Kristeena Sarmiento's areas of emphasis include relationships, sexual trauma, financial independence, PTSD, & trauma surcicors. She offers high-performance coaching and enjoys the simple pleasures in life such as cooking, bike riding, and empowering women. 

Olivia is the founder of the Activation Project Podcast,  as well as an activation coach/guide. Together the two women have set out to empower women through activation, hypnosis, and guiding people through the toughest of experiences. 

"[People pleasing] was a superpower for a long time, it kept me safe. And it kept me in connection with a lot of people. But now I'm actively polarizing. So I can find out who's actually there for me." - Kristeena Sarmiento


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"I believe that [people who experienced trauma] that became empathetic, like Kristeena, were denied their basic needs. So in order for her to get even her very basic needs met, she had to be acutely aware of what was going on in her surroundings. So she had to tap into the emotions; to give an example, like how you had to like tap into empathy, just so that you could like get dinner." - Olivia Eden


Olivia 0:00
Feeling successful. So, you know, like, it's the equivalent like patting yourself on the back. So you can graduate like buck Yeah, right after you did it. So releases that dope, meaning your brain whether

Baldo 0:10
congratulation itself helps submit the big Yeah, right. And the whole idea of like doing like 21 days to build a habit like that's all bullshit like it can happen in a day it can happen right away, right, right. Or it could take three months or four months, or it not happened, because you're so attached to like, I need to do this. It's interesting,

Olivia 0:32
depending on your tendency, yeah. Because if your tendency is to fight against something that you know, you have to do, like if you like, I'm a rebellious person, and I've always been rebellious towards authority. And now that I don't have authority in my life, it's like, I'm rebellious to my higher self. So if I know that I should do something, then like the Jaeger training, like, you know, like I, I find my my tendency is to fight against that. But then you have the tendency, like Gretchen Rubin talks about the four tendencies, and you have the people pleasing tendency, which do you lean more towards people pleasing? Oh, well, I'm

a recovering people pleaser. So then

she motivates like, okay, I should do this. That's a good thing.

Kristeena 1:16
It was a superpower for a long time, it kept me safe. And it kept me in connection with a lot of people. But now I'm actively polarizing. So I can find out who's actually there for me. Sure. So if I really put myself out there, and I say exactly what I believe and the people that don't want to be in my realm will go away. And the people that want to stay are actually the people that care about me. So it's getting outside of myself and being okay with that, because I've fought so hard all my life to get people to like me. Sure. And it feels pretty good when when someone's like, unfriend me if you know, those kinds of when that happens, or that you find someone does that if you make a post, if you say something about trauma, if you call out the sexual predator in the family, you know, like when when that happens, it's it doesn't set off that fight or flight anymore, it actually gives me a good feeling. So I'm like, Oh, I'm finding the people that are going to be in my realm. And

Baldo 2:14
so welcome to the broadcast, we started recording just because we had a good conversation going already. But uh, yeah, it's Friday morning. We have Olivia and Chris and Christina, here. And we are going to talk about I don't know where this is going to go. But this is gonna be a lot of fun. Every time that I've talked to you with you, we've had a great conversation. I first met you at Mjs maybe she had like a CBD yoga on and then you for some reason, we start talking about IVs. And I was like, Well, I'm actually going over there if you want to give me a ride. Yeah. And, and then even on that little ride, we had a cool conversation. And then I don't know, it's been like five months since then or so. And we're here again. And we have nurse does that we're gonna talk vitamins. We're gonna talk health, we're gonna probably talk hormones in a sense how this relates, because then that's hormones is how we understand our feelings, right? Oh, yeah. And TexMex Yogi, so let's get the party started.

Olivia 3:09
I, oh, we're gonna ask something. No, I wanted to just kind of go off of what she was talking about previously about how like her tendency is to people, please. And my tendency is to first of all, like, ask why until I die. And then kind of just say, No, if I don't want to do it a rebel. Also, she grew up very empathetic, which, like she was saying, was a tool to help her survive. We both scored very high on the ace, she scored a 10, which is the highest you can get adverse childhood experiences. And there's a direct correlation to brain damage caused by trauma. And I scored an eight major cognitive, behavioral, social and economical dysfunction starts at a four. So at a four year 97% chance of being on antidepressants for the rest of your life. 50% chance of contracting cancer 20 reduction in lifespan out of four. So I got cancer. Exactly. So we both have sustained an immense amount of sexual trauma, as well as physical trauma and abuse and all that kind of stuff. mental and emotional. And so I've been doing this case study. You know, I grew up in a religious x school. So I've lived with hundreds and thousands of people over the course of my life because we've lived in huge combat homes. So I've been around people for a very long time. I've been studying people, I'm fascinated with people. And I was wondering, what is it that makes the difference between the kids who scored high on the Acer were experience a lot of trauma who who went the empathetic route, and the ones who went the complete apathetic route like me. So for a very long time, I thought I was a sociopath because of the behavior that I would admit when I was a child. Like I remember I used to love taking this little baby that because it would make us take care of kids, you know, and I was just a baby myself and I would love to pick her up out of her crib and like Put her on my head when she was dead asleep. So she would wake up afraid. And I liked it was like my favorite part of taking care of her. And I had forgotten all of this, I forgotten most of my childhood until I had started doing the therapy, and other stuff like that I liked like messing with little animals. I mean, think about it, like he can like smoking with kids and animals you think, okay. So, for a long time, I was just like, why am I so fucked up? So I was super apathetic. She's super, super empathetic, like, I was very destructive externally, and internally, and she was very destructive internally, but never externally. So we both did the 12 step program together, like I was her sponsor at one point, and we had to go through, you know, like making amends. And her list was like, a lot of stuff that had been done to her and mine was loss of iodine. And it was just a puzzle. I was like, what it? What's the answer to this? Like, how did we go such different routes. And my hypothesis is that I would love to like talk to Gabor Ma Tei about this, because this is his work. But I believe that the ones that we came on pathetic, like Christina, were denied their basic needs. So in order for her to get even her very basic needs met, she had to be acutely aware of what was going on in her surroundings. So she had to tap into the emotions, like give an example of like how you had to like tap into empathy, just so that you could like get dinner.

