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Braydon Alley is a personal trainer + mindset coach based in Austin, Texas. He shares his story of how he got into the health space and our friend from downstairs, Jenna Vanderpool, joined as guest cohost!

“I think something that’s powerful is, you know, keeping the promises to ourselves. I think over time that allows us to gain more credibility and overall love for us.” 


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"If you're in that dark place and you're doing nothing about it besides is thinking about it, it's not going to change. It's simple as that."


Baldo 0:00
Alright guys, welcome to the How Do You Health podcast. It's Friday the 21st of August. It's our favorite time slot of the week 9am. We are going to be talking with Braden. He's a health and wellness enthusiast. Good friend of ours now. I mean, I think we met each other

Braydon Alley 0:17
a month hasn't been maybe a month and a half Max, but it's

Jon Mendoza 0:22
it hasn't been that long longer than that.

Baldo 0:24
Well, you came into a luncheon Yeah.

Braydon Alley 0:27
I never went to lunch learn man. Now. Yeah, I always have to work.

Baldo 0:30
Or maybe it's because we followed each other. Before we actually

Braydon Alley 0:33
was just like we've bonded so well. As long as

Baldo 0:37
that's very true. But we connected really quickly on all things from meditation to microdosing to stretching into yoga to like, I mean, he's a personal trainer. But we're going to talk to him we got Jenna here. She's visiting from downstairs as well to the place of Alison and then we got nurse dose and I'm textmate zeal you so let's get the party started.

Jon Mendoza 0:58
You're talking about what Level consciousness earlier.

Baldo 1:01
Well, we're gonna be this episode's gonna be about mental health in general, but yes level costs.

Jon Mendoza 1:05
Okay. Let's get, let's get into mental wellness, we talk level consciousness, it'll come. Right so why your journey into health and wellness with the mental wellness is like a big part of it.

Braydon Alley 1:16
Yeah, um, well first I want to give some kind of context of like, where I came from originally. Yeah. So I'm originally from Indiana. I've been here for three years, and it's been an amazing three years, you know, ups and downs like everything. But I definitely I came from a pretty dark place, you know, moving here, just kind of kind of running away from some things. Yeah. And just, uh, we don't need to dive into, you know, where my head was. It's more of that kind of process of how I got out of it. Yeah. You know, I was graduated from college, you know, I was living at home working in manual labor job, you know, and, you know, seeing my friends, you know, they seemed like they were killing the game, right. They were they were living in different cities or making more money than me. They're obviously on their own, you know, and I'm having this perplex of you know, what am I doing? You know, and me internally, you know, something I truly, you know, believe in is, you know, my capabilities I know that I'm and this is a come from a level of cockiness but more that I know I'm capable of greatness and I believe you know everyone's capable of greatness but here I am, you know living at home not doing anything you know about my life. So, of course all these negative emotions and negative thoughts start flooding my system, you know, thoughts of suicide thoughts of, you know, really just not wanting to be here anymore. You know, and just to give you an example, I will literally be driving down the highway and just be thinking of ways that, you know, for me to basically finish my life, like I can just

Baldo 2:45
turn the wheel real quick.

Braydon Alley 2:46
Yeah, man, if I turn the wheel like boom, hit the medium, you know, it looks like an accident. You know, and

Baldo 2:52
because it's almost like you also feel guilty.

Braydon Alley 2:54
I feel super guilty. You know, not just for my own expectations, but my family. You know, I in comes like, also start comparing my depression like, I had a great family super supportive, you know, I don't have a bad I don't know any trauma, what's wrong with me and then I like the primal man and me like, Yo suck it up like this step up to the plate but like, I couldn't change the fact of where it was, I mean I can, like in terms of like where my headspace was, yeah. So So, you know, the first step for me was, you know, changing, you know, we just talked about disrupt before is my thinking, yeah, you know, so I tried to like, look for resources of positive energy, you know, from et the hip hop creature, you know, he's big on you know, where your focus goes, your energy flows, you know, and I wanted to be a frickin lion so here you know, he's pumping me up gassing me up. You know, Dr. Daniel, amen. And like, you know, eliminating ants, you know, automatic negative emotions, he's a big neurologists. And just I was just trying to change the information I was consuming because what I was consuming at that point was TV shows and food and nothing that in which was, you know, enhance earnings. was making my sleep even worse. So it was just falling down a bad road and I had to find something to pick me up. And it was just the information I was consuming, you know, and then from there, I started working out again, started eating right, you know, and now my energy starting to get better. And then next step, ooh. And I found a new passion, you know, because at that time I was lost like I graduated the criminal justice major. I was I wanted to be an FBI agent. I was working in a prison at a time my next step was being a police officer and then fallen and there's just a negative environment and the reason I got there is because I didn't I didn't know what I wanted in life, you know, and I was lost and again you know, that's what all these emotions so from Indiana

Baldo 4:45
to here to Austin Yep. Nice okay.

Braydon Alley 4:48
Yep. But at that I had you know, quit you know that field and I got into health and fitness got my training, sir. And then jumped here. But the point of you know, all A lot of this is, you know, is changing the information you consume, you know, the media, the news out there, it's it's very negative, it's a very negative outlook. And your brain is constantly, you know, it's collecting data, you know, and you may not think it or not, but it's constantly influencing the way you think.

