Lars King works with leaders who are on an awakening journey, empowering them to create their dream lives of tangible impact, profound love, and crystal-clear soul purpose. He's explored 47 countries, worked with some of the most innovative companies, read hundreds of books and almost died in a village in Africa. 

“The universe is expanding, right? If we're the universe, then let's align with that as well. ” 


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"If someone comes into their village shaman and says they're depressed, they say, 'when did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop connecting with Earth every day?'"


Allison 0:00
This is guys. How do you have podcasts? We're talking and the podcast starts now. Can I start it now? I don't remember. Okay. No editing, where we're getting that live. This is Alison with flats to fitness. Our guest today is V Lars King and the largest King on Instagram. Our friend Lars nostos. is in the house Baldo, Tex Mex Yogi is gone, but we have someone way cooler. Eric Anderson from the ocean labs we're what I say he's way cooler cuz he's gonna be our next mayor in the city of Austin. Whoa.

Unknown Speaker 0:39
Damn. That out there loving out Adler.

Allison 0:45
All right, whatever y'all were talking about.

Lars King 0:48
Boys been talking about ESP.

Unknown Speaker 0:50
Yes, for a while now. I was even saying he said

Lars King 0:53
he created the other day when he was here did Alex and Allison's witness what happened?

Allison 0:59
Wait, was it the wake up Alan Yang. Okay, so yeah, Alex and and bolo and I went on that New Year's trip together, by the way, Episode 100. We shot one there.

Lars King 1:11
Where'd you go, Allison.

Allison 1:13
We went to Barcelona. Wow. Um, anyway, I got here. We got here at like, eight. It was like early and valo was like I woke Alex up or like, I'm gonna wake Alex up. And Alex. Alex never texted me before 830 in the morning, and it was like 730 or something. And I was like, I'm gonna wake Alex up and he like, said something to sell whatever. And then, like a few minutes later, Alex texted me it was like, good morning.

Jon Mendoza 1:45
So he's been toying with it. What's your thoughts?

Lars King 1:50
So I've been really, really deep in this face. Nice. Yeah, it's a it's I'm definitely passionate. Nice. Yeah. Because I experienced it every single day. And not only do we experience it, like sometimes like, oh, wow, I kind of someone texted me, right. And I thought of them right before I texted me is so weird. Like, that's the default version. But then there's the conscious version of like, okay, I actually know how to use my abilities beyond the physical dimension. And then you can play with that. And actually not only play with it for fun, because it's actually I think, sacred. Like, we shouldn't just be messing around with this stuff. Yeah, it has implications. Right. So it's like, great power comes great responsibility to use it to help to heal. Oh, getting called for the matrix.

Jon Mendoza 2:41
Was it was that Alex right there? I swear to God, that'd be awesome. It's

Eric Anderson 2:47
close, I guess. We're Italian.

Lars King 2:50
So basically, there's so much so much to talk about about this talk. But basically, it's important to understand how it works, right? Because people these days have a scientific point of view, like, how does this stuff actually work? You want to understand it because there's all the phenomenon, right? But it's like what's happening? So basically, a lot of science, more and more recent last few decades, has shown that all information is in the field, the quantum field, whatever you want to call it. So all information in the universe is right here, right there. holographically.

Allison 3:23
So little pinprick?

Lars King 3:24
Yeah, like right here, right? You're right, like every cell of your body. And your DNA has a holographic code for your rest your body right now. Same thing with the entire as above. So below is the principal. Right? So that means that if you can actually had up anything that any information is accessible, like an open book, because that

Jon Mendoza 3:42
other dimension, it's this dimension to it is but it's like talking to yourself in the future? Sure. That's essentially kind of what it is, right? Like you said, If you manifest hard enough, you're basically going to predict the future for yourself, like we control our own fate. I mean, if you will, it enough, eventually, what you have to predict, I guess, is really the sensation. What would it feel like? Once you actually accomplish that? Because that's when like father's always told me he's like, that's when you actually start to believe it. And your brain sees it that way. And it's interesting, because I don't know if he's, he has something about him, right? Because every time I swear, we go downtown, we just go to lunch every morning at 7am he always find a spot right in front. And he'd say, like, we're gonna catch it right in front, like every time and we did I just, it was so

Allison 4:30
eerie. He right that was bigger stuff too. Like he can like accurately predict to the penny like a sales number that will hit

Jon Mendoza 4:39
I've done it and it's it's believable because it's, we've actually predicted the same number. You know, and there's been it's, it keeps happening. You know, the weird thing is, like, you know, women cycle together, huh? Yeah, it's kind of like, I know exactly what he's thinking. Yeah, like I

Lars King 4:57
cycle I know you cycle.

Jon Mendoza 5:01
Yeah, yeah, that's what it is. I mean, dude, I swear god, I'm with him every single day. I'm picking his brain. I know what he's about to say, yes. Like, I know what he's about. He knows what I'm about to say he speaks for me.

Lars King 5:14
We're moving into a time, we're talking about what is going to be five years in the future, moving into a time where, however many years in the future, we will be having this conversation fully telepathically in this lifetime. Absolutely. Yeah. And we're already starting to feel like the hints of that. So imagine how that exponentially grows.

Jon Mendoza 5:32
Does that deja vu?

Lars King 5:34
Well, that's another thing, right? Because that's you were saying that, like, it's like your future self or whatever. So it's time is non linear, then, oh, I've experienced this before. Yeah. Cuz you already have. You're remembering from the future? Yeah. Right.

Allison 5:49
Well, the same, the same sections of the brain are activated when you're trying to see the future as when you're trying to remember something. Hmm, like the same centers of the brain light up on scans. So if you can learn how to try and picture the future as if it's a memory, you're strengthening that skill and ultimately training that?

Jon Mendoza 6:09
Yeah, that's, it's essentially the same thing as neuroplasticity, right? Because you're rewiring your brain, I find it very fascinating that you can kind of do that with your level of consciousness. And what happens is, you you, you have different conversations, you have different wave patterns that you think about things in different life is like looking at a prism. Right? Just like you're seeing it from a different angle. That's all I'm trying to do. Right? glass half full glass half empty. It's more like I just want to know, and understand your point of view. Because you can even get political and it's like, I'm not going to change your point of view, right. But at the same time, like I respect it, I understand you have an opinion? Hmm. It's not the idea that I agree with, they're nice that you have an opinion, you're a person you're being your energy. You're allowed to be right. I mean, that's the the biggest thing more anything else like the other week when I was in talking about it, just like just be

like, he just kept repeating that over and over. He's like, just be

it's just, it's wonderful, right? If you really think about what does that mean?

Right? I mean, there's a lot of Alan Watts, so a lot of you are

Unknown Speaker 7:18
channeling it.

Allison 7:22
So okay, can we just get like into it?

Lars King 7:25
Let's go deep.

Allison 7:26
How do you how do you like experience sensations? Like that person who's very visually prone? Do you get feelings for Yeah,

Lars King 7:32
like, everyone's different like that, right? Because, you know, you're clairvoyant, you can see it karate. You can hear it. Some people can smell it. Mm hmm. No senses, right? Yeah. But as tasted, right. So for me, it's okay. You mentioned beat. So I have a friend who runs this nonprofit called movement B. And he helped people that are underprivileged youth in schools. And he has like, does like poetry for telling their story and healing. And it's like, amazing, right? Yeah. And so, this one day, like about a month ago, I got this experience. And you're talking about senses. It was like, it was like I was transported into a different realm. I was literally like, sitting on my couch. I was like, I was in this other realm. I was in this kind of jail or juvenile hall vibe. And I was like, bringing breath work and transformation and empowerment. And it was like a vision, kind of like prophetic vision. And I popped out and like, that was freaking weird. No context,

Allison 8:28
it felt like the closest thing that could be called a daydream.

Lars King 8:31
Yeah, yeah. But it was like he like came to me, I didn't even think of it. And so it was like, I was in it for a second. And then guess what happens the next freaking day, my friend who starts moving B, he goes, Bro, I want you to come and help. And like, I had these kids in the juvenile hall, I want you to come do I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 8:47

Lars King 8:48
That's crazy. So it's like, like, we're talking about the nonlinear time. It's whatever way we sense it is whatever we sense it. I feel like it's a muscle. So whatever you're strong at, you just want to double down on but you can also work the other muscles too. Mm hmm. You know. And if you've really developed that, let's say over your incarnational cycle, you're going to be really strong in already, because some people think we're just blank slates. But that doesn't make much sense, right? Because some people come in like full on genius. Yeah, it's like, all right, they've been doing this for a while. in that specific way.

Jon Mendoza 9:22
I've always thought it's cumulative, right? Like because you pass wisdom, wisdom through the ages, right. So in this next life, I am able to understand this already. So it gives me a leg up because I already went through this

Lars King 9:34
exactly. And the lineage component to right because like you get it from your DNA, all the genius from your parents and their parents and their parents is all in

you. And all that shit

that they haven't processed. It's in you unconscious. But basically, you're going to pass it to your kids unless you clear it. Here's a crazy thing. You have kids, right, bro. If you have this pattern that maybe you got from your grandparents up if you clear it Your kids are cleared of it instantly. Because at the end, they're already born. Yes, DNA is connected.

Jon Mendoza 10:04
It's, it's incredible because like in science, and you look at nursing a child, and you're passing antibodies through it, and if you think about like the growth hormones that they inject into cows and chickens to make their chicken breast huge and produce a lot of milk and everything, but those animals are affected by that. And then we eat those byproducts, right? So that means we ingest those horrible hormones, the inflammation issues, the energy and the energy because they've been stressed up out the entire time, because they've been under no sun. They're all locked up together, shoulder to shoulder, and they've been tased, or, you know, tortured, and they were eating that

Allison 10:39
meat tastes extremely different. Yeah,

Lars King 10:41
yeah, I can tell you when it comes to that people will feel

Jon Mendoza 10:44
Oh, yeah, you can tell the difference. And it's just, it's just really fascinating. Because Science will just tell you like, Well, yeah, the bar products and they're wrong. But then you also think from the quantum physics standpoint, so the energy there's off, because even if you're in a room full of people you don't agree with, you still say like, Why take all our energy gets long. But it's a domino effect. Because you can literally feel energy when you walk into a room. And it's like, man, there's a lot of tension in this room. Like, or if you get that feeling of like, someone was just talking about me. And you walk in, I know shit, like, Oh, they were like, you know, that feeling? Because we already know, right? Yeah, no.

