Rhys Holic is a clinical specialist of Orthopedic Massage based in Austin, TX. 

"Outside of my practice, if you're going straight back into the compensation patterns, if you're going into the old routines, if you're not staying hydrated, if you're eating shitty food, you're taking the steps back. I can't heal you; Only you can heal yourself."





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"So we have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self that we have to take care of. My practice is focused on the physical for now. But it starts with the mindset and the mental 110%."


Allison 0:15
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Baldo 0:58
Hi, guys, welcome to the How do you health podcast? Dude, I'm excited to for today. We haven't done a podcast in a while Don and I haven't like we just haven't been several weeks. Yeah, we had a nice storm and we had an ice storm in Austin. And so we had to cancel like three or four podcasts. And then the next week like I traveled and then we traveled and we just haven't liked. We're a little behind on educating people on some stuff. So I'm excited to be meeting today with rizz Reese Holic, right. Yes, he's a clinical specialist of Orthopedic massage. He runs house cause I met him through our friend Nikki. Maybe like two or three weeks ago, we grab coffee we just connected He's like, do you need to talk to this guy, you need to talk to that guy. He's been doing some really cool community stuff on Wednesdays at zilker Park here in Austin. And so we want to get into that, of course, we have nurse doza we're gonna be talking about some health stuff. And he's also a chiropractor re so I don't know if you that. So we're going to talk about the body I'm sure. And then of course, I'm TexMex Yogi. So let's go ahead and get the party started. Yeah, I don't always tell people what chiropractic because I lead with the nurse practitioner aspect. You know, some people like I have my table actually right there. Which is pretty cool. But

Jon Mendoza 2:11
the anatomy is something I loved when I first started. I'm sure that you mean the orthopedic orthopedic right as well means it's biomechanical for you all the time. Right? So you're looking at groups, right? You're looking at shoulder girdles the way like we move in different planes. Right. So So what does it mean to have that, that certification that that type of approach to the body? What's your philosophy light?

Rhys Holic 2:36
Yeah, so we look for I look for rather, compensation patterns. And I would say honestly, amongst the general population, 80% of the people I see have just standardpostural compensations because most people here in Austin, work in tuck, they have rubbed shoulders, they afford head syndrome. And it's fairly simple. Once you figure out the kinesiology of the body of the pec minor needs to be released. It's not the trap, it's the levator scapula on the backside. So we just released that. And make sure that the serratus anterior, so if we're talking about shoulder girdle, serratus, anterior lower fiber, the traps are strong enough to keep you back in alignment. And the approach towards getting people back into proper position is simple, but it's not easy. So it makes sense.

Jon Mendoza 3:25
Yeah, yeah. So

Rhys Holic 3:26
within massage therapy, there are, I would say, three different realms of how to approach the body. There's like a clinical aspect, which is what I do. There's more of the spa aspect where you're kind of have more of a flow, you're not necessarily trying to release anything, you're trying to just get the person to tune out. It's more of like a yin approach, if you will, like the yin and the yang. And then there's energy work. So I've specialized in the clinical approach, the I would say, it's more of like a Yang approach to releasing doing doing doing and trying to step into the more human approach here. Now that I'm, I wouldn't say that I've mastered it, but I've gotten pretty good at it.

Jon Mendoza 4:04
Yeah. Oh, no, I totally get it. And I understand what you're talking about how it's simple, but not easy, because you're talking about undoing a holding pattern, almost connected throughout an entire lifespan for some people, right? How they slept all night, how they've been sitting all day, how they've been walking around how they run, right? Like you mentioned, Austin, so we have a bunch of runners. And what it's incredible about people looking at their gait, I always tell we've always said like knee problems don't start in the knee. Right? It's basically how are you compensating after this ankle injury that you had six years ago, you just had to keep running, then you can you can stop running. So you started just running differently. And it changed everything right?

Rhys Holic 4:44
Yeah. So I think it's funny looking back on you asked me the question, I immediately went to clinical. Oh, yeah. If I have to remember that people. You can throw those words and phrases at them all day. Yeah, they're not going to. It's going to go in one year at the other because they don't No, yeah, so it was just mostly shoulders rounded forward. Let's get them back. Yeah. And same thing with the ankle for anyone listening, if you have knee issues, or if you used to run and loved it, just try releasing the calves, I would find that most people, it's just tight calves, which is inability to dorsi flex, that's going to cause knee hip issues can even cause low back issues.

Jon Mendoza 5:20
So you can call the calves what they really are, what are they called?

Rhys Holic 5:22
gastroc soleus perennials.

Jon Mendoza 5:25
They're beautiful words. Really? Yeah, it is. I like those words like satorious right there in the thigh. And all

Rhys Holic 5:30
that is a special muscle.

Jon Mendoza 5:32
Yeah, it is. And it's funny because most people don't even think about it. But it goes completely, like this thin little muscle goes completely across your thigh around your groin area. Right. And what's up, like, think about we had these like common terminology, especially in sports, like hip flexor, groin, and that's not really what they're called, like, it's a combination of different muscles that attach to your pelvis and your pelvis. If you're a man. You know, it's not as wide in certain parts of it as a female, but regardless of it, your hamstrings, your quads, and all your core muscles and around the pelvis. And so when people have issues with it, it's almost kind of like, what because you sit all day, like you're literally squatting all day, and like you're contracting all those muscles all the time, right? And so when you try to engage it, try to stretch it out by doesn't really want to do that too much. Right. And I love the clinical referent like the reference to the muscles, because that's how you inform someone. That's how you educate someone like, hey, ad doctors, AB doctors, right. So when I say that, like do you know, Quadro like for muscles? Is it Yeah, that's why it's, that's why it's quite a big muscle. It's like for my triceps.

Rhys Holic 6:38
Well, people people just don't know, people aren't educated on these things. Right? Which is something that I have to remind myself as a professional, because, you know, with the imposter syndrome that all of us go through. Yeah. When I speak to some people, I'm like, of course, they know what upper cross syndrome is. Yeah. You know, yeah, like, your upper back is tight. your pecs are short and overactive. Like you're weak here. And they're like, upper what syndrome? Like, there's such thing as a pec minor, like, okay, so we got to get it down to their level, so they understand and know how to, honestly, I'm kind of on a mission right now to create an online program that helps the individual heal themselves. Because I think within our industry, we accelerate the healing process. But for the average person, most people just need to release short and overactive muscles and strengthen the long and underactive muscles, and most of their problems will be fixed. Now. It's really again, comes back to it's simple, but it's not easy. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 7:38
it goes back to the Union, the Yang. Sure, right. And

Baldo 7:40
when it's also a daily process, right, you can't expect to do it once. And I did it already. Yeah.

