Nurse Doza and Baldo (@txmxyogi on Instagram) hopped on this week to talk about some updates to MSW Nutrition, how they tend to run business together, and the big dreams they have for the future.

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"if I can be open minded to gain a little more insight about what you believe and how you believe it, then I can see where you're coming from."
"It's mindset once again, right? It's what you put out there is what you will attract."


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"if I can be open minded to gain a little more insight about what you believe and how you believe it, then I can see where you're coming from."
"It's mindset once again, right? It's what you put out there is what you will attract."


SPEAKERS: Allison, Baldomero Garza, Jon Mendoza

Allison 00:15
atomizers Welcome back to The How do you health podcast as always, I'm Alison here in Austin, Texas with MSW nutrition. And guess what? They're the ones who bring this podcast to you. So, I'm very excited to share this episode with you guys today but before I do the intro, this podcast is brought to you by MSW nutrition. MSW nutrition is a supplement line designed to help support your body in as many ways as possible starting with the liver. By helping to repair liver health. You're supporting your body's biggest detox organ so that it can do its job taking care of the rest of you. We carry supplements to help with mood stress, energy, weight loss, gut health, immunity and much more. Any products carrying the MSW nutrition label will be produced in an FDA certified lab and contain the most bioavailable version of those nutrients possible. Make sure to check out our website at www dot MSW nutrition.com to see all the latest stacks to help you reach your health goals. This podcast is also brought to you by athletic outcomes. Athletic outcomes is Austin's boutique wellness studio focusing on functional fitness and sports recovery. Located in South East Austin eo provide services such as personal training, group classes, pre and postnatal training, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, chiropractic recovery, compression boots, and MSW lounge vitamins shots. It's your one stop shop for health and fitness. Check them out on social media athletic outcomes to stay up to date with their events and programs. This podcast is produced by flabs to fitness Inc. flats to fitness is an online wellness company that specializes in mindful eating personalized workout programs and offers a subscription workout program for 20 minute workouts. You can do anywhere We also have a brand new online workout community called online workout that asses, where we have three donation based zoom workout classes a week, and an amazing community of people who are all working to be healthier together. Please join below in the show notes. It's also a social media content firm for creation and scheduling of content and engagement with your fans on a variety of platforms, including this podcast. Find out more about flabs to fitness@www.sl a BS to fitness.com. So today's podcast was sent to me by boldo. And the subject line of the email says john and i rambling about life. If that gives you an indication, this is basically just a Hangout session with john and balda with they've got some really cool updates with the company and science and all that good stuff. So I know you guys are gonna really love this episode. Here is nurse dosa and Baldo at Tex Mex Yogi on the How do you health podcast

Baldomero Garza 02:59
Alright guys, welcome The How Do You Health podcast we got a nice little special episode prepared for you guys today. It's Friday morning our favorite time of the day of the week. And we are doing a special edition of just like john and i we have some things to update the people about. It's also really cool Friday because ocean lab one of our sponsors is is their anniversary all this weekend. We were there late last night, doing the party vibes and shout out to Eric because we built a barge they did most mostly and and we're putting it out on the lake in Lake Austin or Town Lake or ladybird Lake, or, like there's so many names were here in downtown Austin and that barges solely for a DJ booth. Because after that we're gonna get all these people and cat paddleboards and kayaks to surround us and we're just throwing a party and if you are in Austin, and if you're listening to this episode way afterwards and then that's fine too then just know Those kind of things happen but you should reach out to us because we're going to continue doing those the planets that do two more barges, one for the vitamin bar, and another one for a little for for a little dance platform as well too. But here we go, we got nurse doza and myself TexMex Yogi, we're going to talk a little bit of health and little state of the

Jon Mendoza 04:19
world, the state of the world where I don't want to time us like too much, because we've kind of stayed away from all that right now.