Lars King 11:23
And so a part of it is just like, allowing ourselves to own that we know what's going on. Because a lot of people, they're like, how are we supposed to know? who's like, you know, telling the truth or not. But like, yeah, we know we can feel it. Yeah, like in the news. It's like, Oh, this is manipulated. Oh, like that feels like I resonate. Like you can just, yeah, but

Jon Mendoza 11:47
do you know, does everyone else because apparently they don't,

Lars King 11:50
right? It's a matter of someone's tapped into their inner truth resonator in their body that See, that's

Jon Mendoza 11:57
the problem. And I've talked about that. Just like that. I've talked to him. I said, but it's taking you a while to do all that. I mean, dude, he, he'll be able to download things and process things in a way that it took him 10 years of his life and doing a year of like, all these different types of commitments to change the wiring of his brain. He's the type of guy that you tell me can't do it. He's gonna say, Well, I'm just going to figure out a way to do it. I just don't know it yet. I'll just do it this way until I keep getting it right, then and then that's, that's how it works. So when you change the approach to do that, imagine if you didn't think like that before. Right? And what it took to get through that process. I think floating is a cool way to do it. I was gonna say I mean, I mean, I've the other night, I was there at the ocean ocean lab, which if you're in Austin, Texas, you have to go though she hands down. It's my favorite place in Austin, General Austin. And I. There's this time as you catch up, almost like falling asleep, but it's not. You're in a trance. Theta wave. Yeah. And it's cool, because I want to experience that like a like a 30 minutes of that. And you can reprogram your

subconscious Bingo. Easy on Bingo.

So that's what I've talked about forever. Instead of Wicky tap into that, is it a vibrational approach is electrical approach. It's like it's all these different approach waves, right? So if I say like, I'm going to pick one, all energies vibration, and it resonates with me literally, right, that I can say, All right, let's say you're down here. I can probably raise it up here. But it comes in with also brainwaves because you have to be writing the right wave in order to interpret that. So I have to set the tone. I think that's why that ketamine is so popular because it's such an easy way to get in hypnosis. Hmm. That's really what hypnosis has to be data waves, right? Like it has to like, I mean, they're certainly more susceptible when you're in beta wave brain state. Absolutely. Right. So it's, it's absolutely a possibility. But what's fascinating about ketamine is it. It's such a neutral detachment from your body. Yeah. So it's not positive. It's not negative. It just allows you to enter that hypnotic state totally neutral. Yeah.

Eric Anderson 14:08
Like See, see yourself important. projective? Lee, exactly. That's what I keep hearing about it. Yes.

Allison 14:12
But now it's good and bad, right? Well, it just can get so dishonest. Well, you can get so dissociated, you might accidentally hurt yourself, because you don't realize what you're doing.

Jon Mendoza 14:21
Like Could I mean it is it's not something to play around with, obviously. But here's the deal. It's a way to lock in, because you still have to do the work. So imagine there's been experiences where I've heard where they're just doing the ketamine IV, and they're just laying there, and then they let them leave. So you're okay to go. There's nothing transcendent about that. It's just more like, Hey, we gave you this good luck. We'll talk to your therapist. It doesn't it doesn't work out that way. Right. Because imagine I'm taking through this journey where I don't have a guard up. And you hit me with like your most traumatic events, then you pull that out while you're riding in the field. And if you're riding that float and theta waves, I say, here's the deal, man, I know that shit, when you were 15 really still gets to try to look it from this way, you won't get rid of it. But you can respond differently when you think about it. You're gonna think this way now, but that way is to be determined by the individual. Right? Because when you do that, I think you don't manipulate with the new neuroplasticity will be for that train of thought. But when you do that, maybe you're able to unlock something a little bit more about yourself where you're like, I think I understand myself a bit more. I think I'm better off for that. I can let that go. Maybe it says something.

Lars King 15:40
That is like letting yourself feel it again. Yeah, letting go. Yeah. Like it happened to me this morning. I mean, it was pretty intense, actually. So basically, I was seven years old. And my dad started speaking really fast and fast and Faster, faster, faster, like that. It looks going on. For days, he couldn't sleep the speaking faster and faster. like kind of like a, like a mental break, kind of idea. And he was really in this religion at the time. He's like, left it now. But is this like, hardcore, like funky as New Age religion, eventually called yellower?

Eric Anderson 16:12

Lars King 16:15
So he was like, going crazy. I'm seven years old, like, you're totally open. And he's like, you got to pray. Like to these beings like full on with me. I pray with me for like days, and I blocked this out, like, mostly blocked his memories out. I was so scared. angry. I'm like, What the fuck is about to protect me I just my own dad, right. And this morning, like, I was on a call with my friend and we go really deep together, like working with each other and, and I just like, I like, let myself go back there and just like, feel the anger and sadness and fear and like, just like cried and like, it's almost like this. Like this thing that was like anything like, came to the surface and like, let go and just like, Fuck, yeah, like, I've been holding on that since I was seven. That's awesome. Because it cuz it's like the block memories. Yeah. Because our psyches genius. And I was like, we're gonna pull that one off till you're ready. Yeah, I was like, Oh, wow. Yeah, today was the day for that, you know, just fine. And so this year, I've gone so deep with like, all of these things in my past that, you know, it's interesting with our conscious mind, conscious mind isn't feeling right. Could we can go back. Oh, that time my partner broke up to me at age 17. It was fine. You know, the conscious mind doesn't touch our feelings, right? Maybe it really fucking hurt. And we didn't process it. Like this process I went through. I was 17 years old. My girlfriend at the time she lived across the country. So I was gonna fly over to prom. And it was like this big thing in high school, and her ex boyfriend to come over and like they had like, gotten together like a night or two before it's gonna fly over. And I was like, Fuck, like, in time, I was mad. And we had a little fight bit of fine. But I actually what I did is I went unconscious to how it really felt because I blocked it. And so ages 26 I was like crying and crying and crying was like God, like, as men, especially we're taught to just like, not feel. It's totally done. That is fucking done. And this guy right here, that was with me, was with me earlier this year, when I was crying like a baby, you remember that?

Eric Anderson 18:24
This man is a genius at holding space

Jon Mendoza 18:28
for other people, and I so appreciate that. And for me, like this year has been such a breakthrough and vulnerability because it's like, everyone has this sensitive arm deal, you know? And it's like, maybe some people don't talk about it. Because it's like, oh, like, let's just have fun. But like, let's talk about everything. Like it's all okay, being a human full spectrum, right? That's what we're all doing here. And it's just amazing to like, let all that shit go. Yeah, and then raise your vibration to love but not like over the top of covering something else. Oh,

yeah, I know. Yeah, that's, that's awesome. Man. I I have this kind of theory that right now what you said is true. Because most of the time before COVID when hugs were still free and loving. A you would basically just hug and guys that I mean, long hugs, like long, deep hugs, which is interesting. And you might be listening. And it's interesting because it might make you feel slightly uncomfortable for some reason, right? Because he's

Allison 19:29
talking about how all men in our community hug each other for a really long

Jon Mendoza 19:32
time. They do they mean it's I'm talking like two minutes like yesterday, I was over talking with rod. And this guy came over to the bike shop came over four or five times and gave him a long hug to the point where he lifted them each time and finally they fell back off that little porch that hasn't seen it might be a little excessive. It was but but it's crazy. It's excessive, but I was like cuz he held there like every time it was like a long hug and you could tell Maybe one of them didn't want it. Like, dads are just okay. He's gonna do that again. Now mind you, the guy on the bike was no he had done a little something before so what about the like the tap on the back like Yeah, yeah, but it was one of those you know kinda like

Allison 20:14
a man kind of point is most of the time

Eric Anderson 20:18
I think past like five seconds like you're

like this let's break it. Let's talk What's up? How you doing? Oh, look at your face not not your back. So it was I woke up with that on a on a draw and rowdy at one time. Oh god here and I kind of know. It was like a five made hug dude. Just a hug.

Jon Mendoza 20:41
there and everyone in the room was just watching these two dudes just hug for like, why? And it was like, they can't hold on tiger. tight and it was left and I loved it dude, because I was like, Damn the alpha. Yeah, we could neither could lose. Yeah, we keep going. Eric Tommy

Allison 20:57
the heart hug too. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:59
he taught me.

Jon Mendoza 21:01
And I've heard it from senior people bows. Like we're all wondering, where's this going? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
I came in.

Allison 21:09
Like, I wasn't there when that happened. But I came in for a podcast that afternoon. And it was like, dude, rowdy and tall have the

Jon Mendoza 21:19
biggest bear hug. Honestly, like, if that was a blanket, you probably wear that a lot because it was that comfortable. It looked like that. Right? It was one of those kind of hugs like a newsworthy hug. Yeah. But it was like, Yeah, like dancing each other in six years. And like, all of a sudden, bam, you know, and I was like, Damn, that's badass. And the cool thing was, it kind of resonated, because after that everyone was smiling. You know, they're like, Alright, that's cool. You know, you know those guys. So they laughed, and they thought was funny. Like that. And you smiled when baller told you that? Right? Yeah.

Allison 21:50
I was like, Oh, I'm surprised the place is still here. I'm pretty sure.

Jon Mendoza 21:56
Okay, clear that out. But yeah, I just kind of liked that approach to where you'll be open with it. Because most of the time I'll look at the guys are the most happiest, or the ones that have the most shit that they're dealing with. Right? Like I look at Robin Williams. Right. The guy can make anyone in this world laugh, but yet he had this illness inside of me that he's like, I can't I can't laugh myself. In certain moments, right?

Allison 22:18
Most comedians are depressed.

Eric Anderson 22:20
Yeah. Says the community says the comedian.

Lars King 22:22
Oh, yeah. It's really sad outlet, right?

Eric Anderson 22:24
All comedians are some of the most truth tellers in society.

Allison 22:28
And that's why a lot of them are depressed. Because they look at it in a poor light. Because they're like cynical.

Eric Anderson 22:33
Yeah. I mean, the latest CDC study said that 62.9% of people between the ages of 15 and 24 are clinically anxious or depressed. Here's a quick 62.9% Okay, here's the thing about that. My exact feel

Unknown Speaker 22:48
true to you. I've Yeah. That's terrifying. Yeah. terrifying.

Allison 22:53
Yeah. how easily they give diagnoses, right? Yeah. There's a weird thing like, my roommates. Younger sister just graduated high school. So she's right in the middle of that demographic. She's so smart, very cool. Going to pre med like, she's got her shit together, you know, all that stuff. But she's one of those people who she will literally like, the first time she needs you. She's like, oh, she'll do something wrong. One time, you're like, Oh, sorry. I'm anxious and depressed. Like, I fucked up. And I'm like, I just wasn't paying attention because I was like, mad at myself. But it's a huge identifier for gender. In the bio, it's gone. It's gone from being a thing. It's gone from being a thing where it's like, You're brave for sharing this tough diagnosis. Like that's been champions so much, that now when kids get a diagnosis like that, they immediately everyone Hey, just by the way, I'm depressed. I'm clinical, like, I'm on this map. They make an identity,

Lars King 23:46
it's an identity, even if there's they can move through it. But there's, they get stuck in it because it's become their identity. Exactly. What the fuck

Allison 23:55
is. It's wild. I found I found a Twitter bio today that literally had the person had their pronouns, their sexuality, the fact that they were Paulie, where they live, what their job was, where they went to school, and like two other things, maybe like their hobby or whatever. And then the last thing it said was not a fan of labels.