Baldo 5:18
Well, it has to be that way, because that's the way that they, you know, if any TV program is going to make money is from sponsors, right? And the only way you're going to be sponsors, if your eye is watching that thing, and the only way you're going to like, actually stay home and watch that thing is if you're, if you have fear, right? Because if you're happy, then it's like, sweet, I have freedom. I can go do anything, which means I'm not watching the TV, which means that the sponsors don't get their money's worth. Absolutely. It's it has to be fear based, which sucks, right? Because like, people come in all the time, and they're like, oh, did you hear about this is like, what? No, you can tell me about it because I don't stop like I'm 100% not even watching it. Like I'm not paying attention to I figure if it's boring enough. I'll hear about it. I feel the same way, which is really all I really need to hear about it well, and

Braydon Alley 6:03
I'll hear the argument of like, you're uninformed. No, I'm informed on the things that I value. And and you could argue, yeah, maybe there's some things I should know more about, okay? And that's why, you know, I have you to teach me years, you know, things of that nature.

Jon Mendoza 6:17
I'm not necessarily being uninformed. Because nowadays, you have so many channels to get your information from that, like your news is different than my news. Like, the truth is, social media can be news, social media can be news, but then a word of mouth can be news, like my friend can tell me and like,

Baldo 6:34
you don't get to hear it. 20 times like one says, like informative, you know,

Jon Mendoza 6:38
well, if I hear one person in particular, say something, then I'm like, Alright, cool. I'm tending to believe this person, because like, you know, why would this person just come here and go out of their way to tell me this information? Right, so it kind of spills over. It's like what you talked about before, you know, when you have a negative outlook on life, you're what you probably figured out now is that you don't Like that, that depression, whatever you want to call it. I don't like that term, but whatever the mood disorder or whatever it is like, it may or may not go away. Yeah, right. I won't

Braydon Alley 7:11
write that action once it gets a sense having the tools to be able to get out of that.

Jon Mendoza 7:15
Right. And I think

Baldo 7:16
it's symptomatic. I think it's a symptom that you can either let carry more because like I used to, I used to battle depression pretty heavily like, and I and I talked very loud about it, when once I figured out that there was a thing that I needed to deal with. I was like, well, the boy can do it. It is by putting it out there because that's, that's, that's the easiest, but like, I remember, like, being in a depressed state. And see, that's the part where I don't know everybody gets it, right, because some people will just like, Oh, I'm depressed as they go. You. I don't know. It's not the same because when I've experienced depression, and this

Braydon Alley 7:48
is probably a carb overload,

Baldo 7:50
but it's like, correct, right? It's like, no, this is like you're feeling bad. You want to kill yourself and you want to make you want that feeling to get worse. Because that almost feels better. Yeah. And that that I don't. Because once you're out of it, you're just like, what the fuck was that

Braydon Alley 8:05
we punish ourselves for Yeah, for whatever reason, self sabotage, you know, it's very, very common.

Jenna 8:11
I think people like to be comfortable in suffering, they get used to it. So that was conditioning. Yeah. So having, you know, the will to say I need to make change that makes people uncomfortable. So, you know what I mean? So it's not until they're like, I'm realizing I'm comfortable in this pain, and there's something that I need to do to create action. I think

Braydon Alley 8:31
that comes back to this feeling of loss and not having purpose or a passion. You know, that's why I was kind of going next with the you know, the training because it changed my complete outlook. And I'm like, boom, I this is impacting the way I'm thinking and the way I'm feeling every day. This isn't me the same thing for everyone has to be this way it is.

Baldo 8:48
Yeah, we're all this it could it's still chemical reaction, right? You can get addicted to any chemical. Absolutely. Which that the thing about depression is that it's easy to dislike law and not like if you're not doing anything, it's easy. They're like, Oh, that's an easy thing to access. That's an easy chemical to access by not doing anything.

Jon Mendoza 9:05
Yeah. But isn't it easy emotion to easily access because if you talk about neuroplasticity and train your brain, essentially, it's a routine, right? So it's like I used to this type of feeling all the time. And what you've experienced is like, I know, you could talk like, there's less depth, right? But like, it's more of, I'm just used to this. So like my daily routine, I function this way. So that's what my body is accustomed to. Right? Imagine when somebody does a detox and you do like a change, right? Like, what was the last time what was the process that you had to do to actually go through to like realize like, oh, wow, like there's a positive aspect on life now like, I'm getting more out of this. I'm enjoying this more like, What What was that? Was that timeframe? Right? Like when you actually transformed into the health and wellness section and realize, Oh, shit, things can get better.

Braydon Alley 9:54
Yeah, I mean, I feel like it happened quick. Because I mean, we're brain it picks up things fast. We're really fast learners. And we know if you do something consistently, like even for a week, you'll be amazed at how that your different outlook and even like just a nutrition plan for a week, you'll be amazed on how well you feel. But most people came and get PIP that far along because their conditioning is so a part of them that they can't get past you know that that late night snack or that you know, staying up too late watching the TV show type thing. So it's just like a revolving door, right? And they have a progress for a couple, two to three days. And then they go backwards again, but for me, I felt like it. And I'm still not like 100% where I want to be so like there's but it's I think it's back to like having the tools to know how to get yourself up.

Jon Mendoza 10:39
Yeah. So what was the change? Like what what took it like was the final like straw?

Braydon Alley 10:44
Well, I don't think there's a final straw, you know, or rock bottom? Yeah, yeah. The realization that I'm sleeping at my parents house and doing a manual labor job when I have way more expectations for myself and you know, I can't give you a single moment. You know, maybe it was at the hip hop preacher, man. I don't know. I don't know for sure. It was just more just the overall realization that I can be better. Yeah, you know, and then I just went so that

Baldo 11:13
was the whole idea, right? Like, you can't really appreciate the light until you've until the darkness Absolutely.