Baldomero Garza 04:26
Yeah. Well, someone told me about Lebanon yesterday. I was like, I didn't do not open the new

Jon Mendoza 04:36
chapter since I stopped watching news. I happen to get a glimpse at it the other day, and it just was exactly what you imagined. Like just everything negative, negative, negative, and then one even more negative thing like oh, and then one bit of news, actual news, you know, and so I just it doesn't feed me, right. But

Baldomero Garza 04:52
what's interesting because I find it that if it's really that important, you'll still hear about it, except that you're not hearing about it from like the news. outlets that are just making everything way worse that are just making it like oh my god, the world's gonna end. It is like, if it's that important you still hear about it, but it's like, oh yeah, this happened like it kind of sucks. And there's some theories out there that this and this and this and that. But my nervous system is not like shocked with like just overwhelming amount of messages that are that because then at the end of the day, like three weeks later, you're still like, Well, I think that this is what happened and someone was like, No, I really think that this is what happens like Well, I don't really knows

Jon Mendoza 05:29
so. Well, it's weird, because if you get on social media, then you get a lot of news that way. Right? And so then you get like biased opinion from friends, because they're posting about this like, I mean, obviously you get on Facebook, and there's a post about political left and right. You know, there's something about religious on top of it right. And yeah, kind of stay away from just those hot topics because it's just not one of those things you want. You want to, I guess discuss with people, right because we talked about mindset before and it's really interesting to be Cuz I think we should get to the point where we understand that you have a very strong mindset. And I'm not really going to change or alter it. Right? It's more of a discussion, right? I think because maybe if I can be open minded to gain a little more insight about what you believe and how you believe it, then I can see where you're coming from. I don't have to necessarily agree with that. I can just say, wow, that's interesting. Take on it. Like I see your point of view. Yeah, no. And, and with this discussion, even now, I guess, timing ourselves out. Like, basically, it's not. It's not the most sensible conversation. Right? So it's just like, I don't want to have that conversation. Right, you know, because it feels like it's not getting anywhere. Yeah. Right. And so I don't I want to be everyone people who have a very positive mindset, you know, one, but then on top of it, are open minded to hearing someone else's opinion.

Baldomero Garza 06:47
Yeah. Why just how they're just rather have discussions about how are we improving the world? Like, let's have a look, because there's plenty of things that you can talk about that right and that's a very creative mindset, right? Because it's like, well, this doesn't exist, but we can't exist. And then I don't know I like to think about like, you just create your own reality.

Jon Mendoza 07:07
Well, that's what it is you me fears based in your head, right? So if you look at what we can manifest or create, if you will, then we can create being scared of this or being fearful of that or being afraid to do this. But the truth is, if you have someone that says like, you know, what, if you just switch that word around, yep. Right and just say I for my for my can't, I can?

Baldomero Garza 07:28
Yeah, because I'm a Mexican, right? And then you just keep going over

Jon Mendoza 07:31
and over and over and over again.

Baldomero Garza 07:34
What was it the other day you're like, Oh, well, where there's a will there's there's a will there's a way and I was like, there's no will there's a one and he's a Mexican? Yeah, you just go to Home Depot and pick up one and he's got it, right. I always tell this guy like, Hey, dude, if you just have like a, what is it like a hanger like I'll fix it like don't even worry about

Jon Mendoza 07:59
You just MacGyver that way. Yeah, I've seen you open a bottle of topo Chico like from every which way the seat belt, you know, like, like the seat belt itself in the car to like a lighter to keys and yeah, I think you've hit it off one time, right? I mean, this is not a screw off like it's not a twist off right like it off one time I was impatient do that again.

Baldomero Garza 08:20
I hate champions friendly.