Lars King 24:15
Wow. Oh, well, that's the thing though, because

Allison 24:21
I was like, You got it. Um, no, he like put all that in. I was like, you just gave yourself nine labels. And then the last thing you put is I'm not a fan of labels. That's that maybe?

Unknown Speaker 24:32
Yeah, he wasn't funny.

Lars King 24:34
Comedian. Yeah. Well, that's the thing is like, it's like we have this tendency to want to put ourselves in a box. Because what if we're on Label Label? Mm hmm. What is our relationship status with someone does not fit any previous version? Mm hmm. Like, what are people gonna think? You know, it's like, the answer to what do you do? Like people are like, Oh, I gotta come up with like a pitch. It's like, what if it's organic? Yeah, right away. But what if it's like, evolving as you evolve? And and that's what I feel like is more happening now is people are some people are going more into labels, but some people are going more into like the fluidity which is actually more true because we are ever evolving. If we allow ourselves to expand, right, it's not putting ourselves in a box. And that's the thing with our entrepreneurial culture is we're always reinventing ourselves. We're all you know, you may be expanding into a new property and doing all kinds of new stuff. And it's like that's the great thing about life The universe is expanding, right? If we're the universe, then let's align with that as well. I love it.

Eric Anderson 25:37
Like a good to your point about expanding though nobody. Nobody's feeling their emotions, but everyone's hiding from them right self medicating or having a doctor tell them they need to be on Prozac as a 14 year old, right? Yeah, like it dumbs down if everyone's Naaman in avoiding their feelings. And there's no expansion I've seen you do get just trapped in this box. Yeah, I'm broken. I need this pill to fix me. I have this disorder. And it's like,

Lars King 26:01
Philip, we're all trying to like you can problem one way move beyond that.

Eric Anderson 26:05
That's all in your head. And it's just a self repeating script that you write for feeding, but look what environment they're in. It's just social media surrounding environment to where kids are growing up in the digital age now to where like, I'm an age myself, my my generation at car ID at home, right? Like we count hardy came out like it was a separate box on the phone. For my home. Mind. I remember that right? And

Allison 26:30
out you John's acting like he's old. He's like, 37 I'm 38. But still,

Jon Mendoza 26:33
like, kids are gonna be like, what the hell is caller ID? Yeah. Right. Because it's like, yeah, like, that's something you paid extra for back in the day from Southwestern Bell. Well, now you don't answer the phone unless you already have put and now you know, like, Don't answer like no, guys, like, All right. So it's just incredible that that's where they're at. Because when they speak up, they're finally talking. They're saying, I'm saying this not face to face, anyone. I'm saying this into my phone, where I can hide and not necessarily like be truthful with anyone face to face, because that's a different sensation. If you come up to someone and you're physically in their face, there's a reason why. Right? It's either your reason or their reason. Alright, so if you go up there, you say, here I am. Your reaction isn't necessarily how you should respond. Right? It's more of like, you just reacted instead of thinking this through and saying like, Alright, how should I really think about this, alright, I'm depressed is that a negative thought, is depressed me and a bad thing? I understand the tagline. I get that. But look at it from this perspective. All right. From a scientific standpoint, dopamine and serotonin are usually elevated, and people have better moods. That's just what happens, right? But imagine if serotonin dopamine was available for other things like sleep and appetite and pain, motivation reward system, right? What if you didn't produce a lot of serotonin and dopamine? doctors would label you as depressed or anxious. Right? If that was the case, so be it. I don't think it was separate things. I said, you don't produce enough serotonin, dopamine. So if you did, would your life be better? Would you function differently? Would you produce them whatever it is that you do? Right? So the idea is that we look at this as like, okay, treat diabetes and heart disease? No, it's the same thing.

Allison 28:22
And the point to make on the depression side, too, is like, looking at it as, okay, you have low serotonin and dopamine, that, therefore, like Western medicine, and all of the medicines you take for it, they're like, you have low serotonin and dopamine, we're gonna give you more things to absorb it with SSRIs, right, basically, like takes away some of the things that are supposed to uptake serotonin, so your brain has more access to what you have. But if your levels are already low, you're just giving more access to low fuel. Yeah, the way we approach it is we say, okay, your levels are low, we're not going to affect the enzymes that uptake it, we're going to increase the actual production, so that you have an abundance of it. Yep. And that's like two different models, right? And there's

Lars King 29:07
so many models, and they're all valuable, that have their piece of the puzzle, right? But so you take an indigenous or demonically oriented society, and someone's depressed, they're gonna have a whole different perspective and your forte, which may actually work in a stainable way, because there's one thing I was reading earlier was like, if someone comes to their village shaman saying they're depressed, they say, when did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? When did you stop connecting with Earth every day? So it's like, dogs. We don't ever think that Oh, it's got to be your serotonin. And it's like, have you

Eric Anderson 29:40
gotten any sunlight that you're saying you have any face to go outside, go outside, right, go outside, you've been inside, you're tired, you're sleepy. Go outside the sun gives you solar power. Why in the world would I tell you to stay indoors for four months and block solar power going into your neurons? And your mitochondria and releasing energy when let's say you were barefoot in the ground, grounding. I told this doctor friend of mine, just he was kind of stressed out as he should go outside and walk in your yard like barefoot. Have you ever done that? He's like, What are you talking about? I was like, it feels really good. Right now the grass is really it's been raining. So it's like, it's gonna feel good. Go out there and you'll feel better. So he did it like nine o'clock at night, and his wife saw him out there and open the doors of what he doing. It was doing something called grounding. So if you're an idiot, and just closing the door

Lars King 30:34
straight up, so we stopped doing it.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
And then he bought some grounding sheets

Allison 30:44
came from men were married to women changes. They're like, I'm gonna sneak this shit into my bed. I

Lars King 30:50
can do the dishes. Dammit.

I love this conversation though. It's so important that we're having like ADHD, I call it always dialed into higher dimensions. ADHD kids, there's nothing wrong with them. They're actually meant for a completely different yet working world. They're not here to be like a freakin fucking drone. They're here to do really creative stuff that the school system doesn't even have a concept of right

Eric Anderson 31:17
away perfect in their own way. Yes,

Allison 31:19
that was when I was in high school, they were telling us about some studies that came out that like the subset of people who had ADHD back in caveman times were actually the majority because it helped you survive,

Unknown Speaker 31:29
right? And you have to couldn't focus on

Allison 31:31
shit. So you're always aware.

Jon Mendoza 31:32
Yeah, you have to be wherever you're playing. I mean, think about it. Like, what I love the wellness approach to almost any metaphor. You look at somebody who works out of the gym, and they just do up and down frontal planes. Right, they rarely go like side to side, even the rarest is like they'll go back and twist. So like all this primal movement thing now is coming back, because you're just activating planes where if you do yoga, and you do back bends, you're gonna hit all those planes, which is great, right? And you do it to increase, you know, just everything, but just kind of looking at, like ADHD is a way to kind of create and if you can create things from just a different perspective, like back bends will help my flexibility, my back pain, then all of a sudden, your mind is prepared for another way of thinking about things in this world, right. And it's the most simplest things of like, I'm going to get up and make my bed every day. Just that's the first thing I do I get out of bed and make my bed every day. And what was the rest day look like next videos I'm wearing? I'ma read 10 pages of a book. Cool after that next time you go outside barefoot. This is what goes on stacking it and you keep stacking it right. And every day, you're just going out there next to your routine changes has been 30 days, it's been 60 days, 90 days you did it.

Allison 32:42
Right. What I always tell people is like the time is gonna pass either way, like do you want it to change something or not? Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 32:47
So now like, I'm not going to the gym that does back bends and yoga like to warm up and then I go hit the weights? You know, because the guys over there, they're coming in to see me because they have shoulder injuries. Right? Because there's I got it's all bicep tendinitis. Every single time, it's because they're just doing vanity muscles, and cutting themselves are functional. Yeah, I love it.

Lars King 33:11
It's like, I do a lot of touching work. And part of that is I can help decode people's symptoms. Yeah, I want to get into what you did in terms of in terms of why they're actually creating them. like crazy. I know. People will be like, do anything to hold on to the victim mentality, right? But no, we're creating everything. And here's the amazing thing is that everything is code. Everything is code. So it's about being able to decode what's happening in our field and also in our body. Because there's, there's, there's like a matrix code, like a message everywhere. Right? And it's like we have all we need to do is be aware of it and be able to read the code. So when someone has, like you said, a back issue. You could look at the physical component. That's our culture's tendency.

Allison 33:58
Mr. Anderson is hanging out. I'm departing,

Unknown Speaker 34:01
but I love you.

Lars King 34:03
guests. They contribute. Beautiful,

Allison 34:05
you're amazing. Go to the ocean lab. If you're listening

Lars King 34:07
ocean lab flow. sauna, sauna, sauna is high vibes.

Okay, but what is it back representing? represents being and feeling supported, financially supported, emotionally supported. Now? What is the left side of our bag represent? Our receiving a woman, our own feminine side, masculine side, right side. So Oh, you know, the left side of my back is really, it's like, oh, you know, let's say shoulder burdens. You know, oh, there's my left trap and shoulder. It's like, do you have a burden with your creativity have a burden with a female in your life as well? How do you know? Yes, like Yeah, because your body is telling me right away. And also with words, it's perfect code

Unknown Speaker 34:57
like subconscious. Yeah, I mean,

Lars King 34:58
well, everything are words. are actually subconscious is the one that's giving us the words to say, as long as we're speaking directly, right? Because if we go into our med, our head and we're like, Huh, well, um, you know, those are the key words for mental editing. But if we're just speaking, there's everyone's subconscious will instantly give you their code. And sometimes you'll get the classic Freudian slips. But oftentimes, like, they'll just say things like, Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. You hear that all the time. Metal? Yeah. Like, I don't know. They're, they're actually creating not knowing that's their program. Because in truth, we already know, like, we already know. But if there's, there's, I don't know, that's the program. So then you can meet them where they're at. And then have them realize like, oh, wow, I can choose to know. And that's like, a breakthrough for some people. And you have people say, because when you say it, you're giving your own subconscious of redirection. So if someone says, I choose to know, for the first time, it's like, like, like rewiring, and you haven't to keep doing that choose to know it. And then what whenever they do it, you just lovingly remind them and it's like, then they will actually stop.