Rhys Holic 7:45
That's something. I'm sure you guys are the same in your practice as well. Getting that across to your clients. You know, I go in for a 90 minute house call. They're like, wow, this is the best my shoulders, Felton months, years. And I'm like, okay, you might need to see me another two, three times, four times, let's really knock it out of the park and get you back to where you need to be. And then the schedule six weeks later, you know, eight weeks later, three months later, like, Oh, it's back to where it was like, Okay, well, were you doing the release techniques, or the mobility drills I showed you like, No, no, like, it's a constant practice.

Jon Mendoza 8:16
Yeah. And you know, what I look at chiropractic now is differently than I was, you know, first starting off in practice, because that approach where you talked about, I knew I never wanted to really work with posture, like as my main focus in a practice because I mean, you're talking 2030 visits before you finally start changing the the curvature of the neck because forward head posture is basically text neck, right? You're just looking for right and the shoulders roll. And so if I'm trying to retrain your body neuromuscular Lee, speaking, right, I'm trying to train you to neuro muscular, skeletal, even like you're trying to train this way, then I would say, All right, cool. That's a lot of work I really don't want to put in really, but what I look at chiropractic now is just like a maintenance deal for most people who want to be active, but yet necessarily won't get like really chronic bad injuries unless they don't do anything about it. There's people out there who are wise enough now to say, look, I got to take care of myself, you know, like I've been doing this for 2030 years, I've been doing marathons, you know, like I'm kind of like I can feel the effects. Those people who want to continue keep doing it, they have to look at their body and understand these types of things that what's going on because they can prevent injuries from happening because they're their own doctor. Right? That's really what it comes down to your your best doctor. It's not us. We just kind of bring it out. Right. That's what I think you look at.

Rhys Holic 9:30
Yeah, totally. I mean, I'm under the philosophy that I don't heal anyone. Yeah, you know, only you can heal yourself. Yeah, like I'm helping you get on the path. But beyond my skill set beyond a chiropractor skill set beyond a physical therapist skill set. We can't do the work for you, right, like I can to a degree. Let me again, let me release the tissue that needs release. Outside of my practice, if you're going straight back into the compensation patterns, if you're going into the older teens, if you're not staying hydrated if you're eating shitty food You're taking the steps back, I can't heal you Only you can heal yourself.

Jon Mendoza 10:05
Right? That's right. And I love that approach now because the more and more I practice, and the more Balder has been here with me watching, like the transformation with some people, he's like, well, it's always the same thing, right? It's like the same four or five things. I'm like, yeah, it's always like, the common thing is this, right? Because it becomes a part of your routine for it to go that direction to begin with. So people are just normalizing this approach. And so if I say, all right, apathy could be the root of all evil. Yeah, just getting off the couch is probably half the battle for most people, right? So then I'm like, Alright, I have to motivate them to get off this couch. That's probably the biggest thing I could do as an educator, right? As I'm not, I could give them all the phrases, I could teach them, like all the wonderful names of the muscles and the movements. But if I show them how to do the exercise with them, and then they do it for me, I'm like, okay, so you can do this, this is on you now. Right? You got to meet me halfway, because you can't, if you keep coming to me, and it's the same issue, then I'm not doing my job, then. That's how I look at it.

Rhys Holic 11:06
That's, that's a great way to look at it. I'm gonna piggyback off that as well and say that, for people to fully understand that only you can heal yourself, you coming to see a chiropractor, or myself as a therapist, that's you taking the initiative to understand that you are worthy of good health, you are worthy of living life without pain, and you need to thank yourself for that. To allow yourself to receive healing. That's you healing yourself. Yeah. So yeah,

Jon Mendoza 11:32
yeah. And we, we all kind of wonder what it is to achieve optimal health. And it's still very simple. After all, the technology and the advances You see, think about the effects of putting your hands on someone's body, especially in nowadays, right, like your therapy level, because of what you do goes up tenfold, just because of the physical reaction of touch and sensation on another person's body of saying, hey, there's energy being transmitted. There's ideas being exchanged. And literally, we're trying to undo some of the things that your body is used to. It's powerful. Absolutely. Right. Yeah.

Rhys Holic 12:07
So how many years you've been doing this? I've been doing it just under three years, with my practice, open for just under a year now. Nice. Yeah. So I haven't been doing it long. But it's been an obsession, but the fact that you already see it this way,

Jon Mendoza 12:19
right, and is a very eye opening approach to just how we treat our health, right, and how we treat the body. What what I've looked at, we were first taught, like, there's a couple ways we look to diagnose a patient, right? And it's weird, because we didn't like call them patients, right? I mean, because that means you put in their heads that they're sick, like, I don't like doing that, right. That's, we don't want sick people and healthy people. So then we have to set that mindset from the beginning. Right, like you come in here like, Well, I mean, you're not broken. Right? Like don't think of it that way. You know, think of more of like, his dysfunction. Right? things are a little off I always like to refer is like the buys that Jenga, remember for that that game Jenga, right? And it's a little off, if it gets unbalanced, a wobble in a fall, right, that's essentially the spine, right? I even tell people like actually, when you adjust the spine, you're not adjusting and treating the spine, you're treating the nervous system, because the spine is just there to protect the nervous system, the whole goal of the entire body's movement is determined through the nervous system. Right. And so having balanced like proprioception, which I like is a big fancy word. proprioception is as a way to kind of understand the bounce between your left and your right side of your body. Right. And if you think about it, one of the coolest things that somebody can do to basically rechannel that kind of energy from the brain all the way to the bottom of your feet, is to go outside barefoot. I mean, is that true? Right? Like, you're still doing that right? Every day? Yeah.

Baldo 13:41
I mean, you got what just, I mean, it serves so many other purposes, right? Like, just to connect with the earth and you can get the Whoo, but but at the same time, like, yeah, it helps you just understand, like, where you're at balance wise. I mean, that's my, it's probably one of the most important processes for me in the morning, just because it's like, you get to connect and really feel where you're at. And that's part of your morning ritual to do make those little adjustments

Jon Mendoza 14:03
for yourself. Tell him what your morning ritual is.

Baldo 14:06
So I'm already rituals pretty extensive. It's, I mean, it's like a two hour process. Usually.