Jon Mendoza 08:22
champions, by the way. Yeah. So like on a side note, it really is like I can because there was a time we were at o or future frontiers last year. And Bala and I were given an IV to this person. And they happen to be head of like a booth there was right next to us. And Marshall came in and was going to shut us all down because we forgot our hand washing station,

Baldomero Garza 08:43
shut up a few other people and he shot a few

Jon Mendoza 08:45
other people down and so Baldo comes up to me, I'm talking this guy, get an IV. He's like, hey, they're about to shut us down. And we don't have a hand washing station. So I look at him. I say, well, you got this. And you just kind of noisy. Yeah, I'll be back. He comes back. He's like, he just kind of winks at me. I was like, that's badass. Well the person who had the IV his booth I shut down because the staff came up and said, like, hey, like we couldn't find it like we could you know to do so we're all gonna pack up and go. Yeah, so he just sat down kind of looked at me and I just kind of like, Well, you know, I

Baldomero Garza 09:15
like what you do. And I was like, well, I went to the back there is a I found that you know those bago ice coolers with the thing right and yeah, because really what it was like, What is it that you need? What what constitutes a washing stations? Basically the guys like well, you basically need something with the spout and, and I'm gonna catch the water. Yeah, you need some napkins and you need, you know, some some soap. I was like, Oh, I got that. And then I just went around and I was like, does this look like a spout? He's like, Yeah, that looks like a sweet so that I could use this and this is the I mean, yeah, technically you can. That's what it is. Then we got it. Right. He's like, Yeah, you got it. You're past. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 09:54
Five minutes. Yeah. Didn't happen.

Baldomero Garza 09:56
Well, because the future frontiers people came in. They're like, hey, What do you need? I was like, Oh, no, I got it ready. Don't even worry. Yeah.

Jon Mendoza 10:01
Because they were freaked out because other people got shut down. And we're so we were like, Well, I mean, we got this like we were, we weren't waiting for someone else to come and kind of fix the situation like we knew how to handle it right? So like the mindset was, it was is one of the one points and I like you know our our guests our relationship friendship and business that was like, you just know at this point, like I can just count on you. Yeah, right. Like I just that's, that's incredible.

Baldomero Garza 10:26
But sometimes I'll tell you things just be like, just say no, like I'm about to fix something.

Jon Mendoza 10:33
Now there's this this is weird thing ever since we started working together, there's this energy of just uncertainty, and it's this like anticipation or anything else. And it's like, I remember when I used to drop you off. When you go to yoga in the morning, I go to the gym. That I was like, I wonder who we're gonna run into or talk to you today? Yeah, like I never know who we will run into and like what conversation we're going to have, because I almost feel like that's continued for years later. Like every single day. I have a feeling that will We're gonna have like the best conversation ever. And it's going to be about something we never thought possible or we didn't even think was going to talk about like, I mean like earlier this week I had two different conversations same day where the person who was a a farmer I to talk with two different farmers like that doesn't happen normally right like I live in a downtown like but we've

Baldomero Garza 11:21
been at we want to get attract that right so that's been something that we've kind of set out into the universe is like, hey, I need to talk to more farm I mean, think about three months ago, you're like I've never even talked to a farmer I don't even know how to do all this and now all of a sudden, we've talked to like six bars in the past like six months. Yeah, you know, so it's really interesting how you just attract that right?

Jon Mendoza 11:41
mindset once again, right? It's what you put out there is what you will attract and the law of attraction. I think we probably even talked about it like when we're in our 20s you know, like, I remember reading books and reading Napoleon Hill and and reading the secret and reach out for one day I was like,

Baldomero Garza 11:55
how am I gonna get an A without actually studying like that? And

Jon Mendoza 12:04
I thought it was like, it's either A or B. Like that's pretty much what it is like there's no subtle it's how much effort I put into it, right? Because the truth is I knew younger age, I was smart, but I just didn't apply myself cuz I was lazy

Baldomero Garza 12:15
with it, right? Because you would run into me going to class but Okay, we're gonna go we're

Jon Mendoza 12:19
gonna go to the bar. It's 2pm. And I'm like, yeah, I'm down. College. Right, it's what happened. I mean, truthfully, we thought we were gonna open a bar, like we always talked about it. And we finally did it just we got healthy, and we decided to open a healthy bar. So I mean, even that kind of mindset, we imagined that we would have a regular

Baldomero Garza 12:37
bi we'd be shut down or now.