Jon Mendoza 36:07
No, it. No, it's amazing. And they think differently. And then next thing, you know, if you do it the right way, your life improves. totally right. And if it does improve, II think about the idea that whatever you're trying to improve in your life, whether it is your back, Ban your back pain, or your bank statement, right? Like you basically have to work at it. And you have to change your approach because whatever situation you're in, if you don't like it, you can always change it. That's the that's what most people don't realize. And I know when people make issues like, well, I don't have this. And if I had access to this, I get blaming, right, I get that, right. It's like, Well, nothing you can do. Yeah, like, finally, there's always some resource. Yeah, because even if it meant, like, I still always wonder I'm like, if I had to scrub toilets, because that's all I could find for work, I would do it in order to feed my family, like, every day when we started this company. I mean, I got two kids like this hustle, like, they got to eat, you know, like, they're gonna get bigger, and they eat more like they're, you know, they need to get it done. And so it's a cool motivational factor. But at the same time, it really allows me to put the focus on Well, what do I need to do to be more productive today to get more things done? Because then I get more things done, I figured out, my income goes up. That's that's the equation. It's not that I want more money, I get that I want more money. Give it to me, like I manifest. I feel like it's like, right. Well, after a while, that's not important. Right? Because the money comes in, because that's what you already manifest as you move on. Yes. And then you say like, Okay, cool. So now what?

Allison 37:43
We're talking about consciously picking areas of your life to focus on re habitual allies, and then move on?

Jon Mendoza 37:49
Yeah, because there's a stage because there's a stage to it. What people don't realize is that they look too narrow minded, right, it's 30 day challenges and shit like that? Well, it's bigger than that. The

Allison 37:58
point I'd like to inject to this is that when people go into trying to make change in their life, what they ultimately need is habit change, and I go on this pedestal all the time on this podcast. But the brain can only focus on so much at once, like the conscious brain that needs to be active and doing shit throughout the day for us, has a very limited bandwidth compared to the subconscious. So if we can train the subconscious to do the things we want it to do, we can focus the conscious mind on retraining other parts and those things

Unknown Speaker 38:29
is a constant

Allison 38:30
training. And so people who do like the 30 day challenges, they're starting to rewire the brain, but they still have those old habits of not working out, staying up too late eating junk food. And so if if their brain isn't fast enough at rewiring, so that at day 30, they have a new habit, which most people aren't that fast, then they'll revert because that's the easier pathway in the brain.

Eric Anderson 38:52
Well, of course, already, for 10 years. Oh, yeah.

Allison 38:54
And then they've gotten the dopamine hit is like I lost 10 pounds a month, I'm great. And they go back to doing their old shit. And

Unknown Speaker 39:00
they make gains.

Jon Mendoza 39:03
Because they know that that's what they expect that they know that that's what they know. That's what they actually crave. Hmm. Because if you go back to the original thing is like, do you predict what the future is really going to be? You say what I really want is I don't want to lose weight. I really don't want to get better because I'm not in that mental state. Not ready.

Lars King 39:19
Right? And it's about being honest with yourself when you're ready for and that's something I've been reflecting on a lot this year is like, we've made me think like someone's like, I'm ready to make a million dollars. It's like, are you really like is in your deep feelings? Are you truly ready? Like in your body to receive and own that level of well? Yeah, for most people who are like manifesting a million dollars, usually not when

Allison 39:42
they're making like 30

Lars King 39:43
Yeah, right. It's like, the lottery. The lottery just as an example. Yeah.

Or what? Yeah, even Yeah, exactly. So it's like, really being honest with what what you're ready for. Like, for me personally, I like I started, I'll share a poem on this podcast. You know, I was like, I was I was doing poems on it. Oh my god. Like, he's pumped, like, I can reach a million people with these poems. I was so excited. And I was like, You know what, like, I don't need to do that right now. Like, it'll happen organically. But like, I don't need to go for the million because, honestly, I don't feel like I want to be, like that massive viral guy right now. Right? You know, like, it will emerge as it emerges. But like, I'm just more honest with myself, like, you know, what, if I if my community can just receive my poetry, that's enough right now. And like, that was like a leap for me, because I'm like, oh, like I don't, I think in our culture, we do this thing, like, you got to be huge and big and important. And, you know, if you want to do online videos, you got to go viral. It's like, what about like, uplifting? Like, your neighbor? Yeah, right. It's like, start in your backyard. Start with you start with your, your family, your friends, like, you can change the life of your cousin. How about that, instead of like, a billion people, you know,

Allison 40:54
you'll reach a million a lot faster than I think because of the ripple effect. You affect five people, each of them affects five people with that same lesson, and it just goes out now. Now,

Unknown Speaker 41:03
is that much more intimate?

Jon Mendoza 41:05
Huh? Yeah. That's how I look at a garden, how to regenerate the earth. One garden starts in someone's backyard, and you feed someone or one of your neighbors. And then you say, hey, that neighbor, however there is apples, he'll go sell you like to trade? Yeah, trade, I'll mow your yard, give you some apples. And then as I hear you go, and essentially, you just keep regenerating, and it builds and it builds. So like long community garden, how many people can't feed? Right? There's a lot of upkeep to it, and a lot of involvement, but it's a community, right? So I look and say the biggest change that you could look at when it comes to almost the bleakest type of event in your life, right, whatever is going on mentally in your head that you're self creating for most of it. Because if you could get out of your own way, you'd be so much better in life. But whatever you're creating, you're literally just seeing like, Alright, well, if it's gonna be this way, I'll make the most of it. This is what I got to do. Alright, so I can either take a roll with the punches and adapt. Or I could sit here pondering what to do next. Right, a lot of times just say this act. And I know that it's kind of hard to think about, because obviously, there's chance, but it is just saying, I'm going to take that step. I'm going to do it, because I'm just gonna wonder what if, yeah, right. I just I don't want to I don't want to have what ifs in my life.

Allison 42:29
I think for most people, the fear of frying and failing outweighs the fear of having too many what ifs. Hmm.

Lars King 42:38
And the interesting thing about that is that I've had that and it's like, when I do the thing that I was scared of, I realized that Oh, my god, that was like, so effortless and no big deal. No, I made it into this break, right? Like monstrous events were like, oh, like, barely anything happened.

Allison 42:57
To chores to like, even like small mundane things, where you're just like, dreading at your closet. Yeah, dreading having to reorganize the closet and then ends up taking 20 minutes. Like, oh,

Lars King 43:08
it's like, it's like, on your to do list for like, you know, three weeks, right? And it's like, you keep carrying it over. It's like, there's just like, it just like takes one moment of like, it's time. Yeah. And then it just happens. I was like, Okay.

Jon Mendoza 43:20
Yeah, but you have to be motivated in order to do it like, so I was just thinking about this. I took Brain Candy again, Brain Candy sauce plug here. It's a

Unknown Speaker 43:35

Jon Mendoza 43:36
No, I'm not gonna say that's the case. It's, it makes you very, it makes you very happy. It's not that but that's hilarious. The Brain Candy is actually a nootropic, which you could refer to as other things to write. But essentially, it's some

Allison 43:48
clients have called it natural Adderall

Jon Mendoza 43:50
is a focused combination. Right. So you go back to ADHD. So let's go back to the idea that I can't do 20 things at once. Right, I need to focus on one thing. I say cool. If you just focus on that one thing, and you knock out that one thing, would it be that your life is better? Because then you can move on? I'll talk to bother now and he'll straight up be like, I'm sorry. I can't

Unknown Speaker 44:16
like good at that.

Jon Mendoza 44:18
I used to have a boss. Should you not this? What would happen? Log in his computer all the time. You'd have a conversation. Uh huh. Uh huh. Leave? Wait, what? Huh? What are we she's just talking about right. And you come back to Hey, we talked about this, like, I have no idea what you're talking about. So he repeatedly told his employees joke, say his name live.

When he said our live, you have his attention. So if

Allison 44:45
you're so if his name is Bob, it's like Bob

Jon Mendoza 44:47
live. And then all of a sudden you look at Lars live. He would move away from that he stops the computer and he gives you your attention. That's how his brain function. He would be the same guy that hires a driver. So he goes back home to Louisiana, so he can work the whole way while the driver drives. It makes sense. That's like 678 hours, right? There's I do, I could knock out a bunch of things. And I'm sure they're not talking.

Lars King 45:14
Like I imagined his

Allison 45:15
work on the airplane,

Jon Mendoza 45:16
right? Yeah. And so it's incredible. Because if I, like, take Brain Candy, I'm not getting a bunch of stuff, but then I go home and like, I'm gonna, like, clean. I'm gonna, like, cook, tend to the garden a little bit more. It's cool, right? Like, it's, I get why people like that feeling. Because most people are not running on that level.

Allison 45:39
So you feel like people get addicted to their antidepressants

Jon Mendoza 45:42
and their eight. Because imagine what you feel like if you have more serotonin, dopamine and yours running at that level. I mean, that's why people like MDMA. That's why people like that stuff. Because you imagine, the person who's most depressed, probably loves Molly

Eric Anderson 45:56
loves, I just I give them a reminder of the truth of

Jon Mendoza 45:59
what they could really experience, which is like infinite love. Bingo. So then you look at psychedelics, and there's a renaissance over it, because you have people who back in the 60s were like, wow, everyone should take this. Because then you experience what the meaning of life is, and the beauty behind it, and all you understand everything. And then we can be there every moment. And you can be there every moment. And you can it resonates afterwards. Yeah. Because you take those downloads, and then you say, I cool, like the next 4050 years of your life are gonna be just the most beautiful thing is guys, right?

Lars King 46:32
Yeah. It's a whole different life for someone if someone has that experience at age 18, or not. Yeah, it's a completely different trajectory.

Jon Mendoza 46:39
Yeah. And I think it's, I think it's cool. Because if you look at it from that perspective, go back to the medicinal side of it. If I come to you, and I say, I'm sad all the time, helped me. I say, cool. Well, tell me what, what makes you sad? Like, I'm just sad all the time. Okay, cool. If I'm a psychotherapist, I'm like, well, when you see the rain, I'm gonna try to train you to not think of sadness, think of something happy. I say Cool. Well, what if you work on our day, but you dropped some vitamins under your tongue that raise your serotonin and dopamine. So when you do get ready experienced that visual thought of rain being good, your serotonin, dopamine is a lot higher. So if you're running at that level, with that high, you're right on all cylinders, which means you're equipped to be able to do what receive the message, be happier, experience more, maybe interpret more, because I think of like, if I'm happy, I stop and smell the roses. And I appreciate the beauty behind this flower. That's there to give me oxygen in order to live. Yes. And then I see the bees come by, and the bee stops, and it pollinates. And I think life's about to be created. Like this is really cool. I'm experiencing this whole other world, that they don't even care what's going on with me like they did. I'm just watching their world, their universe, their tiny speck of the species, and I happen to be a cluster of other atoms right next to them. And I'd wonder, am I supposed to disrupt this? Right? Like, what's my interpretation of just the realms of others, right? He talks about the levels. We're trying to interpretate interpret ourselves, but our environment around us is always changing.

Lars King 48:25
And it's reflecting our own inner state as being

Jon Mendoza 48:27
like the sky. Yeah. The sky reflects the water. That's why it's blue. Right? So if you people buy mirrors and marketing, right, then essentially, we're looking at pain points all the way. You're sad, I got something for you here. How about this, try this, sign up for this new deal. Do this here.