Jon Mendoza 14:11
He doesn't have kids by the way of just saying,

Baldo 14:14
but you know, I usually wake up drink some water poop, right? Like that's the first 2323 things, drink some water and poop and then I sit down meditate for like, you know, 30 minutes to 45 minutes. And within that meditation, I have like a little process where I do my thank yous, I do some visualization, I do my affirmations during that time and then and then I just try to just shut it all off and I focus on a manifestation and then I make my coffee. And while that's doing I started to journal for a while and when and then because I'd like to do a French press so I put in so as soon as the fucking the the thing goes wild, and it starts like whistling pretty loud, like I start wrapping up my journal and then I and then I read for a while, and then I'll and then after that I'll do some movement. Whether that be Yoga or just go walk outside or both of us Usually, it's usually yoga and go walk outside. And then from there sometimes I do have like a gym session or, or whatever, or go for a run kind of deal. But for the most part, just like, get some movement in, like do some squats, like do like just like squats and like, I want to sit on this. I've been working on my squat, so I can just like sit there, but especially when we go camping is like, you know, it helps with the cooking session. Then I usually put two more times within that period of time. I usually buy like 10 like I'm already already pooped three times here.

Rhys Holic 15:32
Wow. purging out all serve you

get it out of me. Yeah. Let's do. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I

mean, does an incredible morning routine.

Baldo 15:44
Yeah. So it's like a two hour process. And usually, like if like today, I woke up kind of like within one hour. So I still did like a very shortened version of all that. But I wasn't gonna skip it. You know, that's that's the whole point.

Jon Mendoza 15:55
How many days in a row? Have

Baldo 15:56
you done that? since been over? Well, this year, I've kind of added a couple other things. But it's been like three years that I've haven't skipped at least some formula that like, pretty much every year I like I'm gonna now I'm gonna add this to my morning routine. And maybe at some point, like my whole day is my morning.

Rhys Holic 16:15
Constant prayer of

Baldo 16:17
Yeah, yeah,

Jon Mendoza 16:18
like 5pm. That won't be the goal, right? Like, how

Baldo 16:19
long is your morning routine is like, Oh, it's from awake to sleep. That's amazing. I

Jon Mendoza 16:24
never thought about that way. Cuz if you say like, I start my workday at 5pm Yeah. And I'm only going to work for an hour. Because you're going to take a bunch of meetings and all that, like I could totally see that happening. Like that's, that's beautiful.

Baldo 16:35
That certainly has happened a couple of times where I'm just like, shit, it's already like three o'clock, I guess I gotta go in the clinic real quick. You know, especially like yet, like, yesterday was my work from home day, but I still had in my mind that I wanted to come in, and hang out and do some stuff. But like, it was like, maybe like 330 before I even got in here. But the rest of it was like just chillin, like doing my thing. I got some taxes done. I got like, some meetings done. And it was just like, but it was all just like, and I wasn't stressed out about any of it. It was just more of like, I put it on my schedule. Like I knew I was gonna just sit, you know, take it as it is had a cool conversation with a friend. And then and then I finally came in here. And it was great. Like, we had great conversation went to dinner, like, you know, and even during dinner, we got work done.

Jon Mendoza 17:19
Yeah, well, I guess the cool thing about it is like,

Baldo 17:22
why? because people always talk about a work life balance. Right? And for me, it's just the life balance. Right? Like, what because I was talking to you earlier about the fact that like, I was like, because we we have a new business partner out of the meeting last night and and I was like, and he dude, he's so pumped, he hasn't stopped texting me like, whatever. Like we were talking about that. And I was like, I just don't understand why people aren't that excited about what they do. Like, because it's your life. And like, if you're not that excited, then don't do it. Like go do some, like find the thing. Find the thing that does make you that excited about things. Because then it's not like a work life thing, then it's more of like, it's it's life. Total. Right? And so yeah, that worked that that whole terminology work life balance, like it's been like, a few years before, from where I decided, like, man, like, I wish, like, I was just like this is no, there's no way where there should be a work and the life like it's life. And my life should be like, you know, work and enjoy it and, and incorporate for me, it's incorporating travel and adventure, which is, you know, I get to do all the time. And I think it's also finding a purpose.

Jon Mendoza 18:31
Yeah, finding something that kind of, I don't know, some people might not get something that they find a calling to shirt. Right. But I think a lot of times you look at it this way live to work work to live, right. You did something before this. What were you doing before

Rhys Holic 18:48
I was doing a lot?

Jon Mendoza 18:49
What are you doing?

Rhys Holic 18:50
So I'm in Chicago, I was labor. I was a garbage truck driver, semi truck driver came down here. Gotta have a whole foods worked at the hospital. And now I'm a massage therapist. That's badass.

Jon Mendoza 19:00
Yeah. So you did all these things. And what were you thinking about the entire time, man ever since I

Rhys Holic 19:05
was a kid, I knew I wanted to help people. Like That was my calling. Yeah. And then once I dropped out of college, some things happened to my family life that forced me into the workforce. Yeah. And got a good work ethic because of my father and my upbringing. And so I knew that being a laborer wasn't my calling, but it was what I needed to do. Yeah, you know, so I was making good money. Man, when I was up in Chicago, working as a garbage truck driver and a semi truck driver, I was making some good money, but I was like, do I. And there's nothing wrong with those careers, but it wasn't my path. So internally, I was telling myself do I settle for this and like, keep this curity garbage isn't going anywhere? I bought a Pittsburgh garbage man Chicago are the second highest paid in the country behind New York. Wow. So I was just like, Alright, like, I've got something good here. Yeah. Or do I follow my heart and I just ended up in Austin. Got me here and like, this is where I'm meant to be. was calling you in Austin. Just instincts, intuition. So I was saving up a bunch of money while working in Chicago. The game plan was to travel the US because I just got done traveling through New Zealand and Southeast Asia. So had the travel bug in me. Yeah, worked for some time. And then game plan was to hit the south, South southern part of America, Southwest West Coast and then Beeline it to Denver. Because my girlfriend at the time was there. Yeah, so that was the game plan. Yeah. And then when I got into Austin, never been to awesome before had no family here. No job setup, no apartment. I was driving through 35 and I saw the skyline. And I just knew this is where I was meant to be. Yeah, there's something internally I was like, this is it. I just was like, Okay, what year was this? Yeah, what year is 2016 2016? Yes. And then some guy found me on Craigslist was like, yo, you can crash on my couch for as long as you want to travel. I know what it's like, crashing on his couch for two weeks, got a job, a Whole Foods phone department, went to nursing school for a little bit, got a job at the hospital doing that. Cuz I thought I wanted to become a nurse. Like, I thought that was the pinnacle of helping people. Yeah. You know, I didn't want to go to school to be a doctor. But I figured I can get my nursing license. And then working at the hospital for eight months. I was like, God bless nurses. God bless them. Great people they need. It's not for me. It's not my, this isn't for me. This isn't for me. So now I'm going like way, way off the course here with your question. But I ended up going to a retreat. My first actually I was gonna ceremony with the intention of figuring out what to do with my career. And within the weekend, I was out there, I met three massage therapists. They were all men, they were all well established and spoke very highly of their career. And I took that as a sign. And I came back home, I dropped out of school and got my license. And here I am.