Braydon Alley 11:18
Yeah, I believe everyone has to hit rock bottom. It's unfortunate but I think someone to have perspective of what it feels like but also to you know, understand, you know, what's going to happen like you don't want to go back there again to give you

Baldo 11:33
That's like my big question like Shane's the last person I asked him because he also does performance like coaching and I was like, how do you get someone to have like a big growth in life without having to experience hardship like a hardship you know, like how do you how do you create that right like how do you because then you printed talked about Jordan the other day, right is like how did like did he have to have like, did he break all his legs one day, he's like, I'm never I'm down to gonna be the best? Because I never want to like I don't know, like, that's I'm saying like, how does, I'm sure it can happen. Right? I think that whenever we talked about micro doses and all that there's neuroplasticity, that could probably happen without you having to experience something completely negative in order to want to function at a different level.

Jon Mendoza 12:17
Well, every everyone has a motivational factor, right? Like, it's kind of weird in sciences, things called intrinsic factors. They're in your stomach, they help you absorb right and helps you break down stuff. But you have to have these cofactors that go along with what your intention is, right? Like if I did like the biggest traveling travesty in life would be that you don't find a purpose. Right? I think that's, that's things that most people might want to search for their entire life, and then they find it. Maybe they're like, Alright, this is what I wasn't intended to do. But I've also looked at the idea like I don't know if, if everyone has necessarily a purpose, but maybe a role, right? It's what comes down to your own personal intent. Like if you I want to get more out of life and say, Okay, then you must not be happy with your current situation. Right. And I think that's what I heard me truth is I did the same thing. Like, probably. That's how it is, like 10. Yeah, this is like 10 years ago, this is how this all started. Yeah, it's 10 years. And then four years later is when it finally like, now I'm going to actually be able to, like, make the change and make the difference. And then it's like, Alright, cool. Like it's happening. Right, but it doesn't like that's why I asked you the timeframe. Yeah. Because it's funny because you said you're still you're still happy, right? Like I say, as I say, right. Because but it but it's crazy that the moment that you wake up and you have this clarity, this so called like, wow, there's more to it than this. I think it's, it's an eye opener in a positive way because it realizes you have so much potential, right? I always tell people like you want to know what life is really like, like, look up at the stars. Like look up at the stars and realize like we're a tiny little.on someone's fingernail somewhere. in a galaxy far, far away, filled up with many galaxies, and it's crazy to think we're like the only life force out there. That's only this dimension. And that's only this dimension we talk about reach into another dimension past lives, you know, reincarnate. Yeah, like I mean, it's incredible how how narrow minded we get with our things, but the truth is, it's in our head. Right? what you're telling me is literally you said, I don't like my situation. It's all in my head. I can change my thinking. And I can rise above this, would it be possible so rather than looking up at the stars and feeling insignificant when you're looking at the stars you're feeling separate from

Baldo 14:36
it? That's the route right like so how do you connect the idea that we're separate? Yeah, but then how do you like we're all just one same thing connecting

Jenna 14:43
with that yeah, it's just it makes me feel even more magnificent. much smarter in our fall.

Jon Mendoza 14:50
Why? Cuz you can understand that,

Jenna 14:52
that I that I can look up and know that I am the stars. Yeah. Yeah. I mean to know that is I mean, you can make a connection even When you don't seem connected, um, that's actually a really good point. I think that there is something deep inside of you that knows that. Have you ever been told something and you're like I knew that? Yeah. But up until you're able to kind of intuitively knew it, but you didn't, right? You didn't act like it

Baldo 15:20
make sense.

Right? I made a post recently about what I think grace means to me. Like that, you know, and for me, it's like the thickness of this on the podcast before like, to me is just the fact like, as you understand the universe and how it's always expanding and how it's just a bunch of energy growing, but a lot of it is just empty space, like just, you know, between here and the next. Even between here and the moon. There's millions of miles. And there's just like nothing right like other than just dark energies

Braydon Alley 15:52
in the Joe this morning. And so

Baldo 15:54
for me, like that's what grace is the fact that like, out of all this space in the universe, continues to expand and they're just more nothing is coming out like that I get to experience something anything like pain, like love, you know, excitement depression, like the fact that I can experience anything and be aware of that That to me is great. Yeah and so then it's just like everything else a little walk and just fucking do whatever I want because like even if it's a horrible experience it's still better than like nothing. Exactly and so that that to me is a great

Braydon Alley 16:25
one it's the action you know putting doing like if you just you're in that you know dark place you're doing nothing about it besides is thinking about it, you know, it's not going to change. It's simple as that. Yeah, you know, in action, even if it is in the wrong direction, at least you learn from it, and you can adjust accordingly. But doing again, sitting in that stagnant space is never going to change. Correct. And someone else you know, does with health and fitness is what I love about it. You know, I think something that's powerful is, you know, keeping the promises to ourselves, I think over time that allows us to gain more credibility and You know, just overall love for us. So in our in how we, you know, put ourselves out there. I think health and fitness is a great way to start with that because it's something that you can follow something consistent whether it's again a nutrition plan a workout plan and gain that credibility. I know you guys are a believer, you know how you do things, how you do everything. So, if we're doing it in this space, you know, it's gonna start trickling over to other spaces, whether you know, your business or your relationships or you know, things of that nature.

Jon Mendoza 17:25
Well, I think it's good to have that mentality. And what you're taking is you're applying it and you're almost projecting it towards others, because I think this is why coaching is always going to be around. It's been around for forever, right? I mean, Dale Carnegie is a coach, right? Like, that's how you look at it. It's mentorships mentorships. And that's how I look at like apprenticeships, like you look at wisdom and knowledge and tools. Coach, a thought coach, just tell me a different way to think about it because it's not working. So yeah, I want constructive, constructive. What constructive criticism for most people it's defensiveness. I don't like hearing that. It's not that I'm not doing the right thing. sucks you ever like been told? You're doing it wrong?