Lars King 48:46
And that's the thing with our commodified, marketing culture is that it's kind of sad. Speaking of sadness, because the idea if you want to really help someone heal or sadness, people want to get all the quick fixes they want to get out of it. That's, that's the whole error. mindset. The idea is that you want to go deeply into your sadness, let it move through you. And then you're happy because that's your natural freakin state. Yeah.

Allison 49:10
conversation. I'm just gonna, that's the conversation Alex and I had like, pretty early on in our relationship, because I noticed, like, if he got upset about something, he didn't want to talk about it at all. And I'm like, to me, you don't need to give me any details. I don't care. But at least like tell me you're upset. And just let me be there for you. A lot of times, I'd be like, I think you're upset. He'd be like, Nope, I'm good.

Eric Anderson 49:31
Well, that's a denial but it's so common in our culture.

Allison 49:34
Yeah. And, and I'm not perfect. I cover my feelings a lot. Like I don't genuinely feel negative feelings most of the time, but if I do, it just kind of goes blank slate. Um, but it was just interesting because I'm talking with him. He was so like, into the law of attraction mindset at the time that he thought that when he had a negative feeling, if he kept feeling it, it would manifest more of that.

Lars King 50:00
So basically, that is a spiritual bypass.

Allison 50:03
Yes. And finally, I just was like, No, you need to feel it in order to let it go. Because otherwise it's just gonna hide a kid. I was like, I've gotten a lot better about not hiding my feelings. But in college, I used to have breakdowns and call my mom, you're so upset. And um, yeah, so I just, like shared that with him. And I know, he works with you sometimes. Um, which I want to talk about your coaching. Um, but yeah, he's worked on that a lot. I

Eric Anderson 50:27
may have seen a big show of big shifts. I felt it for him.

Allison 50:31
Yeah. But it is just interesting. How like, people have different interpretations of those things.

Lars King 50:35
Yeah. Well, we're not taught any of this stuff. So basically, there's a couple threads that I'm noticing in our conversation. One is that we're actually relearning what what is being fully human actually mean? Because we're not actually we're taught programmed out of being our natural humaneness. Right. So that's one thing where as I feel like as a community, we're all like asking the question, what does it mean to be a fully optimized, but also like, rounded and like, you know, authentic human? And we're also asking the question, how do we experience peak states and high elevation work, which is maybe going beyond the typical human realm, which is more transcendence? How do we integrate that into our day to day? Like, do you sense that our communities like asking those questions? Oh, for sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:21
Well, I also wanted different

Lars King 51:23
Yeah, exactly. However, on like, exploration, so we come together with our haters, what I found, this is what I found. And we're all like, melding our minds and like this, and oh,

Jon Mendoza 51:31
that's always that's all the I love. That's the synapses do because it needs to be written down. things I've learned through the ages is that writing is essential. calligraphy has long been lost. cursive is not being taught.

Allison 51:49
You can still learn calligraphy.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
That was when I know you can't I know. Yeah, I know you.

Jon Mendoza 51:56
I know you can. But it's not being taught. And it's not gonna be taught in public education, right? Because they're all given laptops, and iPads. And the incredible thing is you take that way, I sit there and wonder how does the brain there's naturally a design, I guess, to write and be creative is every time you write, you're being creative. The second you do one turn, with your mark. your brains already saying, alright, Where we going? And if you're losing that, how do you still continue it? If you say, Well, I'm going to teach them tech, I'm gonna teach them coding. That's another approach to you rewire the brain, and they grew up thinking now, this is how things are because back in the day, rotary phones and all that was a thing of the past cell phones all that and where's it gonna be chips? Do you planted? Hell? No.

Allison 52:43
Do you think with the with the, with the technology thing at least? Do you think the same brain patterns and creativity apply? When once a kid gets fast at typing? Do you think it translates?

Jon Mendoza 52:55
So I we had this talk about athletes, or athletes born? Or they developed both?

Allison 53:04
The nature versus nurture thing? It's both.

Jon Mendoza 53:06
So the My question is, how did it take you so far? Because let's say my aspirations are to be a collegiate baseball player, just so I got my school pay for. That's all I wanted, I could go to major leagues, and I could, you know, shoot for the big time, but I know the percentage is small. But imagine My dream is to play football, you tee. And I got to walk on and I, you know, I played there. And you know, maybe I gotta go to Jersey, I got to hang up. That's it. Right? Like, that would be it for me. Right? No aspirations Other than that, but see, even when players go to NFL, they retire at age like 2426. They're designed not to think after NFL. What's life, like for a retired NFL player at 2728 29? Who you are taught? You're gonna go out there, and you do this for me. And then when you're done, I'm gonna find someone else to do it to. And after they're done, I'm gonna find someone else to do it. Right.

Allison 54:05
It's just a weird assembly line. So you think it's turning kids more into assembly lines when they're learning creativity?

Jon Mendoza 54:11
All it is, is the No, I think what happens is that you don't have you have assembly lines, if you lose that creativity, because it's mundane and repetitive. It's neuroplasticity, you understand that? Because if I study the news, and I say I'm going to watch the same thing, they're going to repeat it four or five different ways on five different channels. My body says, okay, that's what it is. Now, I believe that because I saw it four or five times marketing works, because if I see it 20 times, I believe it. If I say it 20 times I believe it. If I write it out 20 times. Remember, you got in trouble. I'm gonna write it out. 100 times on the chalkboard, Bart Simpson style, right? You trained your brain, don't do it again. I had to write it out to train my brain. Don't do this again.

Lars King 54:54
Right. And we're always creating with

Jon Mendoza 54:56
our imagination, right? So then you say all right, the new transition might be let's to own up to it. Let's get the laptop and better yet let's just implanted in my arm. And I can just do kind of like

Allison 55:07
typing on your skin.

Jon Mendoza 55:09
Yeah, like what remember the Nintendo glove? Yeah, like that's that's how that was

Allison 55:15
Lars made a face when you said implant Are you well, okay.

Lars King 55:18
Well, you know Edward Snowden talked about he exposed all the CIA backdoors in every single device. Would you want to see a backdoor in a you device in your body that you can click? Oh, we you're a domestic threat. Delete. Now that's literally what would happen like no joke. Yeah, no, of course not. Right. I mean, come on.

Jon Mendoza 55:36
So I could say that. I can see where AI is probably going to be a very beneficial thing. But I still believe it was the creepiest looking feeling. Or this experience the feeling of watching Tony Robbins interview? Oh, Sophia.

Eric Anderson 55:53
Yeah. Met Sophia in the flesh. Oh, in the robot.

She's freaking awesome.

Allison 56:01
Hi. So is this the like first like thing?

Lars King 56:04
This is Watson's like, robot, right. It's a bit different. Saudi Arabia gave her citizenship.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
Yes, I heard I heard that. Yes.

Lars King 56:10
She's awesome. And basically like the people who programmed or like pretty conscious, and they like programmer to sit to like, plant like seeds, like, you know, drop. Yeah, well, they it's all at this point. It's not. It's not a full AI. They make it seem like that. But it really is still programmed response. They know what they're doing. Yeah, but but it's going to be pretty like iRobot Have you seen the movie? Well, yeah, yeah, it's gonna be more like that. But in a more benevolent way, that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to make it like, enlightened robot. Okay, so they're trying to like actually turn this

Allison 56:44
episode enlightened robot.

Lars King 56:46
Yeah. They're basically turning, turning that mass consciousness of robotics into the certain path that is beneficial for everyone. Because there are many timelines that you could go down and still be in or utopian. Yeah. And it all depends on what we believe it's going to be what we're what we're creating.

Allison 57:03
I'm glad that you hit on that, because I feel like the focus of this podcast has been something I've quite honestly hated since I've learned all of these things where like, everyone thinks I'm the creator of my universe, and therefore anything I manifest is what's going to happen to me. But there's a like, there is a cumulative conscious collective

movie. And because more of us gathered in one name causes more exponential resistance may have that anything. Whatever the name is, in Jesus's name, is it in new agriculture's name? Like, what is it, you know, you can literally gather and have no intention of anything. So I talked to someone who was very intuitive a few weeks ago about this, and he basically made the analogy. He's like you, Lars might believe with all your heart that you as a human being can fly. It'll step out there, you're gonna jump off the balcony and fly away, you know, it's gonna happen. It won't happen because the collective consciousness in the world is that humans don't fly

Lars King 58:05
unless someone is at a certain saint level, whatever you call it, where that actually 11 levitation level which has been documented, proven all this stuff. So that's it in the cities, they talk about the supernatural powers, which are possible for anyone as long as it's happening in. Yeah, but it's like it's like a really intense thing. You know,

I so bothers anyone who are espys I want to learn to levitate

Allison 58:29
Yeah, ball. Those main goal is levitation. Yeah.

Eric Anderson 58:31
So this year, well, that's pretty ambitious. Well,

Unknown Speaker 58:34
our collection might have changed a little bit.

Eric Anderson 58:36
Our collective is fully believing that he can do it right then that can that's the

Allison 58:40
thing he told both of us. And we were like, Well, yeah,

Lars King 58:43
like, because either you believe or you don't, right, like I believe,

Eric Anderson 58:46
well, it's like that Jesus parallel, right. It's like you can walk on water. Come on, come meet me on the water. Oh, you stop believing now you soak this, you know,

Allison 58:54
I didn't realize he was walking on water. And the nice thing is, he noticed he fell because he stopped believe Exactly,

Lars King 58:58
yeah. So as you're by your faith that shall be done to you, which means by your total belief, because there's belief, but then there's faith, which means the belief is like, okay, maybe there's evidence that will change my belief, but faith is like, no, this is happening, and there's no question about it. And the power of our faith is actually miraculous, literally. So if I have total faith that something's gonna happen, I've noticed just in my life, it's always happened every time. Yeah, that's why Jesus could heal people. Yeah. And we can all do that in our faith. Because remember, in the Bible, had not to get a Christian, you know, not identify with a religion, but like, he's a great teacher, and like, he healed all these people. And they were and they're like, Thank You, Jesus. He's like, your faith healed you. Yeah.

Allison 59:40
You believe that I would.

Lars King 59:43
Buy your faith, you're healed. And so he's just giving as a permission slip, basically, right? Like, oh, yeah, you really believed that I was going to heal you so you heal yourself. So there's all these miracle healings, you know, Christian Science, hear all these stories of spontaneous remission of cancer. Wait, the baseball sized tumor went away. In 30 seconds gone, what that's possible for anyone as long as we have that, basically a healer who's doing that to someone, they're holding them in it perfect healed state. They're seeing them totally healed. And basically, that person's subconscious, which is creating all their health issues anyway. agrees with that frequency of totally healed, and then bam, it's done on that subconscious quantum level, whatever you want to call it.

