so you're going to be on those guiding stones. So it's funny, I get out of the corporate world, after seven years climbing the ladder to the top, only for you to get a new SEO free to be shoved out seven years later. I mean, it's just like that, you know? And so I get out and I go work at a health food store. And let me tell you something, probably 1000s of people at a sprouts grocery store, received counseling, health coaching everyone account Yeah, call me in the vitamin department, who are getting their heart monitors removed and who are getting their blood pressure healed and their diabetes sealed. Why? Because I had had so much self study and experiential knowledge at that point, that me being I almost got in trouble with sprouts the grocery store company in general, because I had I had like a cult following of people door would open. They knew I was on schedule. There's like, Yeah, exactly. They're bringing my family joke with me and call me Dr. McNeil. You know, just hilarious. Yeah. So I went from that to like little mom and pop health food stores and I was running my own coaching business. I work for a testing company. I got kind of burned in integrative sales. It's kind of a weird world. And an old co worker of mine. This is really cool. In the pandemic, I jumped out of the integrative world, although I still, you know, did all the cool stuff that we get to do IVs and supplements and stuff. And I actually got into private security and private investigations. So I went in this whole other direction in life, I just felt like I needed to change, you know, and it was good. It's good to kind of like dip out for a little bit. I became certified and everything and I'm doing this well, when the when the pandy struck, and like the government and everything started shutting down. Everything I was doing was drying up. Like what the heck. And I'm like, I'm not about to dip into savings. So I literally jumped doing instacart and all these other like little things that you can do, you know, no matter what's going on. Yeah. And so I'm literally like, just kind of in a meditative space of being like what I really wanted Again, you know, you kind of hit these different, I just turned 30. And I hit this strike, I'm like, I need to be back into my passion full force, right? Literally, when I have these thoughts, the next week and old co worker of mine calls me and says that I felt like God told me to call you, I, he worked for this huge supplement company for 15 years, he was about to drop that company to work for the company I work for now sell core. And he was an old co worker of mine at this testing company. And he's like, I think you should check it out. And he's like, I'll get you on the phone with the National Sales account manager, call him the next day, have the job the next day. The next week, I'm going into practitioners offices, with no business cards, and nothing just saying hello, that I'm your rep, right. And it's all about serving, it's just about being present, you don't have to like come throw a bunch of products, you don't have to be a genius, you just have to be present, right. And that six months later, our growth has doubled month over month over month in the pandemic, as like Forbes, like top 200 growing companies in 2020, which is pretty wild, that I got to be a part of that at the ground floor. Very cool. But it's interesting, because everything that we're talking about from the principle of healing the body, cell cores principles are the same. They're owned and created by chiropractors, which is get rid of the interference and let the body heal itself. That's awesome. And that's like, that's the key, right? That's the chief to everything we've been talking about today. It's the reason why we do what we do. And the interference, like we're talking about could be metaphysical. It can be physical, it could be chemical, it could be emotional. It could be all of these things wrapped into one. And all that we're asking people who are listening is to start that journey. With this podcast with you listening to us, start the journey reached out to us find ways for you to get healed, find ways to open up a conversation, find ways to be listened to start to funnel your income into things that's going to shift your whole reality. Quit wasting your money and time and energy into systems and companies and services that only placate to the death culture that we already live in. And that are going to bring death consciousness to people. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it.

Jon Mendoza 42:18
I am too, man. I'm with you. I that's why we kind of take the approach that we do. We look at it from an educational standpoint all the way that's the play. Yep. If you want to empower the people, you educate them, yes. Right. And well,

Baldo 42:31
because people are smart, right? They're people. And if they get it, they're not going to go around. Oh, the problem is getting it. Yeah, that's the thing. So but the answer is always they're

Jon Mendoza 42:41
always there. We've done that for, you know, a minute, but when we were looking at supplements, I remember we were in my garage, right? And we were looking, I was looking at your supplements just right before we before we partnered and and he was selling supplements. Oh, very cool. And I was looking at it. He goes, What do you think? And he even asked me beforehand, like, what do you think about this? I was like, Okay, well, the supplements here I think are pretty good. And then I looked at it again. And I was like, man, he's a really good supplements, you know, like, you know what you have here? And he's like, Well, no, like, you know, I want to learn more about him. I want to know how good they are. So I could learn my sales pitch.

Baldo 43:18
Well, because the the person that I remember this because the person that was starting that company was a good friend of mine, and they worked with us at Cutco knives. And I would ask her like so what tell me how do I sell this? And she's like, Oh, just tell them that it's like, super clean, and that it's great. I was like, but like, what do they do is like, well, I don't know.