Kristeena 6:31
Well, as a kid well, so I was kind of taken by the babysitter. So I have family before and behind family after as, as old as six months, I have memories. And at that time, I remember waking up in the middle of the night, from a nightmare and being given a bottle. And when I did, I already knew that I had to feed my sister, like I went without, I wasn't growing hair. And I had to feed her. So I was already taking responsibility for someone else at that age. Like I was hyper aware of what she needed. I knew that I had to help her. She was not going to make it because I was in a situation where I was alone. And then the other family that I was in. My mom was they people thought of her as a savior. She had uterine cancer, uterine cancer, adopted some kids. And everyone thought she was this wonderful person and she wasn't. And her moods would would just flip. Well, yeah, give them the backstory. Sure. So her and her little sister were absconded with by the babysitter. Yeah, so tickets are murder mountain for the. So what I've been told, and from what I remember, I was born. And then I lived with my biological family for a very short amount of time, maybe a year and a half. And I was passed around and my mother wasn't very responsible, and stuff. And then she had given us to this woman that had a sister that was babysitting us. And she really liked us and was taking care of us and all these things. And from what I was told is that she got my biological mother design legal guardianship of us over under the guise that she was going to give us free medical care. I couldn't grow hair. If you touch me I'd crack and bleed because I had eczema so bad. My sister had pinkeye. We were very mount Mount nutritions are like it was just really bad. So she did that. And then after she did that, we got molested by my biological mother's grandfather, and I told someone, and then apparently, this is what I've been told that the cops are called. And they told Michelle the one that took me to come get us and never bring us back. I'm not sure if that's true. I have no idea. I have two stories from two women that I can't trust. But I just remember her showing up in her Mercedes and getting in it not never looking back. And then Michelle was basically my savior for a while and I could eat and everything was fine. And then it wasn't until later in my life that she turned out to be even bigger monster than, you know the family came from. Do you guys know about murder mountain? No. It's in Humboldt County, humble County. It's where the best marijuana has grown Emerald Isle 273 people have gone missing there and no one's been able to find them. Basically, I grew up on a ranch that's the nearest neighbor seven miles away. The nearest grocery store is an hour and a half away. We didn't have central air and heating. Only one house had had that stuff. And we collected rainwater. We cut down wood during the winter to you know, put in the stove. And we had animals and stuff. So that's where I grew up a pot farm. And I remember SWAT dropping down, like helicopters in the 90s dropping down and reading the wisdom. I was like, let's go to a hotel and but you know, I was really young, so I don't really know. But knowing what she needed and wanted before she did, kept me safe because she was extremely abusive, and she was very manipulative, and it was all under the guise from Your own good for your own good. Like, as a kid, I had eczema so bad. So she would literally bind my feet in my hands with horse wraps, put socks on my hands and feet, and then bind me like this. And then put me in a sleeping bag. And that's how it's sleep. And then she would come in in the middle of the night and say you love me, you're never going to leave me. No one's ever going to love you like I do. And she would do that to all of us. She didn't find anyone else. But my exam was bad. So she said that, you know, that's what I needed. And but being very aware of what she needed, kept me safe. If the less I needed, the less that I was seen and heard, the easier it was to stay safe. And she never really believed anything that I said. And never was truly emotionally present with me.

Baldo 10:50
Interesting. Yeah. So then, and then you become very empathetic.

Olivia 10:53
Oh, yes. Right. And so then I had like the the the thing about our our group or Colt was that they were they focused a lot on education. So like, I could read when I was three ever since we were on the party, they were doing math dots flashcards, we always had somebody watching our big group of kids. My mom was an angel. She was so sweet and loving. She was in the group, because most adults felt like it was the best way to serve Jesus. And it was the ideal and there is a lot of great things about it. Like, I still wouldn't change anything about my childhood. But the physical punishments were very, very extreme, very harsh, I would leave major bruising, which is a it's one of the major trauma factors. And then we start getting we started getting kicked out of home. So they grew that like I was raised to be an intellectual and question things. But then when we would question things, it was like you were walking in disobedience? It was it was not okay. You could not question like things in the Bible, or why we did things or stuff like that. So I started creating a creating a lot of resentment. And then my older sister, she was kind of a, she was a stubborn teenager, because at that point, she had just had enough like, she wasn't as pretty as the other kids, so they wouldn't use it for fundraising. So we kept getting voted out of the home, like every six months, my single mom had to like, pack us up, and we had to move and we lived by faith. So we would ask for donations and, and so it just started to really hard in me and I just started to get angry. But I like I was never denied what we needed, like food and stuff like that. And so and from what I've seen, and from who I talked to, so in the activation project, we work with a lot of people who have scored high on the ace, we follow the maps protocol along with timeline therapy and LP origin story. We use self authoring from Jordan Peterson to help them to understand you know, the things that affected them in their childhood and how it affects them later on in life. But that's like the what I've come to find from all the people that I've talked to and worked with so far. I mean, I don't know if it's true or not. But

Jon Mendoza 12:59
so the trauma that you're addressing by doing the combination of all the work, like the different specialties and trainings and all that as well, like, tell me out of out of the one that you would go to first, like what's the first tool resource y'all would go to first?

Olivia 13:15
Oh, to like, just started, just started off. Okay, so for a while we have two different so like, in here's another thing is she has an incredible memory. She remembers like she was saying that she was six I last year, I thought I had early onset dementia, because I could not remember my childhood. I start I stopped forgetting or I stopped remembering my 20s. And then I had trouble remembering vocabulary. Yeah. And I was like, what's going on? I thought it was because of all the drugs I had done. But it was because that's part of trauma. So what happens is your hippocampus starts to just randomly it's the effects of PTSD. So any memory, it proceeds to be dangerous, it'll just delete and then your your amygdala goes into overdrive. So your fight flight and freeze is always turned on. It's like a semi going like full speed down the highway nonstop. So for somebody like me, who couldn't remember things who just had trouble moving past anger, and all of these blocks, the maps protocol has been the most effective. So that's going to be the first thing we do a guided journey following the mouse protocol along with these other modalities, and we extract the origin story. So basically, I guide somebody through an autobiography of their life, right? And I ask them different questions. And we go through the different questions on the ACE where you stay, did you lose a parent to divorce or sickness, depression, drugs, alcohol, all that kind of stuff. So then you can gauge and then you could go through these different experiences and they talk about it. And because when you do the maps protocol, the medium that we use, it temporarily blocks the amygdala. So finally, it's like that semi gets to pull over into the rest area and turn off because you can't access firefighter freeze and the hippocampus Lights up, and you're able to recall these memories, I have been able to recall 99% of my memories, even blackout memories. So what I would, because I experienced so much sexual trauma, when I would black, I would, I would write before I thought I was going to have sex or blackout. And when I would drink, I would I was a predator, I would go out, I'd be like you, let's go. And as soon as they I got like the Okay, I'm going with you, I would black out, because it was like, I knew I was gonna go have sex, I would go into autopilot. And I've heard that your hippocampus doesn't record memories when you're in blackout. But I have found that they do. And I've been able to recover them. So after that, then we have three session integration sessions with Christina, because that's her specialty is the process of individuation, and integrating the split parts that you discover in yourself when you do your origin story? Well,

Jon Mendoza 15:55
so in a continuation of that could be what I mean, we're talking years of possibly six months, six months.

Olivia 16:04
Yeah. So what maps is found is that one powerful guided session is equivalent to two years of psychoanalytic, oh, sorry, that six months of psychoanalytic therapy going five days a week. So this, we do three guided journeys in the six months and nine integration sessions, which is about what we have found is that it's about equivalent to two years of psychoanalytic therapy.

Jon Mendoza 16:25
Gotcha. Wow. That's a I know, I've always kind of looked at it from an integration standpoint, that it's one thing that kind of, like you said, Let the like the maybe the approach that you talked about the, the metaphor there, if you basically kind of remove yourself and detach yourself, I was explaining to someone last night, like psilocybin, he was asking about psilocybin, he's like, so what's the big deal about it? And I was like, well, the idea there's a lot of people who can't detach from that reality, like they just can't get their own heads. So it allows like the gate to kind of come down for a minute, the guard to come down. But then you have to do the work. Like you have to find out what it is, and face it and then start what kind of almost working backwards, because then you start kind of rewiring your neuroplasticity. And you talked about habits and forming new ones and all that earlier, to be able to do that. It doesn't just happen, like over a weekend, right? You start downloading and you start processing. And it could be what I've noticed, with

Baldo 17:21
weight, it just shows you what the work needs to be,

Jon Mendoza 17:23
well, it's just you can't you can't just expect like the person who starts downloading to even understand what they're going through. Because there's so much that comes out that you might be just sitting at a coffee shop, and all of a sudden you start crying because you're like, Oh my god, I just figured that out. Oh, my God, and then you just don't know what to do. Because your whole world has changed. And it didn't happen like the next day. It doesn't happen right after the session. You're just like, Oh, I figured it all out. I understand it all. It's like no, you're in a daze. Well,

Olivia 17:51
so I want Christina to touch on integration is that's like her forte. But to speak of that, because we were just talking about like, we're at a strip club for my friend's birthday the other day, and I was sitting there and I told you that story about waking up that kid and like liking her to wake up scared. And I remembered, I was in a very abusive relationship in Houston for three years. And I would snore, and he would wake me up by punching me in the face or kicking me off the bed. And so I would wake up scared every night. And I literally just made that connection. Like two days ago. I was like,

Baldo 18:24
Oh, you as an adult now? Like,

Olivia 18:26
yeah, this was like, 2625 28 or something like that. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Baldo 18:33
That's crazy.