Jon Mendoza 1:00:27
That's cool. It's amazing. I am I know, I believe it law of attraction I read. I mean, I'll be honest, I read the secret. years ago broke supposed to keep a secret. I know. And let's first rule, I swear. And as it makes sense, like, I have to imagine that I'm going to do this. And two examples are a coach that hires a person to train their basketball team how to make free throws, visualize it going in, right, then on the opposite end, I've done this plenty of times. Imagine that you grab a glass of a liquid and you think it's milk. And you take a sip of it. Your brain, you already told your brain it's milk, but it's not. It's water. Imagine the shock that goes to your system for a split second, you're like, Whoa, that wasn't milk. You were preparing your body to already have that sensation go through you. So you already started producing signals and responsive and right. That's true, right? Which is incredible. So imagine you say that next time you say, How do I fix that? We just grab water. Got it? You look at it, right? Are you saying Okay, yeah, but it's incredible. Because whatever your body assumes it's just listening to what it's taking direction from you anyway.

Allison 1:01:37
I gotta say it assuming makes an ass out of you. And yeah,

Lars King 1:01:40
but but there's also like the assuming like the deep faith, which is like that is what creates it. And there is this thing that this crappy like $5 bottle of wine was presented at this wine show. As as one of the best lines in the world. And literally, the wine experts heated the wine, you're like, this is some of the best one we've ever tasted. We're gonna give it award medals, because they assumed it was the best wine but it was crap. Yes. Why did you get so it's just a belief.

Allison 1:02:09
Yeah, that's just like all those commercials for Burger King. They'll get like a gourmet burger and put it next to a Burger King burger. And people be like, this one's so good. And it's always the Burger King one cuz they think they're both more May,

Lars King 1:02:19
right? It's like, these are both gourmet. It's like what's going on? Now? Just tell me, let me tell you, this is what you're scared of the ones getting sick. But either one is it depends on what you're watching what you're listing what frequency you're at what frequency you're tapping into, because the conversations I have tap in and out of it. Because what I looked at is a month and a half ago, I went down the rabbit hole and looked at all this shipment.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
Rabbit Hole. Yeah, so the red pill. Oh, yeah. Wow. These came in

Lars King 1:02:48
it was it was like deep, deep bro.

Eric Anderson 1:02:53
Goes infinitely. So

Jon Mendoza 1:02:54
yes. And so I said, you know, what's crazy about it is I was not functioning well, when I was running and thinking of that. Yeah, frequency. Yeah. So I was like, I gotta pull up my frequency to not experience it. Because it's an inferior thought process here. It's fear. And it's like the most basic, basic, horrible frequency that you can experience in life is fear. And that's what I feel is like when you watch the news, because that's all the language is to what they're speaking,

Eric Anderson 1:03:26
isn't it? Well, how obvious is when it's like, oh, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, like,

Allison 1:03:30
well, I just moved out of my parents house last weekend. Whoa,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
that's big.

Allison 1:03:34
And I love living with them for a lot of things, things, especially just the quality time I get with them. And the one thing that drove me crazy was literally the family time every night was sitting in front of the new that's

Lars King 1:03:47
a generational like I think a lot of people in our parents generation are like it's almost like they're they're literally hypnotized by this like frequency I put on the back.

Jon Mendoza 1:03:57
So in in when I grad school, the cafe there was underneath one of the buildings where all the students would go to had Fox News running all day. So anytime you came in, it was just fox news all the time. Like why would you just have a news? all day? like yeah, change it to something else put on an animal planet or something like

Eric Anderson 1:04:14
right out loud? With the Netflix ocean stuff? Yeah.

Allison 1:04:17
Why it was just it was just so interesting, because I knew so much of what was happening. And like, and then they mostly watch CNN, but sometimes they would flip to Fox just to see like what was happening over there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
Either one,

Allison 1:04:30
either one. They're bad, but it's like it was also just so comical to me because anytime cnn was trash talking Trump, Fox was not talking about that issue at all. And then like, vice versa. It was like, it was just so obviously, it's my like beneficially fear base.

Lars King 1:04:48
Absolutely in both ways, right? It's like choose your own. Choose Your Own poison, basically. But like, even with this whole division stuff, I think it's important to talk about because there's our community who I feel like we're just generally not very ideological, right when we're just like open minded truth seekers, which is what I've been looking for my whole life to really be in a community of just like, expansion, right? Like, why are we trying to limit ourselves, but then in the collective, it's like, tribal, like, you're wrong. You're right. And then Trump is either like the devil or the Savior. It's like, Whoa, what's all this crazy? That's projection like people are like so sucked into like their reality tunnel. It's like, what about just like seeing people as the soul that they are? Yeah, I instead of label judgment label, it's like that is a terrible

Eric Anderson 1:05:32
brain terrible consciousness to live in. Yeah,

suck but look at it. Now. You basically just see someone's eyes. I don't know you if I'm just looking at the eyes a mask

right? I can see someone's holding their eyes.

Allison 1:05:44
That is good. It's true. The thing you I've actually learned how many people don't make eye contact because of this.

Eric Anderson 1:05:49
Oh, yeah. Because it because of that intimacy?

Allison 1:05:51
Well, no. Let me rephrase the masks have made me realize how many people don't make it disconnect. Because now like there's nothing else on their faces for me to look at. I typically go to the eyes first anyway, but you know, when you first

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
check out the booty right away.

Allison 1:06:08
Like, typically, like when you first see a face, you scan all of it really fast, right? Like you get like instantly. Yeah. And now that like, I know it's masked on the bottom half. You realize like how few people are willing to make eye contact? like they'll know you're there. But you know, like, maybe you accidentally crash carts, and they're like, Oh, sorry. They're still looking down. It's very interesting. That's that's about

Lars King 1:06:30
our conversation, which is about our society's been disconnected. That is not eye contact. Is it this connection? Yeah, that's the entry man. It's like, with these five minute man hugs, like, literally, you look at it as a as a symbol. It's like, oh, connection, like, we are like our tribe. But what we're doing what we're tapping into, we have a global tribe. And like, maybe we're 1% of humanity right now who's like kind of feeling this, but it's going to be 5%. It's going to be 10%. It's going to go exponential. And we're reversing the tide of disconnection, fear, like, like medicating. Like, it's like, let's just, let's just lay off that should go Yeah, and explore what's possible with like, love and vulnerability and intimacy. It's possible it is here. Really, it's just a choice.

Jon Mendoza 1:07:16
Yeah. I say, we're the 99%. I love that. So I always tell people where the power is in the consumer, you vote with your dollar, what you choose to put your energy towards, like you said, changes the world. You get a grassroots campaign with the community, and all of a sudden, anything's possible. Because I mean, what did someone say the world can change in a second? Because it did four months ago. Mm hmm. I mean, you'll never think of the world the same again. Because before that, it was pre C. Right? And now it's AC, right? So it's like, what does it look like back then that we can't do now? The symbol that you talked about was hugs. Imagine that somebody just stands in the mother road and they just hug in front of everyone. And everyone's like, Oh, my God, look what they're doing. What mommy Daddy, what are they doing? We're not used to that. What are people doing? That's called hugging.

Allison 1:08:14
Mike podcast co host said she's a she's a nurse. She said she thinks there's gonna be some people who never don't wear masks in public again. Never don't. Yes. No. Like, who will always wear masks

Eric Anderson 1:08:26
like wait for the next five decades,

Allison 1:08:28
like integrity? will rest of their lives

Eric Anderson 1:08:30
in Asia masks are actually more common for like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
as long

Eric Anderson 1:08:34
as it's not. It's not like just because of a virus. Yeah, yeah.

Allison 1:08:38
That was that was actually one of my favorite little like conspiracy spin offs was like, he has had it for years. They always wear masks.

Lars King 1:08:47
It's all there.

Eric Anderson 1:08:50
Yeah, that's that's so wild to even like, I can't even fathom that.

Lars King 1:08:55
Well, I, I believe it. I'm like, which movies are gonna be? Did we wind up as

Eric Anderson 1:08:59
well? It's gonna be different movies, because I feel like our tribe is gonna expand like exponentially, right? And then other tribes maybe go deeper into that later

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
I think,

Allison 1:09:12
well, Joe Rogan, but to quote Joe Rogan, he talks a lot about like the pendulum and things just like, right, swinging back and forth. And I feel like a year or two ago on his podcast, he thought it was like at the far end, and I think he was wrong. I think we're gonna swing even further or

Eric Anderson 1:09:28
a little bit like the distortion and all

Unknown Speaker 1:09:30
I think,

Eric Anderson 1:09:33
here's the thing. What if it's like pulling the ball back on an arrow? Oh, I think it is. Right. There's good, more amazing thing, even the more

Lars King 1:09:40
that's what, that's what, that's what our consciousness is really thinking.

Allison 1:09:43
I just feel like right now. We aren't as binary as we are want to get first,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
like, organize how organized

Allison 1:09:50
it needs to have a cleaner split. That's it.

Eric Anderson 1:09:53
Yeah. Because then people can actually make a choice like, oh, there's a an amazing community of like expansive beings. And then there's a Like a totally mind controlled Yeah, we'll just follow whatever they're told no matter what it is. And it's like, okay, you really get to make

Allison 1:10:07
something and something's gonna happen to like, swing it back. Well, it's just so weird and this is this has to Yeah, cuz you have to you have to find

Eric Anderson 1:10:17
it was always gonna be

Allison 1:10:19
homeostasis right. So it's like it's not gonna lie. We're

Unknown Speaker 1:10:22
all Yeah, well what is that homeostasis is wiping us out? No,

Allison 1:10:26
no, I don't I don't I think it's a human evolution. I don't think they're gonna get wiped out.

Eric Anderson 1:10:30
Yeah, because it's even like,

Allison 1:10:32
we might fuck up our resources and have to get creative, but

Eric Anderson 1:10:35
we're infinitely creative.

Lars King 1:10:38
dinosaurs were here for millions and millions in a ruled the earth.

Allison 1:10:44
Right and they got an asteroid. So like,

Lars King 1:10:46
that was it Get it? Right and the whole nother world change. Right humans came in Russia.

Allison 1:10:51
What if the humans were writing the asteroid?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
This guy told

Eric Anderson 1:10:56
me I say his name. panspermia, which is the idea that there's DNA in the universe that just like goes in, goes into different oceans and then starts to create life and

Lars King 1:11:06
create Well, that's what how it started begin with, like all the bacteria in the ocean, like where's the bacteria come from? Where the first day? So this this, this physicist said he's the kind of thing? Yes. So he said like if you put a penny on a balloon, and he bought the balloon that's like a symbol of basically how the universe is expanding. He's the type of guy said, well, who's blowing up the balloon? Was that mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
There's the universe bigger than our right. So

Lars King 1:11:28
that's how I've always looked at, right, and it's easy to look at Milky Way in the galaxy and just realize like, it doesn't like all this shit doesn't make sense. It doesn't mean anything.

Allison 1:11:36
Didn't I come in here, right after I found that, like, visual representation of the known universes.