Jon Mendoza 43:39
But they were selling their products, right? Like people in the note like us know, right. So then, so I was like, Well, I guess is how it came about. I was like, well, dude, like, if you're gonna do this, like, Why don't like we do this together? Because you know, I, you know, there's no one else knows more than I do about this stuff. And I've been wanting to do this. I've been kind of tinkering in the idea of it. I'd be like, you're the ultimate sales guy. No. So like, I think we could knock it out of the park. And this is how we got into it. basically said, let's do vitamins. But let's do it in a way that no one's ever done it before. Wow, it's so this is a billion dollar industry we're talking about. Right? And it's really you still look I still tough to get into 100%. But once you're in, you're in Yeah. And you're doing well. Yep. Because it's thriving, and it's continuing to thrive. And anyone who was in it this year had a decent company grew. Yeah, it was like Oh, 100% Yeah, yeah. And I'm sure the company and that's you can be proud to say that you did you did the right thing, right. Yep. But we are just I'll never forget what I'm saying. Okay, like, man, like we should do this because I can show you like, how powerful these things are. And it's incredible how that you could just pick them up on the shelf. Yeah. And and when you think about it, the reason you were doing it sprouts is because I like to go into it. Not necessary test but I like to talk with people. And especially in sprouts in the local one we have is right on the streets literally right down the street. There's one dude, he knows what he's doing. There's another lady. She knows what she's doing. And it's cool because they're not getting paid extra. Yeah. Right. They're doing it because they survey their aisles. Like, can I help you with anything? Yeah. Is there something you need? The doctors that I used to hang out with. And I say doctors as in like the colleagues that I have on many different specialties. In chiropractic, those rooms, there is always healers present? If you don't I mean, yeah. When I went to the allopathic world, I did not feel the same way. It was a mix. Right? You knew there are some really good doctors out there doing good things. But you also had a mix of surgeons. And you also have a mix of other people who are in need of care. They value life in the human body in a very different light. And then if you're pretty much bought out by like, you know, the idea that the insurance companies are going to dictate your care. Yep, didn't really you don't even have, you don't even have the power to dictate the care from the patient's perspective. If you have someone who probably looks at the idea that you can do IVs it's so non traditional, then they dismiss it all in because they're like, Well, why would you give B five and B six and your IV? Why I explained to you beforehand was like this is for your adrenals This is going to help you calm down. This is exactly what your body needs right now. Yeah. You can go pick that up from sprouts as well. And there'll be someone there that says the same thing. And it's incredible. So now that I'm more in this game, and you're in this game, you're still in this game. Yep. The healing side is not coming from practitioners clinicians anymore. Yeah, it is people who own restaurants. Yeah. That's true. Who are coaches? Yeah. People who are in the CPG world. Yeah. People that said, I saw a problem. And I found a solution. And now I'm doing it in an entrepreneur world is what we've done. Yes, we didn't create a solution for a problem. We basically create our own path, which is harder to do. You've kind of done that, in your own sense with the whole life and you have to do with your own health. You almost have to do it alone. Sometimes. It's true, right? Yeah. A lot of the practitioners you found you had to seek out and a lot of them, you probably turned down like you probably said I didn't mesh well with that person, a person. And it wasn't they didn't tell you what you wanted to hear. Or like they didn't challenge you and they didn't learn. And you already knew more than them. Yep. And so when I told Baldor I said, when you learn the supplements, you got to know them so well, that you don't say, Hey, hey, stop, stop. I'm gonna get john over here. Come talk to you. It's like, No, no, like you. You finish that conversation? Yeah. You know, and the thing is, he's like, well, I can't believe this A year later, after you know, that conversation. We have no supplements. He's like, definitely, like, I tell him more than all these doctors that like we meet like, it's because you do. Yeah. And there's not a knock to doctors. Because we've had this conversation. There's brilliant minds when you're diving, you have to be in order to become a doctor. Yes. Okay. But there's doctors on many different specialties. We don't even name a law. 100%. But what is a doctor because if you go back to 4000 years ago, with Hippocrates, I just learned this. The father of modern medicine used to put people in a room like this there was like a sound sleep temple. And they would do vibrational sound therapy with the patients with other physicians, quotes, quotes in the room, and they would heal them do that,

Baldo 48:22
to allow themselves to heal.