Olivia 18:34
Yeah. And, like, the splits will come out. So so kusina talk about like, splits and splits coming out. And

Baldo 18:41
before you get into that, because I know people we talk about psychedelics in general, often on the podcast, and I, I'm, we're talking about it all the time, because people are comfortable asking about it. Like, we don't practice with that, obviously, because we, we, we are medicine, but we we have experience with it ourselves. But then at the same time, because we're very open about it. People ask us like, hey, how can this How can that like, and and I understand why the questions come sometimes because I've also had experience with psychedelics before we was like, it was none of that it was just like, I want to go party. Right? And like you and I don't ever remember from any of those, like, I'm gonna go party and like, do all this stuff that I ever had any type of downloads were like, I sat there the next morning and like, oh my god like this, like this. It was just like, that was great. Or like, oh, man, I had incredible sex because of whatever right? Yeah. And that's all it was right. But now I could like do a microdose and have like an incredible experience. That's gonna help me move forward to another level of myself. Because it's a lot more intentional, right. And my question is, the is the intentionality of of all this important for for the integration?

Kristeena 19:57
Absolutely. Yeah. So One thing is that what you focus on creates behaviors and creates results. So if you have, if you're focusing on partying and having fun, it's going to create a behavior for fun, and then give you that result, if that's what you want. If that's your intention, if you go into psychedelics and plant medicine with the intention of learning something about yourself, then and that's what you focus on, that's what you'll get as well. Depending on which ones you do, like the ones that slap you in the face, like I wasco or something like that, that right there is going to take you on on what it wants you to do, depending on which one you decide to do, but if it's like micro dosing mushrooms, or doing a little LSD, like, it's, it's different with the different medicines, but um, as for integration for people, I, I believe that some people have a belief that they can't access their memories and certain things without plant medicine. And that's a belief. So when did someone decide that? That's what I'll ask people sometimes. So if I qualify whether or not they're doing it just spiritually bypass, actually, understanding and the resistance they have to doing and feeling certain things is something that I like to get into first, like, what is the reason you're doing this? What are you trying to get from it? Is there a belief that you can't ever feel these things, I address that first. And then after they have things come up, and they haven't come to the surface, whatever they are, I'll sit down with them. And we'll talk about it. And now I can tune in, I can channel and I can tune into someone's cup subconscious and just tell them about themselves. But I like the other person for it to come from them. Because their neural pathways and what sticks inside of their mind is when they actually speak it out loud. And so someone comes to me and they're like, okay, I saw a snake and it was vomiting. And now what is I mean, I'm like, Well, what does that mean for you? And depends on if there's emotions coming up, if it's a cert, fear, anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, and shame. If that was like the big thing about it, I can help someone release that. So we're only born with two fears, the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises, everything else is programmed, which means everything else can be deprogrammed from you. So someone has a lot of fear. And it's all about fear. When was the first time you felt that before, during or after your birth, you go back to the origin of when fear started. And you can get the learnings from that because your timeline is your superpower, whatever happened to you is a wealth of knowledge. It's just that we didn't have the wherewithal when we were unconscious, to know those things. So you go back, you get the learnings, you can take those learnings forward with you throughout the timeline, when you felt those things before every single time you felt fear, you can apply those things from the first time. So then it disappears, you release all the negative emotions on all the events all the way back to your present moment. And you can do that with any emotion. So depending on what they're coming to me for, or what they're feeling, or if they have parts out of alignment, are you guys aware of what parts are? We're an amalgamation of parts. So our part of me wants to quit my job, part of me wants to stay sure part of me wants to be in this relationship. Part of me doesn't. Those are parts out of alignment. So when I think of parts, you have a bunch of them inside of you. They're like Siamese twins. When you want to go towards

Olivia 23:20
war, they're like, the movie multiplicity, I would say a little bit more, where he starts cloning himself. Yeah. And each one is different. one's really good at work. one's really sexual one likes to eat.

Kristeena 23:30
Yeah, so those normally split from the consciousness this way, which means that there is a polarization between each of them which they can all have their own thoughts, feelings, boundaries. And

Baldo 23:44
so when you said this, what you meant, like latterly,

Kristeena 23:46
well, I mean, so the, I think of the conscious stream of consciousness, like like a, like a river, and then it has little splits that come off of it. And basically, that's your energy going in different ways. So when once one splits on, I lost my train of thought there's sort of No worries, it'll come back to me. So yes, parts. So when these parts are out of alignment, so say you want something and it's over there, you're like, Okay, that job that I want that I don't want. So you have these amalgamations part, you might have like five or six that are speaking and have their own thoughts and feelings about the thing, and they're in this rowboat, and three of the parts are going towards what you want, and three of the parts are going away from what you want, guess what, you're stuck. That's that stuck feeling you're going in circles and Eddy in it just circles in circles. And then sometimes you have four parts of you that want to go that way and to this way, it's a little bit harder. So I help people contact in contact with all their parts and get them all into alignment to move forward which moves you forward at an astronomical rate. Because all of you is onboard complete and total alignment. And it's very easy to do. Basically you go into the party that does want something in the one that's in the most conflict with that part. You Find out everything that you want you can about them their age, how old they are, what they want, what their needs are the other one, what they want, what they what their needs are. And then you don't ever compromise, you find a third option to meet both of the needs. And normally, since they're polar opposites of each other, one of them has what the other one needs. And this one has what that means. And then they realize they're a part of a greater whole, they come together, and then you can move forward a lot faster.

Oh, yeah, it's, it's pretty magical. I like that

Jon Mendoza 25:29
I've figured out lately, what I've been downloading is that it also is synchronicity that you have to feed off you like, cuz my kids like watching the Lorax. And the Lorax teaches, I love Dr. Seuss, and teaches that we need to trees because we need oxygen, they give us oxygen and we can't breathe without it. That's why the bad guy basically makes millions off of selling air to the town. Right. And so I tell him like, well, if we didn't have all the trees here, we won't be able to survive. So we need to make sure that we give off stuff to give back to the earth. So then we can get food from it. And then it's this big cycle. So regardless of whether you know you're in a conversation, your relationship, whatnot, it's like your energy has to has to match, or has to at least accept that if it doesn't match, then it's, it's accepted that there's another energy force there, right. And that's the thing is that even if we don't agree, at least I respect that you're there, like you're present, right? And you might bump into one another. And that's what it is what we do with our body vessels and stuff like that. But we're all just clumps of like energy and matter that bounce off of one another. Do you

Kristeena 26:36
are you? Do you know, what perception is? projection?

Jon Mendoza 26:41
perception is projection. Yes. I mean, if you're looking at psychological, then yeah, I'm pretty sure I project a lot of things.