Lars King 1:11:43
It's probably just like the little tiny speck right there. And it's just, I lost

Allison 1:11:46
my shit. Because it was one of the cuz I've seen a lot of those ones where it's like Earth compared to different planets, stars, you know, it kind of zooms out to the star level. But this one went like Earth solar system, galaxy. Galaxy, super clusters. So it's us in our like, four neighbors. And then it's like, local, like whatever the next grouping of that is, and then it had the observable universe, and you just realize, like, Oh, shit, there's universe. And then there's this giant thing. And then there's a super cluster. And then there's like, our little neighborhood. And then there's our galaxy. And then there's, like, we

Eric Anderson 1:12:17
keep zooming and expanding into your body. And we this is a massive super cluster compared to zoom in zoom in zoom in. It's just

Lars King 1:12:25
you our universe. Yeah, yes. The whole thing is like a collectiveness of superpowers that were, like, basically designed for your body to work this way. What I've said is, it's just a vessel, your energy, and my energy is gonna pass along some time in life, and we're gonna share wisdom and experience like right now, right now. And what's gonna happen is that our next slide, if we cross paths, again, there'll be that deja vu is like, I feel like I've met you before. Exactly. And they will be like, that's cool. We have stuff in common. I just don't put my hands on. It's like, American, I, my wife, I'm always thinking like, we were gonna meet in the next life.

Eric Anderson 1:12:59
You could actually arrange that if you want to. I believe it.

Lars King 1:13:03
Yeah, I completely believe it. Because it just makes sense that life just takes energy forms in many different ways. Right? Right. And if you believe reincarnation, so whatever, as a Catholic, we kind of did, but we didn't call it that. You just went in a spirit up to heaven. Right? And so I was like, Well, what is heaven? heaven on earth or whatever the idea just saying? Like, I think it's the freedom to be able to do whatever it is that you want to do. Yes. As as your own being as your own being. So if that's the case, then imagine this, I tell people who are down out with everything going on, what is it that you miss? What is it you can't do right now? Because Can you really do it? Yes, you can. So what are we worried about right now? This is the new norm. This is just how it is now. So what is it to just be in the new norm? Who are you now you can be anyone you can change but someone changed positions and work now. It catapulted them into getting that new like startup business. Maybe got ominous go this way. 2008 Venmo, Slack, Airbnb all came out of it. So when you pull the arrow back, what I look and see like okay, what am I friends doing, that they're creating? And what you said was is right, it's not organized. Because there has to be an option. It's like, if you're an American, you say, how do you think you think republican democrat or nothing? What about the independent you're throwing your vote away? Right? It's like Yeah, but why? Why does it have to be that what if I don't agree with the whole system right?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31

Allison 1:14:32
Yeah. What if I would if I don't understand why that has to be the only way coming back to my thing to that's one of the ways that I just feel less becoming more binary is like, this will be the second election I've been able to vote in like I barely missed. That's crazy to think about barely. I barely missed the second Obama turned by two months, two months after. Um, so for me voting for President. Last last time, it felt just the same I was voting for I was voting. For I was voting against Trump and not for the person I wrote

Eric Anderson 1:15:05
it well lesser two evils which means you're still voting for evil. Yeah, we're just like doesn't feel good.

Lars King 1:15:11
That's why I was saying there's no other option if they're saying if it is linear then that is it's really

Eric Anderson 1:15:15
up to the other options. Kanye West.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18

Lars King 1:15:21
to get your votes right, but I I say like this is what we're trained to think like because of duality. Yes. Is that it's really a Simpsons did right there was a Halloween episode it was during Donald Clinton.

Eric Anderson 1:15:33
You know, Simpsons predicted Trump is president.

Lars King 1:15:36
Of course it is. Oh, yeah, I know that the Simpsons did it just

Eric Anderson 1:15:38
like tapping you know, the future thing I bet they were tapping into that like the writers Oh,

Lars King 1:15:43
that's the brilliant minds behind it because I was like, I'm a Simpsons fan. I'm a fanatic about it right so imagine you're sitting there with like Conan O'Brien and you got his staff of people just dictating what Bart Simpson's like his prime years and homers developing homers character all this shit they're just sitting there thinking like so what do we do with this asshole? Like he's a jerk he's an idiot. But he had he symbolizes the basically the common denominator of America. I loved it because everything is so true. It's a reflection of exactly what goes on in Italia about comedians being truth teller. So all that right there is imagine they're just sitting there saying this is how we view the world. any topic that comes on there like regarding a guy, and the guy who's carrying it over now is still happening. Yeah, Baba. Dirk, the guy for Mr. Show and Bob and he's been the guy he was a Call Saul and Breaking Bad you saw that guy took over he's the he's the producer now so imagine you have that kind of approach you carry on the tradition How long is Simpsons gonna go on until it's not profitable more but guess who just bought it?

I think Disney Disney

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
Oh disease behind it so

Lars King 1:16:56
yeah, so Disney plus like what a Simpsons look like on Disney and it's interesting because I love masterclass Alright, everyone wants to be masterclass cuz I love masterclass. Bobby Eggers on there is the CEO of Disney, and he's talking about their takeover with Marvel. They bought Marvel. So imagine as fanatic. You're like, I don't want him to just ruin all my favorite comics. I don't want him to Disney up my Marvel because what does that mean? They can't do this, they can't do that. It was like, I don't think we need to do that. I think you need to stay in your lane, you do what you do. And we support you doing it. So the idea goes back to everything. I don't care about your philosophy, your opinion, whatever is when it comes to this, I just respect the hell that you say in it.

Allison 1:17:38
Hmm. So you're saying more entities that are doing more entities that are doing different but all beneficial things should be able to acknowledge each other more rather than try to engulf one another

Eric Anderson 1:17:50
or like fight or just like? Yeah, like like being respectful being basics, right? You

Lars King 1:17:57
exist. If that's the that's the mentality is like, we all deserve to have a scene. what's incredible about it is that you talk about traditions. 60 years ago, black people couldn't vote. They couldn't walk into a restaurant, they couldn't go into somewhere and just say like, Hey, I deserve to be like, treated and if I don't get treated right now, like I'm gonna just raise hell and knock over some glasses. That shit would not fly in Alabama. Yeah, okay. john lewis, guys, bass has head bashed in every single weekend marching and peaceful protest. So jackasses could go vote. Wow. Right. And the thing is, you still believe in the power of voting, because it is your chance to say something for whatever it is, I don't know what the election results are going to be absentee mail and whatever. We still have this glimmer of hope to say you have an opportunity to say something because other places in the world don't have that opportunity to say it. And what I've looked at this entire time is that that is slowly getting removed. In a country that's dead for the idea that you question everything you question everything because it's your God given right as an American to question and I'm selfish because I'm an American. Right? But why can't you simply just say like, well, I don't know, man, I don't see it that way. And it's okay.

Allison 1:19:11
It's starting to get better. Yeah,

Eric Anderson 1:19:13
right. Starting to get better.

Allison 1:19:15
in some circles, that's the binary thing, right?

Lars King 1:19:18
We lift it up. That's it, is it? We have to raise everyone's vibration, then we're gonna do it.

Eric Anderson 1:19:22
I read this thing today is is so fitting, it's like someone's criticism of someone else that is not in the context of a caring relationship is completely irrelevant. Yeah. Tom, does that resonate? like yeah, cuz it's like, you see all these people criticizing each other online. It's like, okay, what's the point? What's the point? Is it like, I love you. I want to I desire to help you see this differently. So you can truly expand and experience love at a deeper level or experience your own truth of who you are, or is it you're wrong, because that never helps anything. It just creates a wall Chris defensiveness,

Allison 1:19:58
this is a point that I'm made, especially when the Black Lives Matter stuff kicked up again. And I have a lot of front, most of my Facebook friends were on like the team Black Lives Matter or just not saying anything. But it was interesting because some of those people who were being the loudest posting about that cause had a bunch of racist friends. And it was interesting, because the racist friends would go in and leave these awful comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
I didn't even see any of that. And

Allison 1:20:26
the people who had made the original posts would go in and block all of those people. And I talked to one of them. And I was like, well, you clearly you were Facebook friends with this person, you had a relationship at some point, or maybe not. But most of the time, it was like, Oh, yeah, there's people from my hometown, they suck. They're racist, I don't need them in my life block. And I said, Well, that doesn't make sense to me. Because why would you have posted that if you didn't want to change someone's mind? If you want to show someone your side of things, you need to have a conversation with them, and you just lost your opportunity to talk to them by blocking them.

Lars King 1:21:02
That's what I'm saying. That's the

Eric Anderson 1:21:03
generations posing your messages to them. It's like, instead of Block Block, block by block, you

Lars King 1:21:09
should it's like discussion. Let's discuss Yeah, discuss

Allison 1:21:12
those, take those angry comments as a chance to dm the person and say, like, Hey, I saw your comment, I hope I didn't like trigger something bad for you. I'd love to hear your side and why you feel this way?

Eric Anderson 1:21:22
If they feel like they have the energy to do that. Totally.

Lars King 1:21:25
Yeah. But they don't have that right now. What you have is you have trolls, you have people who basically can throw anything out there and hide behind it. And you don't know what's true or not, what's fake news was not was taken down. Because there's a government agency at hand. The incredible thing was, does an interview with one of the people who's heavily involved in what's going on with everything right now. And his approach was like, I remember talking to the people at this social media platform, about why do you keep misinformation videos out there so long, you should take them down quicker. Like you shouldn't do that. Because it's just spreading lies. And I said, Okay, that's what happens is that you have platforms right now in America, where there's a standard is a two party system right now most, and they're just saying, this is where I get my platform from my voice. This is the platform for today's Voice of America to say, here's my thoughts. And right now, I don't like the conversation at all. I don't even log in too good to hear the conversation, because that is not my voice. But yet right now, that is what you should be doing. That's what think is that's how you voice your opinion. We live in Austin, where the capitals down the street. So there's tons of protests all the time. But imagine now, the City Council decided that they're going to defund the police force. I have a small business owner, who's going to protect the small business isn't gonna be the militia that moves into town? Nope. It's not their one job for the police is protect local. I know it is. And you could say what you want. It's a messed up situation. I'm just saying is, is that opening up something else?

Eric Anderson 1:23:04
Right. It's like, it's a really deep conversation, actually. And I really appreciate this because it's like, I see it, like this whole defund the police movement. It comes from a place of, it's almost like aspirational, like, we want to be at a place where we don't actually need police because we are at a level of collective consciousness where no one's gonna fuck with your stuff. But we happen not to be there yet. It's kind of like government. Yeah, once we all are truly self governing sovereign beings. We don't need a government will sort stuff out with ourselves. But because there's so many people that are in a very low consciousness, there seems to be a need for government right now. So it's kind of same thing with police. What but like, the idea is that the energy behind the fund the police is like, let's transcend the need for Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:47
yeah, let's remove it, but

Unknown Speaker 1:23:49
we're not there.