Baldo 22:02
Wow, that's badass. Yeah, yeah. For me, it was like, cool. That's cool. Thank you. Finding the purpose is always been a good. It's interesting, because it wasn't until recently that I even thought about, like, finding a purpose. And then I dropped that like, pretty quickly, whereas like, I don't even know, like, I don't even think about it that way anymore. It's just like, like, you know, I always go back to like, I'm just grateful that I get to fuckin feel anything because I could just as easily just be like, empty space, like this energy source could, I could just easily to be empty space, or I could easily just be a rock and not know that I'm living or, you know, have any sensations or whatever. So, but at some point, we had a retreat, same thing. It was doing some plant medicine kind of view. And it was like, I was like, Oh, I'm just, I'm just here to serve, right? Like, I'm just here to like, help people. And in my way, like, my gift has always been like selling right and empowering people. And just like, I always tell people like my power, like, my superpower is that I figured it out. Like, that doesn't fucking matter what it is what subject it is what, like, I'm gonna figure it out. And especially like, if I love you, and you need help, I'm gonna, like, we're gonna figure it out. Even if it's subject that I've never even touched on. Like, we'll figure it out. That's not about it, because everything is figured out. Right? And like, the answer is always there. And I've always told you that, like, it's just there. It's just a matter of like, in me meditation, so I can like pull the answer. Sometimes I get answers. I was like, I don't have that skill set, but I guess I have to do that. But I'm like, would just do that and, and I'm just like, I'm just gonna know how to do it. And that's how it feels. And you just have that confidence. But that just, I don't know if that's just life experience. But like, I feel like I've had that for a while. And I'm very thankful for that. Because like, sometimes my, whenever you communicate with people, and they have like, all these, I'm like, dude, like, it's the hair, like, just like you're blocking yourself from all this other stuff. And, and I do, and there is certain aspects of me that I still do that and so I get it, right, like, but at the same time, it's like, man, like, he just got it like, yeah, just help people, right? Because then it's like, it doesn't just feel good for you. But it feels good for someone else. And then it's exponential from there.

Rhys Holic 24:06
Yeah, so I mean, sounds like you found your medicine. This is your gift for the world. You know, maybe not everyone can have that same gift. But I do believe that. We're all born with a gift. We all have a medicine to share with people. And your medicine seems to be you You figure things out, like, way easier than maybe the average person.

Baldo 24:26
Yeah, sure.

Rhys Holic 24:27
Yeah. So my gifts. You know, I right now it's massage therapy. That's it's not going to be forever. You know, every massage therapist has an expiration date, the body breaks down, and that's okay. But right now, I am a healer and massage therapy is my main modality and to, to know that to understand as an individual that you have a gift within you, given to you by the grace of God, and to do the inner work and find it and then share it with everyone else. I can't find any other way to find a deeper sense of meaning for life. So far, it's really cool. That's so cool. It's

Baldo 25:03
awesome as part of the experience, part of the adventure, like, figure out who you are, find your inner guru, find your gift, hone in on it, share it with as many people as you can who need it. And for john, I feel like part of the reason that we started this company was because he's very, he was very frustrated with traditional medicine and traditional practice. And but I think that at that point, it was also a frustration of like, I have found my gift of like helping people in a certain way to chiropractic, you know, to be in a nurse, but I can't even do anything about it, I can't even share that gift, because of how the system works, right. And so that was kind of like, I got excited, because I was like, well, I get to help you figure this out, right, like, and so then it was like, we have to work together. Because that's where my forte is, is that we have to figure things out. But I think that's what it was, right? Because it's like, I have a gift, I want to share it, but I can't fucking do it because the system's broken. And I can't fix the system. And a lot of times, it's not about fixing the system, it's about just create a new one, you'll just create a brand new game. And

Jon Mendoza 26:05
yeah, that's the difficult part in it too, though, because it's a good and bad thing. What I've realized, as I've gotten more into my studies, I'm studying like health in the realms of like quantum physics now. And it's a really cool way to think about, like, even yesterday had this talk, we were talking about a higher level of consciousness. And I had a friend that told me one time that she was, you know, it's boring being alone, at that, that area, you know, where you're at that take cable thinking, the person goes, well, that person is not there, then because there is no emotion. Like, there's no feeling there was no presence, like, you know, like, you don't know what you don't know, everything is, you know, nothing and so forth. And so I was like, wow, that's incredible. Because we've talked about this too, when you tap in to that level consciousness. I think what happens is that you get these downloads, and you get these signs and messages that can be open to interpretation. It sounds like you had the same thing. Wait, what's my calling, maybe didn't weren't looking for that. Maybe you're just saying, Hey, what's my next step? Right? Yep. And Baldo, our conversation relationship started off like that, well, I think life is full of those, right? Like, you just have like, well, what's the next thing? And if you can kind of position yourself to where you say, well, maybe I want to do this. And in five years, if you're already thinking that ahead, you're already in control of majority of your fate. There's a pre determined fate, I imagine and timeline. But really, if times infinite, then really, we're just going to evolve into another existence, right? That's just what he was talking about with the rock and all that. But the gift that you have now, I do believe I do agree with you. Everyone has something that they can offer. And I think what most people don't realize is that you might not make a hobby out of it into a might turn a hobby into a career, but there's no reason why you shouldn't share your gift. Right? For whatever reason, it may be and you said something interesting to you said, Why am I not do massage therapy forever? So you're already thinking ahead. Yep. Okay, let me ask you this with this skill set that you've learned now, with all the other skill sets you've learned? How do you view life now? After being a massage therapist?