Braydon Alley 18:03
Well, no I agree in but something I'm trying to, like illustrate to people to like even like one of my best friends is like when I question or like come at you a certain way it's not at a place of criticism, it's at a place of I want to understand how you got there. I want to understand your thought process that created this perspective or this decision making for you is offer you a different one. I mean, not not the minds better yours is better just so you have different sides of the story, not just one, you know, side that you've you developed

Jon Mendoza 18:31
your own. Let me ask you this now and go with that process. What What is your initial approach towards it? Right, like, do you because I imagine like to get someone's attention. You have to grab their attention in a way that like, Okay, I got you now.

Braydon Alley 18:48
So that's a good question. And I'm still figuring that one out. Because it like you just said, No one wants to be criticized. So people start to put their guards up, you know, so I don't know. I don't I don't have a good answer for that,

Jon Mendoza 19:01
either. It's interesting because like, in business, you will get personal, truthful speech, be truthful and be open to the idea of receiving this message because I think it goes back to what I was going to ask you while ago. Your journey. are you grateful for it? Absolutely. Why?

Braydon Alley 19:18
Because it's mine.

I created it. Right. I'm the owner of it.

Jon Mendoza 19:23
Right? It's your path. Yeah. I used to always question my path when I was starting off. And it was the what ifs and I could have, and I hated that

Braydon Alley 19:35
because I shouldn't three months ago, yes.

Jon Mendoza 19:36
I hate that because it's a feeling of, I did it wrong. I want to go back. I want to back up this path. Seven Years go by and all of a sudden, you're like shit, I'm in further than what I should have been.

Braydon Alley 19:49
Like, it's back to the point earlier, man. You know, you can't. Okay, let's take the next step and talk about meditation. Yeah, definitely. I feel like once people can get this into the live that type of thing. tends to go away. Yeah, you know, and something, you know, and this isn't just

Baldo 20:04
because it stops mattering as much So

Braydon Alley 20:06
yeah, your stress goes down and you're not just so focused on these past mistakes and past emotion because again, like you know, your brains, the supercomputer, so any negative thought or act in your life, now we go and do something similar in our future now that all negative emotion is, you know, influence your thinking. So, right so meditation, this is you know, just knows and this is, you know, explains, yeah. So meditation allows you to, you know, D load all that and be present and magically doing that over time I swear like this Your whole your thinking your outlook just becomes a lot simpler. You know, and you're more focused and you know, I do not I used to have a lot of stress, you get really bad sleep. I things don't really stress me out besides bugs. But other than that things are not stressing me out. bugs. Yes. Yeah, man bugs. Which is the worst

Jon Mendoza 21:00
like cockroaches,

Braydon Alley 21:01
cockroaches, flies, spiders. I'm petrified of spiders, but they're chill. You don't really?

Jon Mendoza 21:08
I don't jump at you. Right.

Braydon Alley 21:10
Do but that's the Amazon for that.

How Do You Health? Podcast 21:14
By the way we're going to an Amazon I

Jon Mendoza 21:15
know as a side plug right now how how this retreat is going to be happening at the end of April beginning of May May

Baldo 21:24
13. To may 22.

Jon Mendoza 21:27
Yes, Amazon rainforest. How do you health first official trip going down there? We will have more information coming here soon but pay attention

Baldo 21:35
we finalized dates yesterday. Yeah. Exciting.

Jon Mendoza 21:39
Yeah, we have itinerary now. So it's happening. It's happening. So So I going back to the whole meditation deal. Yeah, yeah. I I do believe that every person I've ever talked to who's successful does meditate and the cool thing is I've asked because like when you're starting up again, you you kind of like alright, I really haven't figured out so like what is it that you You seem to have it together like what do you do? Like, you know, like, what is your routine? Like, like if you're smart, you have smarter questions, right? Not more like because I mean, there's this video kind of floating around of. I love wolf of Wallstreet. I just think Scorsese is great. And of course, you know, Leo's awesome. So there's a there's a scene that Jonah Hill goes up to Leo, and goes, how much money do you make? He's like, 72,000 a month. He's like, bro, like, I will quit my job right now. If you prove to me that's how much he makes. He pulls out a paycheck, literally goes up and goes to a pay call and says, Yeah, I'm done. Like, yeah, so his ugly sweater and his ugly sweaters. I will work for you right now. To me. That's kind of like that's cool. Regardless of you know, it's extreme, but it's like, we just kind of build it. Right, right. Like you're doing something, right? Because if that's what your intent is, it's like, I want to be rich. Like you can be rich. That's one thing I learned a long time ago. It's like, imagine if you're, if you're a millionaire or you're rich, you would, would you tell yourself like I don't deserve to be rich like before you became rich. You would never tell yourself, you won't get rich. Yeah, you won't get rich. Yeah. So that's your focus goes to everything. Right? Your that's your mindset. So meditation is a way to change your mindset. That's how I look at it tool. It's a tool, right? Because if you can't figure out how to change the fact that the pandemics going on, yeah, then I just say, Okay, I'm gonna change my world inside of me. And then what I'm just gonna say is okay, I don't know how to start. So meditation mantras, and I believe today is a great day. I believe today's today is a great day today

Braydon Alley 23:30
is a great affirmation. Yeah. What is the studying process? Because that's the challenge for most people is, you know, we can't stay still for even five minutes. Yeah, the thoughts is go everywhere. I think.

Baldo 23:41
I think that the idea is that you make it a minute, like you make it one minute, every day. At some point, you're just like, you know what, I'm doing two minutes. Like, it doesn't even have to be like a week from now. I'm gonna start doing two minutes. It'll just naturally happen. I'm just gonna want to do two minutes or three minutes or five minutes at some point.