Kristeena 26:48
Um, innocence, that perception is projection that you don't know something unless it's within you. So if I meet you, and I'm like, okay, you're super cool. I really like, like, you have curly hair. And you know, like, I like, I like these 10 things about you, I wouldn't be able to see that in you if it wasn't in me. And then anything that you that I don't like about you is actually unconscious behavior of mine. But it's also a part of me. Now, when you meet someone, and it's just neutral, and you don't have whether you like really like him or you don't like him, then that's not it's just That's nothing.

Olivia 27:21
It's your internal representation of good and bad. But I was gonna go back to this, what parts one of the pitfalls that I think people come across a lot is when they discover these parts of themselves. Because of the fear, and the shame and the guilt and stuff that is created through societal constructs, the tendency to want to destroy that part is really high. So I want to just kill that part. So what happened with me is I discovered more intimately. So what we do with these WebParts is we tend to lock them away in our mind, right? So we lock them away in the dungeon. And through these journeys that we do, they come we unlock them, so they come out. And one of my parts so easily, is what I called her, she was the sexual predator that would come out. And I was just like, after my journey, I was like, all right, on a mission to destroy her, you know, and then she ended up coming out and like full forest one night when I had taken some mushrooms and ended up getting me in a lot of trouble sexually. And so I was like, Christina, what. So like, basically, I had to go through everything first so that I could help or we could develop this program. But I had to go through all of the mistakes first, right? So I had to feel through everything into his life. Well, that's because we have to integrate, you know that that part, I chose actually not to integrate her because she's a very strong protector in my life, like I can be very gullible, very childlike, I trust very easily. And she's now I call her Oh, lovely, I, you know, she's my friend, we're a team. So I talked about creating an army of splits, because a lot of people, they don't have access to a really high performing integration code, or someone that can really help you integrate them into one whole being, which is how you find inner peace. And if you can't, and if you don't have access to that, then try to get to know these parts of yourself, the creative side, the lazy side, the hungry, endlessly hungry side, or whatever it is, and and help them to form it, like create an army army, I call it an army of splits, to work for you to propel you forward. And you do that by recognizing all of their needs and getting their needs met. And the reason why I believe that MDMA is the best way to start is because of that factor, that it turns off the amygdala, but also, it works like dynamite like TNT in your brain and it blows up these dysfunctional neural pathways that have been so ingrained, and that's why it works so quickly. Because it does, it comes in there and it clears but that's why it's very important because it's essentially that going through brain surgery that you Follow the proper protocol to make sure that you are creating functional healthy pathways instead, yeah. Because if not, you might just go back to your same patterns and recreate and re traumatize,

Jon Mendoza 30:11
that's, that's what we've talked about too. Because once you pull it out, it's a, it's a big responsibility because you as the gatekeeper of the motions, and basically kind of sorting things out for someone as a guide. I mean, the person is coming in, because they don't really don't know how to interpret most of stuff anyway, they're like, I don't understand it, I don't get it. Like, I know, I'm screwed up, like, I need some help. So what you're essentially doing is almost rewiring the brain in a way to where you present. The idea that you kind of allow them hopefully to kind of figure out on their own and just give them some kind of guidance, other people almost looking for, like, a different kind of approach. And I think this is the the aspect of it. That is just interesting, because you can rewire someone's brain to basically retrain their memories. And it's it's such a powerful thing, that I wonder if it's needed in some cases, right? Because if someone is so traumatized, I would think I'm like, do you have to go do all the work for them at this point, right? Because they're just almost paralyzed in their brain?

Kristeena 31:11
I look at it as that. When I take clients on for my high performance coaching, they have to want to do it themselves to do with process, I can't do it to them. Sure. And they have to be all in and they have to be doing it for themselves. Because that presupposes that they're going to do it if you're doing it because your wife told you to Yeah, then it's not going to create lifelong, lifelong lasting change.

Baldo 31:35
Not all the parts will show up either. So right. Yeah, I mean, for you to even work on all those parts. They won't even show Oh,

Kristeena 31:41
yeah, they won't show up. It's just and also people can put up a part of them that's willing to do that. And that's the reason why, you know, when I get to know them, and I call, I call people out on their shit, and I'm like, I'm not here to be your friend, I will push up against your boundaries, I will loosen your model of the world. I will respect it. But I will tough cop. I'm just like, I will push up against them. There's like you make you imagine like

Baldo 32:03
those splits? You know, like that movie split to right? Oh, yes, it can also pretend to be something else just to like, I don't really want you to know me. But I know you're trying to get something out of me. So I'm going to present something. Yeah. And that's almost like you're talking about a different person is like, I think that we have I mean, that's your self talk basically,

Kristeena 32:19
right? Yes. Well, your self talk is also an internalized parent or someone that was a person in your life, because a lot of those internal voices are the itty bitty shitty committee. And the person driving the bus, you know, that basically warned you before you could get in trouble somebody, the person that's always like, you got to do it faster, you're not good enough. And somebody who said that you when you were younger. So if you do it to yourself before they do, it doesn't feel as bad. finding out what that is, and then quieting that voice and turning it into something loving. Like, when I go for my bike ride. In the morning, I will say very nice things to myself for like a whole hour, like you can have what you want your beautiful your unconscious mind is amazing. And then I just use that time to put in all of those really nice thoughts.

Olivia 33:08
incantations while you're exercising, like Tony Robbins talks about it's really, really effective.

Jon Mendoza 33:13
Well, that makes sense. Because you basically build a new neurons every time you exercise. So I got it. So I gotta imagine that you're creating the synapses by the exercise itself, right? Like, that's really cool.

Baldo 33:25
So I've been thinking about an ad. Because it helps you replenish ourselves, right? We can help you recover them, right. And then that's everywhere. And some people feel it in their heads, people, I feel it in my knee joint sometimes or my. So I've been thinking about because of an experience that I had recently with, it was a week after. After doing MDMA and psilocybin a week after I had like a really intense experience with the high dose entity, I really want to experiment with, like, if we're trying to, like you said, it goes in there and destroys like MDMA can do that, right. So that you can like start reshaping everything, if it was done together, and you start regenerating those cells because of the NA de therapy as they're being destroyed, at the same time, creating new neural pathways and new habits, new all that

Kristeena 34:18
you should put some hypnosis with that, and you'll really change something, right?

Baldo 34:22
Yeah. And so I was thinking like, you know, going to dispenza to do like, what's it called, like, the, I don't know what to call it, but it's just like, I therapy almost,

Olivia 34:33
and EMDR

Baldo 34:34
would not necessarily therapy, but more of like the, like the kaleidoscope of like being able to like integrate all the different layers that can happen.