Rhys Holic 28:16
How do I view life yet now

Jon Mendoza 28:18
that you're a massage therapist? On the physical level for Yeah, man? Like, how, what's your approach to health? Like?

Rhys Holic 28:25
Again, sorry, I don't fully understand for my own personal health. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 28:29

Rhys Holic 28:33
So for me, breathwork, meditation is big, which is something that I've adopted recently. And as far as trying to do that every day, my morning routine is not as extensive as all those that is, that's excessive.

Baldo 28:50
It's been a process over.

Rhys Holic 28:53
But I pray that, you know, most people can have something like that for them. Yeah. And their own lives. Sure. And, man, it's just it's, I think it also it really, I'm glad you asked this question, because this is a conclusion I've been coming to recently is that so we have the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self that we have to take care of. My practice is focused on the physical for now. But it starts with the mindset and the mental 110%. So, for the longest time, I thought, you know, it starts with the physical because that's what we have the most control over, we can work out we can stretch we can mobilize. And then maybe the mental, mental, emotional, spiritual, those are deeper layers that are a bit more complicated. But for the average person, let's focus on the physical but if you don't have the right mental mindset, if you tell yourself the wrong story, if you use the wrong words, your physical, emotional and spiritual health is going to be hindered in a deeper level than you can ever imagine. So for me, growing up, I actually I grew up in a family of 10 large family hectic all the time and in that environment had these stories in my head of unworthiness, you know, x y&z whatever it may be battling those stories, I think is the plenum of having good health. Yeah. So telling myself the right stories, working out. Not even for the physical but for the more like mental clarity. I have to work out five days a week. Diet. steak, avocado, white rice, eggs. Simple red meat steak. everyday. Yeah. It works for me. I'm blessed. Because, you know, diet is complicated. Yeah. You know, everyone has to find their thing. But for me, I'm beyond grateful that steak and white rice is like my thing. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 30:49
yeah. It's awesome. I love it. And I pretty much eat the same thing. Do you really want me just because? avocados, right? Yeah. And then a little piece of meat. What I'll do though, instead of the rice is I'll do plantain chips, like little printings and all that stuff. And just because I need carbs yet, like it's a case of I cut out the carbs. One, I'll lose a lot of weight, I'll get cut. But the problem is, is it for me, I'm too much. But with high intensity metabolism right now that my blood sugar will drop. And I'm trying to regulate my insulin to make sure it accommodates with it. So like, for example, like you brought up diet, I look at diet as metabolism, right? So metabolism to me is like my gasoline. So with me and my genetics, I have a hard time breaking down in sugar. Like I just like bananas give me high sugar, as opposed to brownies, and cookies and ice cream. Which is weird, right? So when I think about that perspective, my body can't function off of sugar, its main source of gasoline. But yet we were taught that the old school mentality is blood sugar, right? blood glucose, right? And so you mentioned diet will all the stuff you had x minus the rice, like all of it is pretty much a very low glycemic approach, right? It's like more high fat and protein. Right? For the most part, right? Which is cool. still get some carbs in there. Right? Because you workout five times a week, you know the same deal. It's incredible that nutrition has not looked at from a sustenance standpoint like that. And if you look at the younger years in life, you talk about mindset, my soon to be six year old and soon to be three year old. We talk about nutrition, we tell you say where's this coming from, you know, they realize they can pick tomatoes off the vines outside in the garden. And they understand that they can eat that. And that's what food should look like. So even that mindset of saying food is natural ish comes from nature comes from outside doesn't come from a box is just a whole different way to change someone's course of life. And so your mindset now is as a massage therapist is probably opened the door for you. breathwork. You said meditation as the first two I mean, that's starting off the day, right? I mean, I do that too. Like I mean, mine's not as long as his butt shave, I get 10 minutes in.

Rhys Holic 32:59
It's better than nothing. Dude, I'll

Jon Mendoza 33:01
be a champ with us today. 10 minutes of breathwork and meditation, because this is your chance, right? This is your like, I literally got here a little earlier today, which doesn't normally happen. And and I was sitting in a parking lot. And I love by 2030 minutes in the parking lot to myself listening to my music, doing my thoughts, writing down whatever I want to no one else. It's my it's my space, right? And I have it every day. And it's cool, because it serves me 510 minutes is all I need sometimes two hours, man. I mean, that's awesome. I those sometimes there's my Wednesday mornings, right, which is cool. But I'll do an ice bath and saunas, with my workout, maybe taking a field like a phone call. But I'm spacing it out. And I'm realizing like, what we were taught from a mindset of the nine to five was the old school way of how you approach for hard working in America should get paid. Nowadays, you and your line of work you book an hour early sessions, 90 minute sessions, right? You say I could do three, four sessions a day if I want to and call it a day. Right? You control your time and your space in that sense, right? You probably didn't with all the other jobs

Rhys Holic 34:12
when they work. My life was I was working 6080 and a handful. 100 hour weeks.

Jon Mendoza 34:19
Yeah, you know.

Rhys Holic 34:20
Yeah. I mean, two three different jobs. Yeah, that was my wife was to work, work work. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 34:24
And is because why? Why were you taught that work, work work. That was the way to work?

Rhys Holic 34:29
Well, so I was put in a certain situation with my family where I'm grateful for the experience. It was a tragedy of, you know, being taken care of and my whole family being financially stable to everything being taken away, like overnight. And so I was thrown into the workforce, dropped out of school thrown into the workforce, and just had to be on my own and I knew that working hard and saving money I could would give me the opportunity to start a different life. So just it was literally at one It was Monday through Friday working as a truck driver for 60 hours, 12 hour days, and then a valet driver as well. Saturdays for a fine dining restaurant and then sometimes Saturday Sundays. And it was just constant man. It was insane.

Jon Mendoza 35:17
That's hard work. Hard work hard physical moving work. Yeah. Right.

Rhys Holic 35:21
God bless drivers, man, God bless nurses got all the things I've done.

Jon Mendoza 35:26
You're the backbone and tell me your plumber, a little bit electrician at the same time? Well, just because I had to.

Rhys Holic 35:34
I honestly I you know, I think it was a really good experience. And it got me here. And I just I just made a post posted something last night and something I've been thinking about of how grateful I am for the loss and tragedies that I've had. Because everything that's happened has gotten me to this moment right here at this lounge, doing a podcast and talking about health and wellness. That's right. It's incredible.