Jon Mendoza 23:57
Yeah, cuz Have you started?

Braydon Alley 23:58
Yeah. What do you do? Yeah. So yeah, me starting I was I was up and down, you know, probably like when most people, you know, it was hard for me to sit still, my thoughts are go everywhere but that's like that's, that's what it's allowed. And so meditation I know before and say before on a women's summit is kind of putting out bad information that you have to be laser focused the whole time. I know when I would talk to people about meditation, like I can't sit still, like, that's okay. Like I can't like my mind is going everywhere. It's okay. Having that self awareness is a part of the meditation too. So you can go back to being the president

Baldo 24:32
was like, people will say like, I'm not good at meditation, right? Or, like, I'm not good at yoga, right? It's like, I don't I don't go to yoga because I'm not good at it. And there's like, Yeah.

Braydon Alley 24:43
Like, all you know, there's another side to like, all hard things are all good things are hard. Yeah, you know, and it's, it's really, it's truly powerful. And it's worth the time to try to figure it out. And just, you know, the best way I

Baldo 24:55
like to explain meditation for me, it's like, it's like my time to calibrate Because it's the time that I get to recognize my negative thoughts that I get to recognize those patterns, those those thoughts that are patterns, I can recognize, like where I want to be awareness so that way whenever moving throughout the day, and, and my, my energy flow is different than I recognize it quickly, I can come come back to it. But I can't do that if I just like get up and go, because then I don't recognize where my energy is. And then it's all over the place throughout the day, and I'm never going to be able to recognize

Braydon Alley 25:29
and that leaves a point to why people should be doing this more is because their energy's all over the place. And they aren't able to put forth what they what they probably ideally would like to and to the world, you know what their relationships in their workout for, you know, and, you know, it's hard to progress in life to when you can't focus on the things that you want. Yeah, you know, and you have to take the time to sometimes go backwards so you can go forward a lot more. Yeah.

Jenna 25:58
I look at my Meditation in some way to make it easier for people who are just getting into the practice, much like running. Have you ever started running and you see a stoplight or a pole? And you're like, I'm just gonna run to there. And then you get there. And then you're like, well, I can actually I can go there. Yeah. So I do I that's how I've really gotten myself to train my brain to sit, is I'll breathe and I'll breathe pretty fully and deliberately up to five. I'll give myself five full rounds of breath. And then by the time I get to five, I'm like, I could totally do that.

Braydon Alley 26:37
That makes a good point.

Jenna 26:38
Yeah. And then I by the end of it, it's been 10 minutes and I've kind of almost lost my count. And you're in you're in it captures you.

Braydon Alley 26:46
Yeah, yeah. Well, it makes you good, right? Yeah, that's the Step. Take focus on your breath first.

Jenna 26:50
Yeah, exactly. I mean,

Baldo 26:52
my affirmations which we have up here all the time is every morning I haven't missed him is like I'm the master of my thoughts, right. But that also helps me record I'm not my thoughts, I have millions of thoughts. I'm not, I'm not any of those, I can choose which ones I can do. I am the captain of my energy. But I can't do that if I don't recognize where my energy is, right? Like, I can't be the captain of my energy and influence words being dispersed, if I don't first sit down to recognize where it is and how it's flowing. And then and then because of that, I can create anything I set my mind to. Right and so that's those are my three average. And then after that is like, love like I'm doing this or like I there's plenty of other affirmations that come from but those are the three foundational for my affirmations in the morning. I love it. And, but But yeah, it just goes back to like, I just have to sit down and practice that is taking those three things takes less than a minute. 30 seconds.

Braydon Alley 27:44
Yes. Yes. The thing is, I don't have time, you know, yeah, you do it honestly, like you would have more time in your day if you were doing these things too, because you're just operating at a

Unknown Speaker 27:53
higher level. The more time you don't have the more you need meditation. The thing

Baldo 27:56
about is that time is infinite and I can get into that. That's a whole nother thing. There's like so much time. It's not even funny. Like, there's a lot of time. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 28:07
True to the whole, like, I don't

Baldo 28:08
have enough hours in the day. Like, it's just it's very linear if you think about it that way, and it's just not that's not the way the universe works.

Jon Mendoza 28:15
So well you don't think in minutes or what

Baldo 28:17
I'm trying not to, and there's still some connection to there. But it's

Jon Mendoza 28:21
like age like that's gonna be the next thing like you don't believe in a birthday.

Baldo 28:25
I'm believing I'm letting I'm letting that go to. It's like the process of becoming no one so that way you can become anyone.

Braydon Alley 28:33
Age is a limiting belief.

Baldo 28:36
It is. It is. It really is.

Braydon Alley 28:39
I mean, people use as an end mill issue because you're automating too old to do this. And this except, you know, what, what's perceived as societal norms

Jon Mendoza 28:47
I look at as a stack. Like, what if like, you just mark a bar for when you're growing like, a height? And he's like, Why just add a year? Boom, another bar. How many can I stack up? That'd be Jenga. You That's what it is right? Your life is Jenga and whatever, wherever you can line it up, right? So it doesn't come crumbling down. Because if you stack it up, and it's nice and even, you can stack up a lot higher amount of years. So I do want to live to 100 I want to live past 100 I want to live to 120 I don't want to die. I mean, that's

Baldo 29:20
300 I think we can do it.

Jon Mendoza 29:22
300 I read this Chinese guy 250 that will possibly they said it was longer actually.

Braydon Alley 29:28
But what you're saying is the reason why age is a limiting belief to me is because I know it could we keep learning more and more things on how to make ourselves even younger. Yeah, right. And I know there's gonna be more and more things. And then five years from now, 10 years from now I'm going backwards in my metabolic. Yeah,

Baldo 29:43
but I love it, man, I'm sure. I think 27 was the last time I did my internal age.