Olivia 34:44
Yeah. Well, we require that people take the integration like you can't just come to a journey. And we require that plus we offer like follow up calls. You know, we're not we're very against the people who are like, let's just do one big journey together, and goodbye forever. You know, it's like it's it can be very traumatizing. I'm actually

Baldo 35:04
responsible, I think, yeah,

Kristeena 35:06
I've gotten clients that have had bad trips and things like that and and they come to me and they're like, I have her there, Solman fucked him, like, really crazy stuff happened. And then I like I actually helped them integrate afterwards. I think the integration, even though you know, you're blowing out those boundaries of your problems, those parts of yourself letting everything come to the service, but the integration at the end, I think, is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. Because afterwards, you help build a new part new neural pathways, and then afterwards, I tasked people, so the reason why you are where you are, is because of what's going on inside of you, but also your environment. If you put someone back in the environment where they got fucked up, guess what, they're gonna have people pull them down and get fucked up again. So I like to task them inside of their new environment, to have new things come up inside of that environment so that we can come work on on them again, so they can actually make lasting change. Because the environment is just as important triggers triggering. Oh, my gosh, yes,

Jon Mendoza 36:07
I agree with that. Going back to the what you said about the hypnosis deal. So I kind of look at data waves as being in hypnosis, and I don't know. And so one of the things I find fascinating, what

Olivia 36:18
could you explain what fade

Jon Mendoza 36:20
away so so they waves are brainwaves and beta brainwaves, you have like alpha beta, you have theta, delta and gamma. And so it's essentially a frequency you have like a velocity. And you can measure the velocity, basically the speed of your synapses, which is your brain communication. It's like imagine, it's like a little shot electricity from one brain cell to the next to communicate, that's all you're doing is you're yelling, and it's the voice. So synapses are voices of brain cells communicating between one another, and theta waves. Just like any other brainwaves can be diminished and their velocity, so they could be not firing as much, or the person could not be experiencing theta waves as much as they should. So you think about theta waves when you sleep, and it's kind of like you're in your trance, like you're kind of falling asleep, you're about to fall asleep, someone wakes you up. That's like data waves. Right? And when you get past that you can go deeper, you actually get out of like, REM and then you go into deep sleep mode, which eventually is delta waves. And when you experience Delta waves, it's regeneration. And so I imagine and we talked about this before, it's like, what if you're doing all this under hypnosis, which would essentially be theta waves that you're kind of messing with? What would the intensity, the duration look like? And even the effectiveness of the treatment look like for that type of person, if imagine we take their data waves and they're not firing as much, and we actually increase it and put them in there for like a therapy session. Right?

Olivia 37:44
I would like to experiment with you putting them under hypnosis while I take them through the journey.

Kristeena 37:50
I mean, I can do that. Yes. I also mean, I am a master practitioner of hypnosis. Yeah. And it when you get them into that beta wave, you are bypassing the critical faculty. So you are 95% unconscious 5% consciousness, which is reasoning, logic and creativity. And that critical faculty is the thing that you have to bypass was like, tells you whether or not something is real or not. And when you go into hypnosis is that comes out and you can get all the way into the unconscious, which is the go getter that makes things happen. Yep.

Baldo 38:23
Yeah. And so and so we talked about like, that's the point where you can be very suggestible or Oh, yeah,

Kristeena 38:29
absolutely. Yeah,

Baldo 38:31
it's suggestive and then that's when you can also reprogram right and that's that's also kind of like how you know back in the day how they used to do the commercial the subliminal messaging right because it's like, but then that's also why under noses You can also let go You don't need an onion and like stuff like that.

Kristeena 38:46
TV is the biggest hypnosis hypnotist ever you're in it you're

Olivia 38:53
in the phone as soon as you hear the Netflix go to done yeah.

Kristeena 38:59
And you know people drive around in in a trance, I mean, you can go into transfer easily, I could put you in a trance just by talking to you conversationally, and a lot of stuff, you know, bypasses the critical faculty it gets inside there. And once you start to really understand language, you can really put thoughts and things into people very easily. And like so for like this stuff that we're doing now if someone were to do it go under hypnosis and they can actually feel you can use it as something as like as it's going into your veins you can feel all those wonderful thing is going inside of your veins and completely and totally making you feel happy and healthy. And that you can actually use the drip as something that creates healing and lasting during the time that they're under.

Baldo 39:44
Yeah, besides the straight up like biochemistry standpoint.

Jon Mendoza 39:48
Yeah, well, that's that's good.

Olivia 39:50
I was gonna say she she recorded this five minute goal setting double induction vid audible thing to listen to It puts you into hypnosis while you're goal setting. You could even use it to play at something like that while they're there, and they can just like be creating goals while they're getting there. There's so much Wow.

Jon Mendoza 40:11
So this is what we think about if we're brainstorming here, what we've looked at is like, Well, imagine you're doing that you took a drink, have something that we make little concoction, some beers, we drop some bliss, which is a serotonin dopamine booster. And they work pretty quickly.

Olivia 40:25
Oh, yes, we need to collaborate. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 40:27
So so. So imagine. So imagine if that's the case, we set the intention by setting the space for your increased serotonin, dopamine to remain at a healthy range? Yeah. Right. Because if you spike them too high, and they crash, the ideas like what does that do to the body's basically metabolism, right? It can't be that great. So you want to just make sure that it's kind of levels off. But when you allow them to go in there, like I said, it's layers. If it's vibrational therapy, which I really think we're after next is, we're all frequencies. So what I like to look at is even in the level of consciousness mixing with brainwaves and frequencies that we all run at, you can change the radio station. I don't like the song, I'm gonna change it to the station. And then when you change that station, you're listening, you're in a trance, like, you're like zoning out, like I'm jamming out, I'm getting lost in the music. And then for a split second, that's where I mean, I think as uhlaender, right, like, basically, you know, and he's got the very end, and he's talking about killing the prime minister and all this stuff. And, and he basically through the music, he trains his his brain to rethink something. But what I imagine is, what if you do it with vibration, and you can feel the vibration to where it just pulsates? And if you do that what I want to do is mix it with like the chakras and the meridians. Yeah. Because if you do that, what you're doing is you're increasing the firing of essentially like the dorsal column of your spine to basically rewire like your cerebellum and your equilibrium. And then from there, I think you can rewire the nerve function for better coordination, because you're handling vibration therapy, hot, cold sensory, like you're talking like, I imagine, with all the type right movements, you can maybe leave like you've heard of, like phantom pain, you know, we're like, maybe the like the foot, like the extremities just start falling off, like you just wake up just the nerves. And then essentially is like, wake up, like, wiggle your big talk using familiar references is like wiggle your big toe, and all of a sudden, it's like, could you? I mean, it's like a 10s unit.

Olivia 42:22
I used to sell stuff machines for five years.

Jon Mendoza 42:24
Yeah, that's all it is. That's when

Baldo 42:26
you get into like, by neural beats, right? Like, yes, and but the idea is that the left brain and the right brain always operate in different frequencies. And it's like, how do you make it that one? Together, they make one frequency. And so that's why like, binaural beats only really work if you have if you have headphones on? Because,

Jon Mendoza 42:47
yeah, you don't get the effect because you're what you're doing is binary. But for anyone who's not listening Bernero beats are essentially the theta waves, the Delta waves the beta waves the alpha

Baldo 42:54
Well, it's it's, it's the art of creating two different frequencies to help you achieve a certain frequency, which is an alpha wave or a beta wave, because the basic

Jon Mendoza 43:05
math right, because if you can't combine it, then the sum of it or the subtraction, I think of it, like the difference or something is like the frequency. And that range is now your left and right brain firing. And saying, okay, we're ready for whatever, that's all it is. You just set the space.

Baldo 43:20
Yeah, but you could also do it as you can also go completely opposite and really get someone really hyped up because like athletes do it, use binary beats to but to get hyped up and be ready to perform. They're not trying to get into like a very sleep

Jon Mendoza 43:32
safe. Oh, I've been doing it a little past couple weeks, like just randomly. And what's great is a lot of them have like, Alan Watts talking. And so it's like I get the instrumental and version of it too. And it is just subconscious. You're great. You're amazing. You're beautiful. You're smart, like you having a great day you're present enjoy them and you don't. It's like you talk about the numbness. Well imagine all the other sources of information that you're getting in life is all negative, or mixed messages or confusing messages. But I know that this message here serves me. So if I'm going to hear something subconsciously in the background, or subliminally, I'm going to hear it, it's like, well, you're good enough, you're strong, you're powerful, you're beautiful. And eventually, like you change that frequency enough to where it just subconsciously goes there. And everything that I've always talked about is how I've always looked at like, well, how could we integrate nutrition into that? Because nutrition aspect is that you can have all of this mixed in with what y'all are doing. And you can change everyone's point of view, you could change their whole life,

Kristeena 44:33
right? So funny these be that I have a male meal prep business, where I actually use NLP and stuff into the food where I infuse the water that I use from a Berkey into the food I hold the food I pick the food out by actually muscle testing to make sure that it's good for someone and I create based on what's what's what the person needs, and then when I channel energy into the food I do their goals, their dreams, their aspirations. And I put that directly into the food. No.