Baldo 35:56
Getting an IV getting an IV. Yeah, this

Jon Mendoza 35:58
is awesome. Yeah, this is bad. So so I'll tell you what we got in here. So it's yellow, because there's some B vitamins in there. It's going to be kind of calming and relaxing more than so like gum bouncing off the walls. But I put some glue to tie on in there. Okay, and glued it down is a big liver brain detoxifier. It's a huge antioxidant, you want to boost your immune system. Good. That's the way to go. Right? Put arginine, glutamine and carnitine. Now those are all muscle detoxifiers as well as regenerators. So it's going to help kind of repair some of the micro tears and fibers that go through wear and tear, I just kind of figured it was leg day today, leg day, right? So and NAD is also in there in AD. And you may or may not have heard about this, but it helps regenerate the cells to get damaged. Long term. It's a it's a promoter of longevity. So it's one of those kind of staples now in the violent world that if you get your hands on something you want to always take, but injectable form is the way to go. Because it's harder to take as a pill form, the one we put in there, you really don't feel as much it's a kind of a lower dose. But you know, watch how you feel tomorrow or later day you might be like, I could probably go again, you know, like for another workout. So all that's rejuvenation. And so like with therapy, I look and I say right, we have to take care of this vessel, right, I've take care of this machine that we have that we call a body, right. And that's what you see, when you touch that body. There's vibrational energy that comes off of it. And it's almost like magnetism and inertia that is within the body. Because if all the substances that, like precious metals are found in the earth we could find in our body, and vice versa, then it's like we're just an extension of our environment, right? So we have to understand that there's something more to just the physical and superficial aspect of skin and muscles, right? There's nerves that go in there, right and nerves, like I had a guy telling you about dry needling the other day, right? And dry needling is like acupuncture, but with needles where you basically can twist the muscle fibers to almost like contract them or relaxing depending on what you want to do like retraining the neuro system. Now imagine if I say going back to the blood sugar thing, imagine if my weapon of choice for going after things like blood sugar and diabetes issues is not a pill. It's the mind. Right? It's more powerful to undo someone's mindset and make them look at it from a different perspective. That's what I felt my superpowers. And I feel like you're gaining that right now because of the experience you call life. And you say, hey, let me show you something. You don't have to do it that way. You're making it too hard on yourself, man. If you just kind of did this and did more of this and come and see me more, you're gonna feel better, you're getting healthier. And there's probably a lot of things that you're going to notice improving your life. And I can speak for example. Right and so you have also done work on yourself. I imagined that this entire time. Right. He did mention the Iosco journey. That was the start.

Rhys Holic 38:58
It really was right yeah.

Jon Mendoza 39:01
Whenever someone comes to Austin, they always love this town because of the energy and the vibe that it brings. And I think that's what you felt there's a presence here no doubt. We're I've always said it many times before it's Epicenter health and wellness. But the stories that it brings you know, it's almost like immigration coming in here I transplants that are coming in here saying, you know, your story's incredible man, Reese, like I've met a person has done as many jobs as you've done, have been such an expansive scale. That's why I'm like man, you have to view the body and the way that we take care of ourselves in a whole different light now, right? And I imagine this is the start of requests. I like I said, I look at the body and say All right, cool. energy vibration. went here some corollary the other day. So the water molecules that we see have memory in them. They did a scientific research paper on it. They they I know that's very redundant. But that's science nowadays, folks, that's what you call it. And they took a droplet of water. And it took like a photograph of it somehow of something else, like a picture of a DNA strand. And they put this, I guess it was like the water and something of a of a DNA molecule. They took that droplet and they put it in another tube. And they did their thing and spun it around and did their fancy stuff. And all of a sudden, it fixed. The rest of the DNA molecule did they take an original like molecule from so imagine a DNA is like a helix. Like it looks like an X. Imagine you take one part of that x is just one line, right? One squiggly line, they basically only had that to start with from just getting the water molecule from that line. In the first two, they took that droplet in a second tube. And because it took a photograph in that water droplet of that original DNA strand, they were able to mirror it somehow using technology and finished the completion of the double helix strand. That's water. The other crazy thing about it is is that our mitochondria and our bodies make water we make our own water Are you always say like our bodies are 70 80% water, sometimes we make our own water.

Rhys Holic 41:19
I didn't know that

Jon Mendoza 41:20
two droplets, two droplets of water every time that mitochondria kicks out ATP. Now NAD goes into your mitochondria, the same NAD you're getting in your IV right now and is making that mitochondria kick out more ATP, if it's happens to be leg day, and let's say you overdid it, you and I both know the muscle fibers can tear, lactic acid builds up arginine takes care of that lactic acid and flushes out the muscles. carnitine comes in and starts repairing the muscle fibers. And it goes into the mitochondria along with an ad and it starts kicking out ATP. And while it's doing that it's repairing that entire cell where it lies dormant in which could be the leg. And so when that happens, you repair quicker. So when you think about that kind of technology that's available, we're talking about the human body. We're not talking about some cool machine that we had to go by to go do that. All I said is Hey, you want an IV today? Cool. All right, I'm gonna put some stuff in there that your body's naturally used to. And, and we're going to go help your body on ways you never thought possible. Right? Which is really cool. I want people to understand what we just talked about, and every sense of the word. So when he talks about aopen, like we hadn't had a podcast and forever. Our mission for me is is like his messengers were just educated. Right? Nope. So maybe your next, you know, realm of whatever it is you do, you'll probably learn more and say, Hey, I got to share this with other people. Right?

Rhys Holic 42:48
Yeah. Well, I'm glad you said that. Because I am working on an online platform. And I'm programming. Yeah, I'm working with this elite tier. And I don't use that lightly. I have a very high standard for personal trainers, massage therapists, this guy is the real deal. Yeah. And we're working on an online program for self release self mobilization. So it's, it's exactly what I want, man, I want people to be educated on how to take care of themselves and understand that any outside force, whether it be IV massage therapy, it's just a amplifier for your ability to heal that's already within you. That's right. You know, like, I don't want people to think that they don't need help, because we are tribal.

Jon Mendoza 43:29
Animals. Yeah,

Rhys Holic 43:30
you know, we can't do it on our own. But you know, it's amplified tenfold. If one person says, Hey, let me help you. But IV, massage therapy, plant medicines, they are there to amplify the inner workings that are already there.