Jon Mendoza 29:48
I'm early 30s. I'm probably three. If I can get the sugar and insulin thing under control, then I'm going to stay young forever. I mean, that's really because internally, if you can regenerate over time, I look at just saying like you focus on mitochondria.

Baldo 30:01
Look if you remove sugar, you're gonna live longer. That's one thing.

Jon Mendoza 30:04
I get that but but you need some sugar,

Baldo 30:07
you need some sugar but it bitter

Jon Mendoza 30:09
things already have it. But But the problem is, is that your body was designed for it,

Baldo 30:13
sure, but they do everything.

Jon Mendoza 30:15
Right But the thing it goes deeper than that on a cellular level, your design three different ways to break it down. So you have macros like protein, fats and carbs, but then within your carbs, you have three different mechanisms in order to pull ATP or energy from it. So you have like, basically to form because

Baldo 30:31
even fat turns into sugar.

Jon Mendoza 30:32
Yeah, even fat turns. I mean insulin regulates sugar and fat. I mean, that's the thing, but even protein eternal sugar too. So it's basically like insulin regulates any of your macros really it comes down to but in your cells, you have two ways to do sugar breakdown. And then you have an ATP breakdown as well from your mitochondria. So your mitochondria produces the most ATP out of everything. And so that's why your mitochondria should be heavily emphasize if you're looking at longevity. So what you've probably learned even by hanging out with us in the past couple months your research as well at home. Mitochondria Is everything all right?

Baldo 31:06
By the way mitochondria is coming out soon it's on its way for the first shipment. It'll be online pretty

Braydon Alley 31:11
soon next point that now

Yeah, I agree with that, especially today right now with Coronavirus. People were scared of all these germs and things of that nature. So my gym

Jon Mendoza 31:21
is sprain. And they give you a bottle of all those, you know, fun chemicals do you do to wipe down? Yeah. And there was a guy with a Cantina and a spray after the end of the day, they just I haven't seen him the first day in the morning. But I went up to one times I know the guy was like, hey, so how bad is this? Like formula that you'll have? Yours is the best one we've found. Yeah, but then the morning before I read an article about it building bacterial resistance in our bodies. Um, you we need germs,

Unknown Speaker 31:50
yeah, hundred percent. We need

Jon Mendoza 31:52
germs because we take those germs in and we take them in. We store them in our bodies and everywhere I can. That's your immune system. It's a natural vaccine.

Baldo 32:01
Yes, I'm a believer, I

Jon Mendoza 32:02
sweep up germs. It's a natural vaccine, you know,

Braydon Alley 32:05
kind of Assad pies,

Baldo 32:06
you know. And again,

Braydon Alley 32:08
this is a side note is I'd be interested to see how many homeless people have died from coronavirus.

Jon Mendoza 32:16
Um, I don't, that would do even have those numbers, which you

Braydon Alley 32:20
don't say? I know, I know, I know. I see.

Baldo 32:24
They are very weak immune systems because a large amount of drugs are in drugs and the primary drug users and they already are sick in the first place. Like, you know,

Jon Mendoza 32:34
I think that I get what you're saying.

Baldo 32:38
Related exposure, but is it Corona related? Who knows? because who knows how many of those hospital deaths are really Corona related.

Braydon Alley 32:45
I know there's some people and you know, I respect their decision though. Still have not left their homes since you know, March. You know, but

Baldo 32:52
so to me, those are the most dangerous, right, because the moment that you do decide to go Yeah, getting sick.

Jon Mendoza 32:57
Yeah, I agree. So I was talking to a friend of mine the other day A buddy of ours got sick with Corona, I think about three months ago, and he was already kind of the heftier side he's like six to about 250. And now he's like closer to 300. like three months later, post COVID. This is him getting COVID. And now he's getting heavier eating fast food all day, send it home fast those

Braydon Alley 33:21
you have.

Jon Mendoza 33:22
And I haven't we have another friend is doing the same thing as well. And what's fascinating about it is they got COVID and then there was no follow up. Like I can't imagine the doctor that talked to him said, hey, guess what? You have to take care of yourself even more now that you have this thing live in you because we don't know what it's what it's going to look like later. I mean, I was reading your report. The things that somehow still get slipped into my my dams. One of them was talking about that. Yeah, I think like it's a combination of like three different strains one would be an HIV. So if you have a derivative of HIV in there I think it's really interesting because like you don't, you have like three or four possible combinations of what this thing could mutate into. And then it can be 10 to all kinds of things because like strange, the whole thing is to survive. Right? That's, and so when you have like, natural germs that you acquire your body has a Rolodex in your mind of how to like respond to it. The problem is that if it's something is mutated, think like aspartame and the equivalents of sugar that buys it. I don't know what to do with this thing. What do I do with it? Where do I store it? Right. So the problem is, is that you have processed ingredients on top of that it's very inflammatory to the body, just like negative thoughts. Think of thoughts like negative thoughts is processed thoughts, right? Because they're all technically processed, but it's an it's processed in a negative way to fight that stress. Yeah, if I gluten free brownies, there's how processed are they? They're probably worse than like the regular like gluten brownies. Right? Because it's like three or four extra ingredients just to make it to make up for the yeah So, you know, when I look at fat, yeah, just all that stuff. That's what do you get that from that it's good. You go back to the commercials, right? The commercials. It's good to