Eric Anderson 1:23:50
But the need is still there, because people will still be in a frequency where they're gonna come in and mess with people's business. Again, rolling

Allison 1:23:56
back red point that I just think we're gonna find a happy middle for things eventually. And,

Eric Anderson 1:24:00
and then, as it gradually evolved to a place where everyone is taken care of to a level where no one's gonna want to mess with your business,

Lars King 1:24:07
I get that. But you could say like, Well, that was the idealistic society that we tried to create here. And I say, okay, that's cool. Um, the truth is, is that the people who funded and started everything, they got land, they had this they created this, they thought man was created equal kind of all this mentality, things have changed throughout the years, because we know man isn't created equal. If you're born in a certain place, you think a certain way you're given a certain thing, you have certain different outcomes, or at least possibilities to have I found me But yeah, yeah. So so I get that. Yeah, well, but what I feel is almost interesting at this time of need, like you say, all right, well, my needs are different than someone else on the other side of the world, even though for the first time ever, we're going through the same situation. Right? So when I'm affected through that, it's not just like is this affecting a local level is like this might be the same mentality changed the whole way. neuroplasticity amongst the world's thinking, which is incredible, because education is the way you do that education is getting eliminated right now. So if I educate you to say, Hey, this is how it used to be, this is how it could possibly be, at least you know, it will influence the decisions you make in life going from there, and how you decide to dictate. So the evolution is fast Bingo. So if you say, okay, today's society and 2020 decided that this was the right idea to define the police, right? If that was what that city things, let's revisit that. And 2030 is revisit in 2014. Because just like in business, and just in life, you get erasers. But a lot of times you write in pin. So if that's the case, you just have to be careful that if you're going to change that you have to have a game plan with the most of any action right now is based off emotion. And that's what you're bringing, and that's the problem. You don't make business decisions off emotions. I hate to say it that way, right?

Eric Anderson 1:25:56
Well, yeah, I mean, it depends, right? It all depends. Because you can make a business out of a deep emotion of love and faith, and it will work. It will work. If you if you have read not talking about you have that faith that it's gonna work. And it does.

Lars King 1:26:11
I get that. Yeah, but here's the thing as well. Left, right brain. Right. I said, All right, cool. Let me take emotions out of it. Let me just look at the numbers. I look at right now. Science Guy, tell me what the numbers are telling me right now what's going on in the world?

Eric Anderson 1:26:26
I gotta be integration, right? And it hasn't been built by the numbers. And it makes sense on paper.

Lars King 1:26:31
I could say it's this and it's this. And then the other channel says it's this right? Because I can change anything just like Aaron. I could say, hey, skies, blue. No, it's not. It's just the water. Man. The waters blue is not the sky. The water is the both point. It's like you're you're both right.

Eric Anderson 1:26:46
Both right. That's the integral. Yeah. And you know her I don't know if your integral philosophy, but the idea is that everyone has a partial truth. This is so needed for our world to understand right now. Can people still I'm right, you're wrong. I mean, that is so basic. That's like a child's thinking. But humanity is still in that. It's like, what's my partial truth? What's your partial truth? What's your piece of the puzzle that comes together? Oh, now we can see the bigger picture. Instead of like me, you right? Wrong. Yes.

Allison 1:27:15
told the story on the podcast before but I got an acting degree. And first day of acting one freshman year, a professor says, You've been counted as Adolf Hitler. You don't believe you're evil. Your mission is sacred. How do you play this part? And all of us were just silent. We're like, What are you talking about? And then he went into this lesson about no villain has ever known themselves to be the villain. Sure. People act out of what they believe is right. And they act out of what they believe is necessity. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:47
that's exactly what's going on right now. Right road

Eric Anderson 1:27:48
to hell is paved with good intentions. Yes.

Allison 1:27:50
And so few people are willing to say, well, like what if I was playing that character's part right now? What

Unknown Speaker 1:27:56
would I their shoes

Lars King 1:27:57
in? What would I do? You wouldn't know any different?

Eric Anderson 1:28:00
You do the same today? You were that you wouldn't be that good?

Lars King 1:28:03
Yeah. So. So it's like this. What I don't really watch a lot of TV, but I love just as just the Simpsons, and then this show called umbrella Academy. And it's on Netflix. And it talks about going back to 63 and stopping the JFK assassination.

Allison 1:28:21
And like, what would have happened? Well,

Eric Anderson 1:28:22
what was kind of like, oh, man in the high castle, like if the Nazis one?

Lars King 1:28:26
Yeah, something like that. Like what would because it's a time ripple. Right? Right. It's like Simpsons did it right? Sin, Homer back in time. He's back in the prehistoric era. Don't step on anything, don't happen in any kills a buck goes back to the future. Again, what happens next? Everything's changed.

Eric Anderson 1:28:42
Because that's true. Yeah, this conversation could affect people in the year 2300. In fact, it is actually because it

Lars King 1:28:48
is listening. I'm talking to you right now.

Eric Anderson 1:28:50
Right. Something is shifting at some level. Yeah. And that is going to impact all their relationships, their children, like they can micro ways, but maybe it becomes something huge, right?

Lars King 1:29:03
education, is education and predict. I love it, because it's it's something that passed along. I read Dale Carnegie. My mother in law gave me her father's Dale Carnegie book. And it's crisp, and it's a very nice paperback. And as a picture of it, it's from it's old.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:21
I love Carnegie.

Lars King 1:29:22
And I love him to his Oh, gee, he's Oh, gee, and if you read it, it still resonates to this day. Oh, it's timeless saying it's timeless. Be timeless principles. But the same thing is in business and personal I'd be timeless. How do you become recession proof? you adapt and you say I weather the storm but I predicted if I predicted right I'm I guess right? Time will tell the geniuses. They're considered genius as always nuts until they're proven right? And then you're considered Wow, let's you won this and you won this and celebrated. And so if you look at what we're doing now Kaepernick is a perfect example where he was doing was completely different than any of his colleagues were willing to do. He took a sacrifice, for whatever reason. And he got blackballed. He got kicked out of his fucking league. But now we'll look what happened to the movement. MLK was peaceful. Malcolm X was as well. Cesar Chavez started a whole revolution by just telling all his people don't eat grapes. Oh, I didn't know that. That was the movements a big one. Don't eat grapes. And he saw what we can do is migrant workers can get a fair pay. Let's boycott let's do this

Eric Anderson 1:30:34
kind of like Gandhi would he wanted to start creating the spinning wheels in the looms, like in India, instead of importing all of it to be more self sufficient, it's fasting.

Lars King 1:30:43
It's siddartha. Right? It's Jesus, running to death before I'm going to sacrifice and fast and understand that way. I'm better in the end. Right? What's a peaceful movement, if I tell you as john lewis, I come to you in the 60s, as a white guy is a black guy, brown guy, whatever. So you're in March with me, you're gonna get bashed in the head. But I guarantee you in the history books, you will be looked fondly upon. There'll be buildings named after you in schools named after you. And kids will name their kids after you. But you have to do this. Because it's right. How many times have that story been told? Right? And so at some degree, there is a sacrifice for everything right in life. The truth is, is like are you willing to pay the price because the end result is worth it? People Napoleon said it's worth it. It's worth it's a good point. Right? We should leaney huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38
Yeah, good or bad, good. stolen, they decided it was I mean,

Eric Anderson 1:31:42
even putting labels like good and bad rights. Oh, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:45
Right. Right. Right. Right.

Eric Anderson 1:31:46
But it's good to know it's good. It's like it is the thinking that is just ingrained in our language. And it's in our subconscious. Like, we're talking about language, like, I do it too. I catch myself. I'm like, Oh, right. And then and then one of my one of my coaches is like, oh, you're in right and wrong. Yeah, right and wrong is actually not true, right? It's just a program. Right? It's like, it's so deeply ingrained, good, bad, right, wrong. And that is the duality that we're talking about. Because that's what it's literally, like, plugged into our brains growing up from every single source. So to honestly see someone like Mussolini, and not go evil, that wrong, and just be like, okay, like, I can just look at what that was, and feel that what that was and not actually put down on it. Would you learn from?

Allison 1:32:33
there's always things you can learn

Eric Anderson 1:32:34
there. Yeah. And it's like, one thing I learned is the power of a very intensely focused small group of people. Do you know how many of his black shirts or whatever, clearly, they just took over one day, there was a bunch of people who got together in his little movement, and they just freakin marched in the government. And they were like, we're in charge now. And they're violent, but like, you know, not that many people. Yeah. That, like, that's a lesson actually. Oh, wow, the power of a directed group of people. So what if

Unknown Speaker 1:33:05
all your shit together?

Eric Anderson 1:33:07
gets that focused on a goal? Like all of our resources,

Lars King 1:33:11
collective energy, right? It's so powerful. So the movement starts with more of basically saying, I'm going to explain this to you. Yes. Do you understand it? Because you tell your buddy, how do you convince your buddy to get on board? You explain it in a way that I understand it? I mean, I know you buy in and you buy into it. Because the idea is saying let me share a vision with you. Let me share an elevator pitch. Let me tell you my story. why I did this, why I created this. Why basically work every single day, because there's reason you have a goal, regardless of whether you have a goal or not. You go every day to work with a goal. Either you're trying to pay your bills, or you're trying to change the world. That's how most people look at their job. Right? Whatever your world is. It's that school district, that school, that hospital, that community, whatever it is, right, but it's influencing with that ripple effect. One wind is all it takes. That's why people get in arguments, because like, if I just change your mind, you're going to think that I'm right. And that's going to give me what it's a huge ego boost. Bingo. Because that's all it is. At the end of day, the people who see past that who tried to manipulate the system say, Well, here's the thing, how would that benefit me? If I go help you out? If we go rob this bank together, you give me a profit of it. We saw what happened in Batman Joker kills everyone, right? Stupid. You can't be trust because you don't understand what's going through the other person's mindset. It's very hard to connect with individuals who share your point of views. That's why there's a disconnect with so many people right now. There's so many frequencies and ideas right and back and forth, that people are so confused because they don't know the truth. That's how you basically wipe the slate clean.

Eric Anderson 1:34:51
Well, and then there's also the idea that all truths are true. It just depends

Lars King 1:34:54
on what you bingo, right? That's all it is. It's but it's always been that way, right? It's always like No,

Eric Anderson 1:35:00
we're saying it's like an infinite. But now you

Lars King 1:35:02
have to pick but now you know it's in your face now every day now you have to pick who side

Eric Anderson 1:35:07
what do you choose? You don't actually have to pick a side. That's the false choices you pick aside because the deeper levels like okay, well, partial truth Yeah. Which is something something.

Lars King 1:35:17
There is no choice. There's no spoon. Oh, this right

Unknown Speaker 1:35:26
over here.

Allison 1:35:30
You can follow him at V Lars King on Instagram. What's your website Moschino cars king.com. Thank you.

"Right and wrong is actually not true. It's so deeply ingrained: good, bad, right, wrong; And that's the duality we're talking about.” 

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