Jon Mendoza 43:44
So that's beautiful way to put it. I love it. We used to call it a loop, but I'm gonna say the amplify Yeah, like that. Because we're in tennis. Right? We have these frequencies of connecting, right? I look at if you can have a conversation with someone that enlightens them in a certain way, not to where they can talk to their outer dimension or whatnot. But just understand that the body is able to do this on its own if we stay out of its way. They carry that with them. And they carry it along with them and they practice it again, like it was yesterday I was talking to a lady about sleep, the

practice of sleep. It's important.

I mean, this week my practice has gotten a lot better. I'm like What have I been doing? Definitely What is this and it's so important to I'm like the number one thing I tell people when they come in here all is to improve their sleep. If they want better health.

Rhys Holic 44:32
It's the best pre workout out there.

Jon Mendoza 44:33
Resume work.

Rhys Holic 44:34
I love that it is get some stuff.

Baldo 44:37
I was doing a masterclass on sleep and he said sleep is the best life insurance anyone can ever think. Yeah, or best health insurance anyone can ever think of it like it just fixes everything they actually give an example on there about they're talking about vaccines, not necessarily COVID but just vaccines in general and They did a study with, with people getting vaccines and how effective they were. And there was two different groups, one group had slept X amount of time, like that's, you know, seven plus hours, and the other group had slept like four plus hours. And then there's like, people sleeping like nine plus hours. So there's three different groups, they all got the same vaccine. And within those groups, there's like, some of them got the vaccine. So we've got a placebo kind of deal, right? Because that's just the process for that scientific thing. But what they found was that what they were testing is the antibodies that were created after the vaccine was, was administered over X amount of time. And the people that weren't sleeping. That vaccine was not worked. Like they weren't creating any antibodies at all. Right? So it's just like, sure, like we can get vaccines, but like, if you're still stressed out and not not sleeping, it's not going to serve you whatsoever.

Jon Mendoza 46:05
That's hilarious. Yeah. Tell me sleeps more important,

Baldo 46:08
correct? Well, that was that was yet and so then, part of the reason that study was was even done was because was the idea of like, how your, how your immune system can improve X amount by the amount of hours that you sleep, usually starting at seven hours of sleep, and like, which is much like someone can sleep six or five, but like, even, like six, it's like a very minute number of like percentage of people in the world that can actually function properly, reset their immune system properly, all that stuff, where they can say like, Oh, I just only need six hours of sleep, the majority need to be set, right? Eight is ideal. Not some people need nines. miguna need 10. And then there's a whole different process of I mean, there's a whole identification of like, what type of body are you how much sleep Do you need, because of like, whatever. And it's at that point, I was like, I know, it's seven, because like, I wake up at seven for me, like, I just wake up after seven hours of sleep, and I'm done, like, and so like, I don't need to fucking try to test it. I know that. I know. Because I've tried my sleep. And after seven hours, it's like, oh, that's when I wake up like, so it's not even. It's not even a question anymore. Right? Like, I know what it is because that's, that's what happens. But but it's just really interesting sleep is that important. Alright, and like, for so many years, people's like, no one even knows why we need sleep, right? And there was this whole thing of like, dude, I only got four hours of sleep and like, I'm here today, like, whatever. And this is like, there was this big pride about not sleeping and still getting shit done. And it's like, yeah, you're probably just working, you're out. You're just working way too much. But then they're constantly sick,

Rhys Holic 47:40
right? That was a big thing for a while. Like when I first moved to Austin four or five years ago, that was like, my mindset of four or five hours of sleep. Grind, hustle, grind hustle. Jocko Willink. David Goggins not sure if you're familiar, yeah, just like pushing your body to the extreme to get shit done. But now, it's like, I've completely shifted my mindset to, if you don't take care of this vessel, optimally, you know, you can't, you're not going to be nearly as productive. Yeah. You know, something Rahm das says is, you know, these bodies are a vehicle for our work. You know, we're put on this planet for a reason to learn some sort of lesson or lessons. And we have to take care of these physical bodies, like, who we really are, transcends the physical body. But that doesn't mean we get to neglect it. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 48:29
makes sense. I agree with that. Even in religious groups, they look at the body as a temple. Yeah, right. Sacred, sacred, right. And that's really what I look at. So I care about what I put into my body, I care about what I surround my body with, right, because if we're mirrors of our environment, you can think about this way. The soil that's out side has bacteria and viruses in them. Our gut lining has something called micro flora that has bacteria and viruses. And if you eat food from the ground, you are taking those bacteria and that virus and put into your body to build up your immune system as a way of building natural immunity. So when you basically start eating processed foods that have that disconnect, they were born in a petri dish outside of a garden bed. Now you're looking at how do you change the DNA of the body as a whole. And you take into account that even traumatic thoughts can cause inflammation in the same type of dysfunction, the body, you're thinking, what have I done to my body, over 3040 years of watching TV, eating crappy food and not getting enough sleep, drinking alcohol, and then being stressed about stupid things like emails and likes and comments. And I wonder why I'm not as healthy as I should be. Or I'm not pooping as much as I should or I can't lose that last 15 pounds, or my neck is chronically always in pain. You say, Hey, I'm going to keep doing this for you. And I'll have a client for life, but you're wasting both our time here. Really, you haven't learned a damn thing, you, you need to stop going to those same patterns, you have

Rhys Holic 50:07
some food for thought for any listeners that aren't fully convinced I had this conversation with someone a few months ago. She was a nurse practitioner, you know, very Western approach towards medicine. And so like, okay, so agree or disagree, negative thoughts stress from the mind can manifest in the physical body in a negative way. She was Yeah, no doubt. Like, okay, so why wouldn't the opposite be true? Why wouldn't positive thoughts positive or mindset? Yeah, create a positive change in the physical body? And she was just like speechless for a second? I don't know.