Braydon Alley 35:09
the information. You're right. So it's what it's your environment, your product, your environment. That's what I kind of wanted. I'm glad you said that. You know, and something else that I did was completely changed my environment. You know, I moved across the country, Indiana here, didn't have a frickin job yet. I just I believed in you know, where I was going. You know, I mean, it was funny, you know, I was, you know, during that time, I had, you know, terrible sleep. My very first night here, I kid you not like I had the best sleep in my entire life. It was just like, destiny was like telling me, okay, this is where you're supposed to be. You know, and then the second part of changing your environment is surrounding yourself, you know, everyone, you know, you're, you hear this all the time, you know, surround yourself with the right people, you know, and being here, you know, coming from a small town in Indiana and being here with a lot of closed minded, you know, individuals. Sure. So being here with a lot of open mindedness and people you know, Not just my age where everyone just a very like minded like brought life to me and kind of picked me up and you know gave me the energy I needed to continue you know and you know just exactly what you're saying is like if you're in a space you know that your that is producing a lot of negative emotions in you. Don't be scared to to jump ship or don't be scared to experience you know something new or don't be Don't be scared to jump to a different city. Don't be scared to say bye to a friend that is not supportive of you. You haven't come to Austin come to Austin it's the place to be silly learners come hang out come the MSW lounge.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
IV Sunday yoga downstairs. Yeah, we

Baldo 36:41
throw me with the raves at the lake. Just come in Austin.

Jon Mendoza 36:47
Austin Shane so many lives. So many it's it's made me reborn. Honestly, like it's

Braydon Alley 36:52
it makes me grateful even more grateful every single day. You know you without meditation.

Jon Mendoza 36:56
Yeah, honestly. So ducks on Hill Which is by auditorium shores. Okay. It's probably my favorite spot in Austin. And I go up there when I run, I may manage to go run. It's a big little. It's a hill, right? So it's like a little mountain up there. I didn't go up to the very top and there's like a stone mix of the state of Texas. And it has like all the cities in there and everything and it's a circle, almost like a labyrinth. And you see the skyline up at the top. It's like the highest point right there outside of like, you know, anything around the city, right? Yeah. And I meditate there, huh? But what my meditation is just gratefulness. What I'll do is I stick my arms out. And I take the city in like I basically reach out and take the skyline in and I bring it into my chest. And to me, it's so I know just I grew up here. I think Austin's the world. I really do. I just

Baldo 37:49
I said to do,

Jon Mendoza 37:50
right, just the skyline. I'd have to keep adding to it everywhere.

How Do You Health? Podcast 37:55
I have to put a crane up here. Yeah.

Baldo 38:00
We're done now with that, yeah, like add on to it.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
Yeah, may I add to the gratitude meditation practice? One thing to make it really hold on what's helped turn my life around is, you know, gratitude is a very external experience. I am grateful for us sitting here together. I'm grateful for my cylinder Allah. Oh, yeah. Nutrition. Come and get one very cheap. first one's free. Yeah, there you go. And it was brought to my attention that what happens is we forget about appreciation and we don't take that energy inward. You know, as I'm sitting here and be enjoying the beautiful skyline, you know the air that is brushing against my skin and the smell in the air. I also want to consider what I appreciate about myself in this moment, to be able to have the full whole experience of appreciating your external But also validating the internal of the things that you think that make you, you and that make you feel appreciative for starts with yourself. It does and that has really helped me really look outside and, and and feel like I have something to say it's given me a confidence that I appreciate that. Yeah. And I'm sure if I appreciate that more people will too. And so the more that I know myself, the more I can empower other.

Jon Mendoza 39:31
I love the same and I think to lead on that. Respect yourself in a way that you are you and don't apologize for you being you. Right, right. Point example we were hanging out last night with some people, and this guy just came in and just bombarded the whole situation with you know, his conversation, his questioning, you know, just went deep into it and you could tell that one guy I mean, he just kind of got thrown off guard but he was answering and conversing with it, but you could probably He's like, this guy's a bit much I'm kidding. But he was in it. Like he like the guy would say something and he would talk in his conversing. And afterwards we kind of chuckled and laughed because we knew what was going on. But it was just interesting because like, that one guy knew he, he might not know

Baldo 40:13
he could tell that he was being a little obnoxious. Yeah, but he didn't, but he didn't care.

Jon Mendoza 40:17
And after a while, he's been authentic after why we all accepted it in the room that this is just who he is. Right? It's not like we got like, it's I was watching. It's like, I wonder how long this guy's going to take it and the conversation before he gets up and leaves because that's right. That's exactly what it is. It wasn't going Yes, man. Like he could just take sit there because he would he was so laid back in his chair. That even when he was talking, he would just like just yeah, whatever he looks up on his phone he's like yeah, and he just to validate what he just said. He's like, Oh, yeah, bah bah so Okay, cool. And even when the guy left like alright man, she later didn't get up nothing. And I was like there's nothing this guy cool look powerful. There's nothing that you could have said this guy. We're hitting my whatever do come at me bro. I'm hanging out. Yes doing me. Yeah, let's prove me wrong. Yeah.

Baldo 41:03
He just kept saying like, sorry to interrupt you, but it's not okay at this point.