Olivia 45:03
I want to mention the second so. So I founded nonprofits called the activation project. She is the vice president. It is divided into three phases, we have activate your mind, which is how Socrates said to Know thyself. So it's the process of self realization, we help you to understand what it truly means to Know thyself, because until you know thyself, fully, you that you can be subjected to manipulation and

mind control, yeah, you can just crank it up, I love it.

So to Know thyself, and then phase two is activate your tribe. So activate your friends and family. And really, it's through education, because what the bomb in the brain is, is really understanding the ACE because we believe that trauma is passed on through epigenetics, right? So you can literally stop the imprint and change your DNA, through education through understanding what it is that causes trauma and children. Another one of my hypothesis is somebody who has scored high on the ace, and high on the resilience test, resiliency test is like the other side to the ace. So it's how resilient a child is. So somebody who scored high on the ace high on the resiliency equals a superhuman. And an example of a superhuman is I don't know if you guys saw that documentary free solo, where he scaled, so a perfect example, right? He like was never even told I love you and his household. He's on the spectrum for all Asperger's, autism, but extremely, extremely, extremely resilient, and broke the world record by scaling that mountain just with his hands. So phase two, which is what Christina is in charge of is activate your tribe. The title is Maya Angelou philosophy, what you get, give what you learn, teach. So another mistake that I made when I first started getting integrated, or through the process or activated, ivers are getting activated is that I went in guns blazing to my family. Look what I found, they're like, oh, Olivia, taking more drugs. Great. Um, and I just like this is it you know, because I get when I believe something, I get super passionate, and I'm a pusher. I've been an evangelist since I was a child. So I came in there, and what did it do, it just drove them away, I don't have a relationship with my sisters anymore. Because it was too much. I didn't have the tools that I needed to come in lovingly, to invite them and welcome them into the process, include them into what I was going through through the tools of NLP and, and all of this stuff. So I could be I can't guys, this is what's happening. Because what happens is, you start to elevate in consciousness, go up the the spiral dynamics game, is that you start to work your way up and out of their vibration out of the level that they're on. And it can feel very uncomfortable, you know? And so it's that through invitation, right? Because I, my tendency is to come in through like, persuasion instead of invitation. Would you guys like to know more about this? How does this sound? Would you like, you know, like, Can Can I tell you about what I'm going through? And maybe you can, you know, support me in this way or that way? or How can I support you. So phase two, we teach you how to properly invite your family. And then phase three is activate the world. If your plan is for one year, plant rice, if your plan is for 10 years, plant trees, if your plan is for 100 years, educate children, is what Confucius said. And that explains phase three, where we teach people who have been activated who have begun to align with their true vocation and their highest calling to band together with people who feel the same way as them and what we teach permaculture, how to build Earthship homes from the ground up, and how to have sustainable communities where people believe the same stuff where everyone can help take care of each other's children. And it's like a nice solid community, not like where everyone lives together. But where they live. You know, you have a network of people. Yeah, you can go at school

Baldo 49:06
like that, where it takes a village, right, like I

Olivia 49:08
take. Exactly, yeah.

Jon Mendoza 49:10
That's the second day in a row for us. Was it spiral dynamics? Oh, do you know about about I know, the thing is, I said it last night, but the thing was, I was talking to a guy and we were I don't know how we got, obviously level consciousness was coming up, but I was I kept doing this. And he goes, Oh, do you know about spiral dynamics? I was like, No, I don't know what you're talking about. He's like, well, you just made the concept. I said, Well, I have been reading Stephen Hawking's lately, so I haven't like I'm looking at like, vortexes and I'm looking at quantum physics like you know, so that's how I guess. I, I look at things linear to like you made the river analysis like it's a really cool way to look at because sometimes people think up, right, as opposed to in front, like if you think the future is up, you think completely different than me. Right? I think the future is in front of me.

Kristeena 49:54
That's timeline. Yeah. So people can be through time which they see their timeline going through them and behind them and sometimes people can be in time. So they see there's this way

Jon Mendoza 50:05
Yeah. or up and down as a white or like that. Yeah, well if you're kind of almost just saying well, I manifest whatever my timeline is anyway, whatever direction you look at, it's going to go in that direction x, y, z plane. Like you're orthogonal. It's interesting because I see time as like,

Baldo 50:20
here always and it just it just keeps coming.

Olivia 50:23
If you were to point to your future where would you point

Baldo 50:26
here? Like it's just it's just it's just gonna you are your future like your

Olivia 50:31
past where where do you point if you're pointing to your past

Baldo 50:33
like gets even deeper inside? As you're saying, like, I just feel like it all collapses in

Olivia 50:39
what does that mean?

Baldo 50:41
Like I feel like that things just just like

Kristeena 50:44
I mean, is is all right here and you can access it which means like it's well because

Jon Mendoza 50:48
you've always said the answer I always have the answer Yeah, I so every My world is here inside me. Yeah, well,

Baldo 50:53
because I just see everything's the same like separation just just fucking what will

Jon Mendoza 50:59
how do you how do you view when you step into another dimension?

Baldo 51:02
Like how you will see that's that's what I that's what I was saying like the other day when I had that experience with the it was an ad Hi, hi. Hi does and I just stepped into like a fucking

Jon Mendoza 51:11
he said he was not here for a while. He was

Baldo 51:12
not here for like, I was sitting here, but I was not here. And then I was just drenched in sweat. And I was as I was coming back, it was just like layers coming back. It was pixelated. Yeah. And it wasn't like I was over there. And now and now I'm like, moving back. It was more like no, I've been here this whole time. There's just I can see through the layers just and this was like I can feel the layers like assembling again. But they were always just here just not. I don't know how to explain that. Like, they're still here. But it was like a different I get that I keep saying like it was like a different dimension because I never moved and I never felt like I moved or left or anything

Jon Mendoza 51:51
but your energy but your soul like your energy and soul. Like you basically you just realize your bottles just your body's just puzzle. It's all just pieces like pieces left so your energy could get out. And then you just got pieced back together.

Olivia 52:03
Just your consciousness that was traveling. Yeah, sure. spiral dynamics. So I'll send you a really interesting podcast where he color codes all of them. Yeah, but so just quickly, so you understand. So it starts with like this me Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui. So every time we go to a different level of consciousness, he started at me and then we go to the we centric, me centric, we centric. The one hardest one for me to have broken through like and I believe I broke through it for the most part this year, is the absolute truth level where it's black and white. Which politics any religion, any politician is still operating? I don't believe it's the orange level, where it's like, either a Democrat or Republican. Christianity's The only way Islam is the only way Judaism or you know, P. It's all the isms it is structure it is mostly it is absolute shame and guilt, that you look for something outside of yourself to tell you what to do. It is like the book that tells us and stuff like that. It's the belief in the absolute truth that there's only one way to win. Once you burst through that, then you burst through tier two of level thinking so that all of that is tier one, orange, blue. And then tier two, you have yellow. And that is when you're able to connect to different perspectives. Sure. And it's Yeah, multi perspective. It's systematic. Yeah, we centric was very interesting. What's the next tier? I that's the highest that they he talks about? So I don't know.