Jon Mendoza 50:38
Like, no, it's because it changed her mindset right there. That second. I love those. The idea that you can say one sentence, which is what the gurus have always been able to do, right? It's simplified. Confucius says, right, like, if you can basically look at simple ways to view the same thoughts that we've always had throughout centuries, then you understand things like, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Like, oh, yeah, that's still hold true this day. Yeah. It's a it's a theory. It's a practice. Yeah. Right. And you attach it to any situation in life. That's why history is bound to repeat itself. Because what will happen is you forget, oh, when this happened back then, yeah, these are how people reacted, you don't want to react, you want to respond. So when you respond better, in those situations that arise, you'll know what to do, and not panic in that situation. And you can kind of steer the ship in the right direction. I mean, I think about coming over the Mayflower, or maybe when they're going to the new do a new world, right? or traveling and Columbus is traveling, and all of a sudden, he's like, I'm pretty sure I found this thing called America, or like, the way over there. Yeah. How many people are sending, like, Where to go? It's, we're just gonna fall off the earth. Like, we're just gonna fall off the earth. Like, this is ridiculous. And if that's the case, you know, what's that mindset, like, even back they back then with like, hysteria? You know, flat earth and all that stuff, too. And like, you know, there's only this and we all bought, like, the or the the sun revolves around us. Yeah. You know, that old was, I mean, Galileo. I mean, you could probably go back to half the shit that he wrote was great. And then the rest of his like, that was probably completely off. Right? Yeah. Right. But that's because you are a trendsetter. And you think about things differently with that science to begin with. Your whole point of science is basically to draw all these crazy ideas, prove they're right, and then tell everyone else prove me I'm wrong, right? Because essentially, if you choose it over and over and over again, and it comes being right, then you're like, Oh, shit, a theory has become now practical. And these theories and thoughts that we have is something as simple as if your positive mindset can create a positive health environment for you. For years, we would say that Whoo, energy shit. This year, we're calling it quantum physics, right? Yeah. What's interesting, because

Baldo 52:52
like you, you met you, when you use that example of positive thoughts and negative thoughts. And it's like, when people talk about other people, and like, success, or non success or whatever, there's always like, there is this kind of, like, weird sensation was caused because that person is always negative. That's nothing. Nothing ever goes right for them. Right? Kind of like do. And they're easy to point that out. But when some someone's doing good, no one ever says always say, Oh, it's because they're always positive. That's a right observation, right? It's always like, Oh, it's because they're always positive. Like, no, they've anything. It's, it's like, oh, they're just lucky. Right? Right. And it's just like, happy,

Jon Mendoza 53:31
happy go lucky that I used to always says, I'm always happy, you're lucky, which means I always have a positive attitude, right? I knew about karma at a young age, and I was growing up Catholic, you know, like, brought up Catholic. So that was very interesting to think about karma in that reference, right? It's like, because that's basically God's spite. You know, most of the time, right? So I'm like, well, can't you have good karma? Like, what does it mean to have good karma? And you see the tip jar that says, good karma? Said, I was like, oh, pay it forward? Oh, that means I do on to others. Right. And then someone told me like, couple years ago that said, if we're all reflections of God, right, and essentially, we're all he who is, you know, all powerful, then essentially, we're all the same. We're all one. And that's what this lady said yesterday, again, shows, what does it mean? Like we're all we're all one. There's, there's nothing that it's all the same. It's all the same? Well, you and me were the same, they were same energy were the same everything. And so when I don't receive that, in that light, sometimes with the rat race, we call the matrix over here. I think about space. And I think about how small we really are compared to the Milky Way, or the rest of the galaxies that are out there that probably have some kind of life in existence. And I'm thinking like, we're nothing weaker, we're going to transform into another dimension that will be in another planet, another life form and we'll, we'll turn to something else. It we never died. No one ever really dies. We just transfer energy you take form like ice melts. turns into steam. It's the same energy. That's physics. Right? Right. I mean, I gotta prove me wrong, right? That's bullshit. Yeah, everyone just dies in the grounds like, okay, and that's it forever. And that's it forever. Like, that's it. No way. No way. No way, because there's too much we've seen now from energy work and spiritual work and entities to where I'm like, there's something outside of our art, our body, our realm that we don't even understand. I mean, I literally, I've seen crazy shit before. And we talk crazy shit. Like, he wants to learn ESB. I want to levitate. Why not?

Why not try? Why not try?

What don't have to lose.

If you create it, eventually, you know, you, you're proven right? And you're considered genius. In the meantime, you're nuts. But all the people, the brilliant minds, who took their own path, and took all these skill sets and said, You know what, I think I'm gonna do it this way. Those are the people you admire the most, at least I do. And the talks that we have, and the people that come in here that people come to Austin, are all innovators, the people that you work on, that we work on, we're influencing their mindset, because they are stuck in the same matrix. The CEOs and entrepreneurs of the world live here in Austin. And they're miserable, and overweight and tired, and lethargic and impotent. And they are coming to us for help. And so when we tell them I do you got all this man, you already know what to do. Why are you coming to me? You know what to do? Do your exercise, do this? Oh, I know. But I just need to be held accountable. That's all it is.

Rhys Holic 56:34
Yeah, could be, could be I am quite blessed. I would say half my clientele maybe fall under the realm of that matrix. But I recognize that the other half my clientele are people who get it, and who are starting their own thing. And some of the people I work with are changing lives, and to be able to share my gift with them. And then tell me afterwards like, Man, I'm dialed in. Thank you. The ripple effect of that work is immense. It makes me like my heart feels good right now just saying, yes. I have one client in particular, he does a lot of online coaching. He works with a lot of men who used to go with or who went through addiction. And so he's got a group to help people who are in the recovery process. And every time after I work with him, he'll text me either later that day, or the next day. He's like, man, I am dialed in with my work. It's like if my massage therapy helps you help that demographic.

Jon Mendoza 57:30
God bless you change the world. That's how you change the world. The ripple effect, right? We're the 99%. So we echo when you vibrate off one another right? antennas. Hey, if that helps spread the message. Tell a friend to a loved one. We had a lady come in here brought a loved one her mom. I mean, how many loved ones do you get is referrals now and you're like, dude, that's the best kind of referral, right? They're bringing a loved one, which means they're coming to you for help. With the idea that you they already know that you can help them because word of mouth right? Like this person will help you. That's the coolest feeling when someone comes and says I need your help. And I say cool, in a sense that you have the skill set right? To say I know what to do. I know how to help you.

I can help you. I can help you.

Let's get you back on the path. You didn't you weren't able to say that before right now.

Rhys Holic 58:19
Well, gotta find your own path first.

Jon Mendoza 58:23
Yep, enjoy the journey. Enjoy. Enjoy the journey. have any other choice you out. You'll get lost a little bit but that's fine. Enjoy the journey. Find your way home. That's badass. I've enjoyed this race. It was awesome. For the listeners at home. How would they be able to find you?

Rhys Holic 58:39
You can either find me on Instagram at Rhys dot master Risa spelled RHY s ri stop master. And if you wanna check out my website it's mend at xmnd@x.com it's been a

Baldo 58:53
fantastic conversation. Thank you guys for tuning in. Mahalo.

Allison 58:57
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