Jon Mendoza 41:11
But the guy stayed there for a few minutes. Like he didn't just get up and leave because that was one

Baldo 41:15
day before he leaves he did also start the whole day the whole situation there by saying like, this is my only social time so like, he's

Jon Mendoza 41:26
It was hilarious. It was actually very entertaining but it pre it makes me appreciate that in the intuitiveness that all of us have this innate ability to adapt in ways that we don't even know where possible of doing like, scary situation. What do you do when you have we have something go awry. You're not planning for right? I've had the same thought with you driving. Like I had that same thought. After I stopped drinking, there were times I'd be driving. I'm like, I mean, could I just boom, I mean, the truth is like, I still kind of have those thoughts. Yeah, like cuz I would kind of like what would it be like, right, just like, I'll just Almost you kind of want to know, I think it's because a lot of times that rock bottom perspective,

well, I think I think it's me now it's a different kind of mentality that I know that with my depression, I hate that term because it's just I know it's low mood, it's low B six, low B nine, and I have a methylation issue like so I don't make enough serotonin, dopamine, that's just what normally happens. But like, if I do have enough, why is that happening? But that's how I function

Baldo 42:24
that's my genes. But that's a bit but because of that, it's created a mental like a synapses pattern yet whatsoever that never goes away. So that last weekend, I had like glimpses of like a depressive thought. But it was just it was literally just that it wasn't like me getting lost in that thought wanting to get worse and worse and worse.

Braydon Alley 42:43
People need to understand that between that thought just you know, being a part of you burst, you know, getting lost and running with that,

Baldo 42:50
like, you're gonna have that because that patterns to exist, it's just more like a it's just a pattern that I present does not serve me anymore, and then you step away, right?

Unknown Speaker 42:58
It's an attachment you Detach, correct?

Jon Mendoza 43:01
Yeah. And I think that's what you're trying to do is like if you plugged into this one emotion you tried to unplug from it and say, Well, I'm going to plug into this emotion. It's like one of those old school switchboards right i mean that's kind of what it is computer right? goes back to whatever your Rolodex in your brain says like all right, sad what is sad sad might be you think about your puppy that died right? Shaq could be like man, I'm really sad that I lost my good friend in this tragic really yeah.

Baldo 43:30
image in my head

Jon Mendoza 43:32
and it touches everyone differently. Everyone differently

How Do You Health? Podcast 43:36

Jon Mendoza 43:37
I it's not that I don't like dogs. It's just I get dogs I'm just like, I mean

Braydon Alley 43:41
you wouldn't you gave a good example of sadness. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 43:43
but yeah, like you get to me like it would be tragic if it was a kid right like that. To me. Everyone's but everyone has furbaby so like, I get like the events during this whole pandemic. The vets been killing it killing killing you I see this everywhere.

Braydon Alley 43:58
Three or four dogs every morning is going on today.

Baldo 43:59
When you come out of an event like if you just come out with a fucking dog line

Unknown Speaker 44:03
Why don't you give people IVs while they're waiting in the car just waiting yes they Oh I oh I'm downstairs so I get a great view of them they're just sitting there for about 30 minutes

Baldo 44:14
I'll give you permission to just go

Unknown Speaker 44:15
yeah that's

Unknown Speaker 44:16
true you know knock on their door knock on their door on their windows.

Unknown Speaker 44:22
Hey, do you want to

Baldo 44:23
buy one of these things that sits on the window with

Braydon Alley 44:26
the first half

Jon Mendoza 44:29
Why is taking us so long to figure that out? That's a great just needed me. Yeah.

Baldo 44:36
We used to have What's her name? Send us over send us people. Yeah. And then that stopped.

Jon Mendoza 44:42
Okay, we gotta go. Well,

Unknown Speaker 44:43
let's talk about

Jon Mendoza 44:45
the sidebar later. Yes, I'll definitely see being around the right people. We bring out good ideas right hundred percent. I think I going back to you know the deal better than you too. And I think that's what it comes down to. You came to Austin and you learned from a bunch of people who are successful. You probably want to be in a position you say, All right, I'm just gonna listen. I'm gonna read I'm gonna take it all in. And that's what I did when I, when I would go and I'd go to all kinds of different settings. A lot of times I would just sit and just listen because my confidence wasn't there to speak up. There's no way I come in and talk about this stuff to like, people 10 years ago, there's no way the conversations I had were very different. It was weird because I was trying to present myself to others, and trying to explain myself to others. And I didn't like who I was really. Yeah, so how in the hell Would anyone like me? How would I do well in business if I'm like, I don't even like where I'm at. Yeah, I So eventually, it's weird. Like your elevator pitch becomes your, your passion, your ideas, your you like why you get up in the morning, right? Because they always say, Tell me your story. Right? It's what's this product? Okay, tell me why and how did you come up with it? I love it. And that's why I told bottos we just slap a sticker and me and him on the back of our products. Or I just say this is our story. We came from here. We got together and said we can't do this alone. We do this together. And all of a sudden, you know, you start your writing. Here we are you work with someone that never says no. And never says that's a dumb idea. And then you you'll never have a bad conversation. You'll never have a bad business meeting like, well, what if we did this? And what if it was like this? And what if that's happening?

Baldo 46:17
every lane?

Braydon Alley 46:18
Tell me to go ahead, sir,

Unknown Speaker 46:20
telling someone your story brings connection, and people want to know your story. People want to be able to relate to you, there needs to be a common ground. So if you're able to throw me some vulnerability, well, I'm gonna give it back to you. And then we develop trust.

Braydon Alley 46:34
Well, I think it comes back to you know, being of service, you know, and being mindful of, you know, what you put into or like, the energy you put into each day, right? No, I wasn't saying earlier. You know, I consider myself a health you know, and wellness enthusiast. That's my job title. And my job isn't just the money I bring in my job is, you know, how I show up each day. You know, and then how I network how I, you know,

Unknown Speaker 46:58
talk to someone in the line, you know, that person And can be my next business partner. So like it says, it says constantly, you know, being authentically you and also caring about other people. You need the confidence in order to talk to that person in line. For sure. You know, you need to have that that lightness to you that feels like you have something to say. And that you want to kind of poke them on the shoulder. Yeah, I know we're six feet different distance, but I would probably still come poke on your shoulder and then walk away. Six feet.

Baldo 47:26
Yeah, no, I want people to come

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