Jon Mendoza 48:23
Yeah, they were allowed to do why they sprinkled them with Frankincense. And there's tumeric there's probably a button that somewhere down the road with burn. And I mean, it's just like, more responsibility extra. But it's true. That's true. But yeah, well, that's there. Yeah. And so it's been passed along how many years and it's like, we're now coming back to that idea that innate intelligence was already there, that whatever is in the environment is also innate intelligence. Well,

Baldo 48:50
it's the whole idea again, like the answer is always there. I always tell the story about my grandma, like, unfortunately, she didn't leave a recipe. recipe book, but there was this one time I had some I went to the hospital because I was working on on the car and fucking battery just exploded, and it's burned my arm. And so went to the hospital and they gave me like, pain pills and a whole bunch of like, oxy cotton and like, for what, I don't know why, how that was gonna help it. I mean, it helps because and that and some cream that was supposed to, like just numb me so that way, you know, I didn't have to deal with the pain. But they told me like, you're not gonna have any more hair. Like you're gonna have all sorts of scarring. You know, it was second degree or second degree burns or first degree burns, I forget which one is worse. And so it just happened that I had a trip to go to Mexico to go see my grandma within that same time. And one of the nights I was putting on my thing he's like, what do you put in there is like, oh, what happened and because I had long sleeves, because I was kind of embarrassed at the same time. And she's like, I don't even worry about it. Like I got you. She goes to the backyard. Grab some stuff from her yard, mixes it up some stuff. And she puts it on. And then she makes me like a smaller tub. Like I mean, I'm talking about like, small and I'm not nowhere near, like, if you look at our guts supplement look smaller than that. Right? And so she's like just put it every day for a week and you'll be fine. Nothing no scars. My hairs are still there. Like, I mean, you can't tell. Yeah, but that was never going to happen in the hospital. Right? And this is something that I was like, Well, what was that? Right? And at that point, I was younger. I wasn't like, you got to give me this. I was like, thank you, Rick. Great. You know, that's awesome. Like, I gotta go party. Yeah, right. But But yeah, it's just like, I like it. What was that? And how come that's not a solution that's readily available? Interesting.

Mike McNeal 50:50
Yeah, like that. It's funny that the more I study supplementation, and I have for like, the last 14 years experimentally, like on myself, I call myself a gastro not, I've tried so much stuff, I've crapped out all kinds of stuff I've like, you know, ran the gambit is there is it's like, every single form of whatever supplement or nutrient you're trying to gather is an energetic shift that's been created at a base level of a need of some sort of energetic structure. Very, very, very, like high high level. This is funny, like with our supplementation. So for this company, they created carbon technology, which is like utilizing key mix and fulvic. So there's humic acids or humus, which comes from hummus, which comes from the word human, which is like a part of our structural integrity where carbon silica based things. Sure, and so when you introduce carbon substances, which all of these plant chemicals are carbon structures that carry an energetic potential, there's such a higher level thought process more on the level of alchemy, of introducing these substances into the body. orally, intravenously, however, we're going to get them in to shift the body's energy production. And I'm really on this whole kick of, you know, the theory of mitochondrial dysfunction is the reason why we age in hypotheses and in every trope, because it's true. And so it's interesting that a lot of I mean, the whole IV, you just gave me stuff, I took him before him all this stuff, stuff, I take him coming, it is affecting an energetic shift, and it's going to change. So it's like what your grandma put on your arm was a mix of these carbons structures that caused energy to bring healing to the body, she didn't have to write the formula down. She just knew it intuitively. Yeah, we used to know all this intuitively. And so it's cool that some of us like us in the room, and others that are here and listening to this or in the cell festival, we get to follow that we get to follow that intuition. We get to provide that as a resource to others. And to me, there's no greater blessing on Earth, there's like on calculable amounts of karma or whatever you want to call it, that's going to come back to all of us because we're there as tool providers, for the body for people to come into healing and into really their highest self, the best self that they can be, and get into the place of intuition and back to real health. It's It's a beautiful process. I'm honored to be here with you to this is crazy. I feel so good. You guys, I mean, not just the IV, but it's just yeah, general

Baldo 53:37
conversation. Is

Jon Mendoza 53:39
it good? Yeah, it's it's good. And what I've learned that this past year is the vibrational energy. I've studied it, I was reading the book again, I gave you mitochondrial health. I read that book. And then I read reading about vibrational health reading about Stephen Hawking's, you know, read about soil, you know, read about biochemistry and what this can do for the body, all this stuff that you just got, and there's still more to learn, which I think this is the ending part of this is that it's ongoing. And I know that for most things in science and research, that means that if there's uncertainty, that ongoing research needs to be done, and I'll just close with this. I don't think research needs to be looked at it that way. I think research needs to be looked at as ongoing as a great thing that we're onto something. Let's continue to disprove it as much as we can to make sure that it is accurate. And if it is accurate, then that is what science is. And we had that definition this morning. And so I believe wholeheartedly that we're always going to be students. Beautiful, right? Yep. So thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. I guess

Mike McNeal 54:47
we're gonna find you and we find you so if you want to just add me on Instagram, so that's the best way so it's the th e music m u s IC K. Doctor, the music doctor on NC DM me if you want reach out, oh, I can you know, I just I like to vibe with everybody. I love to connect with people. It's like a gift. You know? It's

Jon Mendoza 55:07
Yeah, so yeah,

Mike McNeal 55:09
thank you guys appreciate you Oh yeah,

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