Jon Mendoza 53:37
So it goes to just, there's an extension of just that range. Now you get into it's not understanding.

Baldo 53:45
It's not like I understand your perspective.

Jon Mendoza 53:48
yet. I think you're thinking we're thinking level consciousness. Right? It's not that this is something separate.

Olivia 53:54
It is so so it's the highest level of consciousness that they speak about is is in tier two. Now, there's different levels of tier two. But he doesn't go into that that much. I am very new, like I've learned about it just this year.

Jon Mendoza 54:08
Gotcha. Okay, cuz that's, that's why I'm wondering too. Is it? Like, everything's a tear? Sure, right. Yeah. Maslow's like hierarchy of needs, like you have a basis of like, just shelter.

Olivia 54:18
Like, that's like at the bottom right.

Jon Mendoza 54:21
Yeah. And you should have that but then it's almost like you're shameful about the shelter you have, because it's not very much right. But the understanding of the level consciousness would get you higher here to say that shelters everything we need.

Olivia 54:33
So my friend autumn, she recently had a five MBO trip or whatever. And in the term, she, she spoke to God. And he said, it's all just pure consciousness. Yeah, that is everything that is all. So maybe at the very highest is just when you become pure consciousness, you become one and everything. Like ROM das says, I am that too. You know, so it's like, once you start to realize that you are everything.

Jon Mendoza 55:02
Well goes back, right? Yeah.

Baldo 55:04
So like, someone I didn't know the answer for a long time, or I didn't know, I don't know if it's the answer either, but it's just the way that I that I perceive it as the the idea of like what graces, right, like, and I and I've said this a couple of times on the podcasts, and just the idea of that, the fact that I can, like, feel anything pain, like love, you know, discomfort, like anything at all, that That to me is grace, right? Because I could, like the universe is huge, and like, the majority of it is just empty space. And, but there's still energy there. So it could have easily been where I just had no awareness whatsoever. No conch, it could have just been like a freakin atom in the middle of space trying to expand. And that's it like not right?

Olivia 55:54
Well, I'm of the belief that we pre programmed our hunger games experience. So far we get here.

Jon Mendoza 56:00
So I gotta ask you. So when you're hovering in that space as an atom, is that constant? Or is vibration moving to a frequency moving? If you're hovering, like your gracefulness is hovering in space, like you're just in space? Yeah. Right. Is that just you're moving at a constant speed, frequency? movement, or, like,

Baldo 56:23
Yeah, that would be moving at I forget what it is. I think it's 7.0 to the frequency of the, like, just the universe in general. hertz 7.02 Yeah, I think I think that's what it would be. I wouldn't know because I wouldn't have any consciousness though.

Jon Mendoza 56:39
So Stephen Hawking's. I think if I recall correctly, he was saying that he thought that we were all constant just space but we're not like space is not constant. So let's light the speed of light is but space is not Yeah, no. So that's what I'm saying. What would you be doing if you're just Are you in purgatory? Like what are you doing? Like are you you know, like you're not able to adapt to a higher level

Olivia 57:00
you haven't taken a physical form you mean Yeah, just pure Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 57:04
just Yes. Yes. I just

Baldo 57:06
I don't I don't see it in terms of like that's what I that's exactly what I'm saying that I just don't like there's nothing just like

Jon Mendoza 57:13
white light or something or black light

Baldo 57:15
yes like it's nothing like there's no way for me to perceive that like oh I'm nothing because I don't

Jon Mendoza 57:20
because I'm or are you everything at that moment are You are everything sure yeah.

Olivia 57:24
Nothing everyday consciousness when you think but but

Baldo 57:27
you're everything now. So right so that's what was I don't that's I want to know what that is like to what the only reason we have awareness is because we have a brain to like even think about that right? Because I'm sure rock has I think but did you can talk about it right? Because I mean a rocket have awareness but you would we would never know because we can't communicate with it.

Kristeena 57:52
Right? I mean, you can if you can channel it. Sure. Yes. So you guys are talking about spiral dynamics. in NLP they call them values level thinking, okay. And from one is basic needs like feeding fucking and fighting. And that's it. Nothing past that to his tribe. like talking to trees, it's very, for for the tribe of shaman and stuff like that. And then when you evolve out of that, it's into me, so it's all about me. Every values level has a shadow and, and a good side. And there's a successful people in all of them. So three is all about me. I don't care about anyone else. And then for when you go into for structure, it's the isms. Five is entrepreneurship, when you make money, you make money, a lot of them don't care about the planet, they're like, fucking put all the plastic bottles out there. And then and then six is I think a lot of Austin has values level values, lovers six inside of three, thinking because you can have a values level of thinking in your mind, but be in a container of a different values level, which is a lot. That happens a lot. So six is connection consciousness, communal living and stuff like that seven is starting to get off planetary. And then eight is like you are actually they speculate that Ilan Musk is his values level eight, but you have all the money that basically your great communicator, but it goes up and up and up. And through those levels, it actually goes higher, but they haven't been seen yet. Because normally values level eight and seven don't have a lot of the stuff that the other values levels have because you have to have the container to be actualized as a seven or

Baldo 59:41
asier. Like you got to have that type of money to even do. Like I want to do everything for the world and I know how to do it but I need the funds.

Olivia 59:52
Like there's this

knock the profit you knock you just elevate it. He's just got he's just elevated so high on level of consciousness. I just do.

Baldo 1:00:05
That's why right now my main so say hi, how do I hover? How do I I love it. I love it too.

Jon Mendoza 1:00:12
How do I that's how I've been saying this whole time I was like, we need to learn how to levitate. That's my that's my life goal.

Kristeena 1:00:17
But do you believe you can? I do? Yeah, I totally believe. Is there any part of you that doesn't believe that?

Jon Mendoza 1:00:22
Yes. Uh, no, I believe right now that we just haven't locked into our brains yet. Like, we haven't figured it out. And we're going to, like, that's

Baldo 1:00:29
no yet but the answer is like, yes, I do believe I am not capable of it. Yeah, you know, undo that.

Kristeena 1:00:37
delete it.

Baldo 1:00:38
So it's usually like what is what's the part of me that doesn't believe it?

Olivia 1:00:42
Well, lm and LP audios, I'm listening to talks about like how 300 inductions under hypnosis is like can probably get you through. So

Jon Mendoza 1:00:55
everyday for a year.

Baldo 1:00:56
Like we're like, in comparison to how I feel right now sitting on this chair. We're like, Oh, I feel lighter on the chair. But like to be able to like, actually hover that that'd be cool. It's I can't wait for that.

Olivia 1:01:10
Some Indian gurus. Haven't they kind of done that. Yeah, it's possible. Yeah, I think.

Baldo 1:01:15
Yeah. Like meditators can do like, you know, freakin one day breaths, you know, like, meditate for a whole day on just one breath. Wow. Which is Yeah, which is something else I'd like to

Jon Mendoza 1:01:27
I just figured my yoga games gonna have to just step up tremendously, like just because imagine the patients that you're going to be I think what it is, is it's the meditation factor. Like when you talk about how you get deeper into meditation, I like to picture you getting into that core of yourself. Like you're just getting deeper in your mind. And then you're just there. And then you're like, well, what could deeper look like there's no bottom. Right? Because what's gonna happen you're not gonna hit bottom be like, Alright, that was it. Like I know this is it because then what you're in space, you know, everything like you're just everything that I got. Imagine. I think that at that point, you're just like floating, they're just like, oh, crap.

Kristeena 1:02:01
Like the universe.

Baldo 1:02:03
Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think that you just I don't know. I don't think you just dissolve. Maybe.

Olivia 1:02:09
I heard someone's DMT experience that it was like pixelation. We just saw everything.

Jon Mendoza 1:02:14
But yeah,

Baldo 1:02:17
that experience was worse. So in a sense, in that case, I was I was levitated because I was definitely floating out of body out of body. Right. But it was like it's not like unlimited. Like, let me fly that way.

Jon Mendoza 1:02:32
Yeah, next time,

Baldo 1:02:36
because my body itself was still here. Right. But how do you how do you connect the unconnected?

Olivia 1:02:43
Well, then there's Yeah, teleportation. Right. You could start there.

Jon Mendoza 1:02:47
You already Pressler? Yes.

Olivia 1:02:49
That's it. I think. Chips are

Jon Mendoza 1:02:52
Yeah, what that's how I kind of look at it too, is that you can try. So I would imagine that time traveling is gonna be pretty much very soon. Yeah. And it like, what are you doing it? Right? So deja vu is I've been having more of, and I could just tell like, I'm already creating this, or I was already part of this. And I'm just living it already. Because I created it. Yeah.

Baldo 1:03:09
Well, I mean, I feel like everything's time travel, right? Because what

Olivia 1:03:11
is it? What do they? What is it called? It's the quantum like, you know, where it's like, where you can transport and adduction? Something like that. Has that string theory? No.

Baldo 1:03:25
Oh, you're talking about like the string. I know what you're talking about, like where you can experience where

Olivia 1:03:32
they where they tell it? Yes.

Baldo 1:03:37
And they're having exactly the same experience exactly the same

Olivia 1:03:40
spirit chips where you start the off the spirit trip talking, but then everybody goes to this same wall, fifth dimension, and you're all seeing the same thing and experiencing the same thing without talking. I

Baldo 1:03:51
mean, I just can't wait to throw those parties.

Let's throw that party in that planet over there. Just stream of consciousness party.

Jon Mendoza 1:04:06
That's how I imagined it is everyone's just trying to send out I'm

Baldo 1:04:08
practicing my party. I'm pretty good at throwing parties, I think.

Jon Mendoza 1:04:13
vibrate the world to a higher frequency. Yeah, it's all it is. Yeah. Great. Yeah.

Baldo 1:04:19
I have a my Bitcoin fund. Well, one of my Bitcoin funds is actually my space fund. And it's a it's something I put money in there every single paycheck, a small percentage, that you know, whatever. I think right now it's 100 grand to like hovered in outer space for like 10 minutes or something like that. Wow.

Olivia 1:04:38
And I seen

Baldo 1:04:39
in SpaceX, which is an Elon Musk company, you can do that through him. That's a lot of money for just 10 minutes. He saw can't wait to at least an hour. You know, what you do for those 10 minutes. I probably meditate Kevin, this is how it feels to hover. I don't know what to look for that's on Earth.

Olivia 1:05:15
You have to watch this movie that just came out that is called save yourself.

Jon Mendoza 1:05:20
It is so freaking Yeah, save yourself. Yeah.

Olivia 1:05:24
Now this couple there is hipster couple couple from New York, they decided to go off the grid for one week because they're all addicted to their phones and technology. And while they do this is just the beginning. But while they do like these aliens called puffs take over and start destroying the world. So they're like disconnected. So they don't know. It's

Jon Mendoza 1:05:41
funny. That's kind of cool right now. So

Baldo 1:05:43
tell us about your your podcast. How did that get started?

Olivia 1:05:47
It started at the beginning of Corona, I had six different jobs going, I'm an entrepreneur, so I have a lot of businesses at once. And then they all went down to one, which was my coaching business. And I just knew I was like, this is a really important time, I need to get quiet. So I did a digital detox. And then I did a journey with psilocybin and MDMA. And it was one of my first sort of guided journeys I'd ever done. And I and my intention that I set was to receive the plan for what I was supposed to do a to be doing during Corona and for my life. And we started so he started asking me questions about my life. And all the sudden these memories started flooding back. And I was I was talking to them. I was like, why isn't this recorded? I was like, we should record this. And I was like, the first idea for the podcast was that we should record these journeys. And then it just kind of evolved from there. Because I was speaking my story from a place of remembering it for the first time because people always told me you should write a book. But I was like, I don't remember my life. And it was so sad because I have crazy stories. Yeah, I'm like one of the biggest breakthroughs when I realized like, Oh, my God, this is bringing my memory back, was that I had a paralyzing fear of walking upstairs for like 15 years with somebody coming up behind me. So anytime someone would be walking up the stairs behind me, I would freeze. And I would feel like butterflies in my stomach, I would almost take my breath away, especially if they're running up the stairs behind the back. And I would like move and like, let them go. And it was so scary. I had no idea why. And then I had this flashback. I was in Guatemala, I lived in Guatemala for eight years in this home. And the the adults in the home, they had a huge issue with me because I was like the ringleader for the young people. And so we were having this meeting and one of the uncles was like a law telling us a rule. And I made some sassy remark. And he was like Olivia gassers right now. And I had all my like friends looking at me, you know, and I was wearing this little skirt. And so like, I stand up, and I was like, I like roll my eyes and I start walking up the stairs really slowly. And I turn around and I look at him and I see his hand going back. And it goes by and he like, spanked me so hard. And I'm 14 almost 15 and I fall on the stairs and it knocked the wind out of me and my skirt comes up and exposes myself to everyone. He just like grabbed me by my skirt, yanked me up and like shoved me upstairs. And like came charging after me. And it was just like remembering that I was like, Oh my God, that's why and then you realize you're safe. You're fine. Like it's not gonna happen, you know, like, and so then the fear just went away. That was like one thing. So then we just started recording the first two episodes of my podcast or, or the first journey I did about my sexual history where I talk about all of these crazy things that happened to me that I never wanted to talk about before. And then her amazing life story. And so that's our goal is to extract people's stories talk about how they their test, their test turned into testimonies. So if you guys want to explore any of your childhood experiences and stories and come on our podcast, we would love that. That'd be cool. I'm

Jon Mendoza 1:08:55
down. Turn your test and a testimony. I like that.

Olivia 1:08:58
Yeah, I saw on Instagram somewhere. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 1:09:00
I like it. I like it.

Baldo 1:09:02
Cool. Well, where else can they find you? We're gonna wrap this up here. Tell us tell the listeners.

Kristeena 1:09:08
You can find me Christina Sarmiento on Instagram Christina k ri s t e n a 1111 and then also same handle on tik tok. If you like

Baldo 1:09:21
tik tok,

Kristeena 1:09:23
I love tik tok. It's amazing. And then Christina Sarmiento s AR, m i n to on Facebook,

Olivia 1:09:31
and then I am Oh underscore m om 88 on Instagram, we have the activation projects on Instagram as well. Our website is the activation project.com and you can email us at become

Unknown Speaker 1:09:46
dot activated@gmail.com

Baldo 1:09:48
come to Sweden. Well, thank you guys so much for listening in. This is the How do you help podcast

 "People drive around in in a trance, I mean, you can go into transfer easily, I could put you in a trance just by talking to you conversationally, and a lot of stuff, you know, bypasses the critical faculty it gets inside there. And once you start to really understand language, you can really put thoughts and things into people very easily."- Kristeena Sarmiento

You can find the How do you Health? Podcast on Twitter @HDYHPodcast, and use #HDYHPod to submit speaker ideas, health questions, or topics you want discussed!

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