Jon Mendoza 12:39
Yeah, we would actually that's, that's incredible, right? Because we became essential. So you talk about the mindset and like we when I say I said something to someone yesterday, I was like, yeah, be recession proof. Yeah, like that's how you want to go about your business. Right? And for whatever reason that may be just think of, I mean, think about I'm also a chiropractor, right? So back pain is never going to go away. Like, that's always gonna be the case, and I had to put my hands on you in order to get you better. So there's no app for that. Yeah, like massage therapy is not going away, right. But if you think about it, like a nurse practitioner, I can see you in an app through FaceTime. I don't have to see face, I don't have to put my hands on you. I had his physician Tell me one time, which was incredible. He literally said, because I know our chiropractors get people better, like he goes, because you actually put your hands on the patient.

Baldomero Garza 13:24
Yeah, it's the human touch the doctor telling me like,

Jon Mendoza 13:28
for another doctor to another's, like, you put your hands on a patient so you automatically have a leg up on getting them better. The physical touches is everything right? So like, if you have energy that you're projecting in a physical standpoint, even if you're not touching someone, you're social distancing, what am I projecting to you and your aura and your field? Right that I'm saying, like, I want you to get better, I want to think positive. How can I give you some of my, my positive energy and then we can kind of Converse back and fourth do that. I mean, it's almost like if you sit in a room and you meditate or breathe with a bunch of People that energy, that vibration you just naturally take in and you naturally raise yourself up, right? It's the same deal if you walk into a room as a bunch of weird energy, and you just take that on. Yeah, I felt weird after leaving that, or you could tell the conversation was like, there's something off here. Right? So you have to be able to, I guess, adapt and respond to that even in business, right mindset to like, someone tells you No, that's a dumb idea. You have to be able to bounce off and say,

Baldomero Garza 14:27
well, that's exactly what I need to do it.

Jon Mendoza 14:28
Yeah, exactly. That's a different mindset. Yeah. How long did it take you to get that?

Baldomero Garza 14:35
Well, I mean, that I never really had a job until after college because I was I was playing tennis. And then I went right into a sales job. Which just because there's like one until I get an actual job, but by the time I got a job offer, it was literally like, they were gonna hire you because it's sales, right? And you're like, yeah, you're gonna, you're gonna make money or you don't, but by the time I actually got my first job offer, they were like, well, that's less than what I'm already making, right? Because my my coat my or my manager mark is Robbins, which I love to death, because he taught me a lot of what I know Still, he was just always like you just find a way like it and he would. He was very brash about that, like he was sometimes it would be frustrating, but at the same time, like I've kind of grown on my own as well, too. So it's like, I kind of understood that as like, well, there's no excuses, right? Like the best excuse is no excuse. And you just figure it out. All right, and then he would give example, this is how I did it did it one time whenever this happened, and I would never my answer to whatever my situation or sales goal was. Trouble was, was never the same answer that he gave me an example of it was more like, Well, that was just served as an example of like, it can be done some way one way or the other. So I guess I just got to find my own way. And then I would just figure that out. Right. And then at some point, like you develop all sorts of different habits, and I think that's really the key to everything is developing the habits right. We keep talking about that. have just be, it's a big download that I had, right? It's just like, whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Like, you just have to be it like, just be yourself that whatever it is, even if you'd have to pick like just one thing that embodies that thing that you want to be, then you just develop a discipline to have that at least have that one thing and all of a sudden, you already embody at least a part of that thing you want to be. And the second thing is way easier. And so then it's like, just be just whatever that is, just be it.

Jon Mendoza 16:29
Yeah, I like I like your discipline, though. It actually inspires me a lot of times to you know, say like, well, what, what can I work harder at? Right? But there's a lot of people who don't have that discipline. Sure. Right. And what's interesting about in business is and I think, I think I kind of knew this before I started working with you, but I mean, your goal is here in front of me. You say, that's what it is. We're gonna make, we're gonna meet it, we're gonna manifest that and that's what's going to happen. My mind is like, well, what's the path that we're going to take to get there? Sure. Like, what are the little checkpoints and Little things that could arise and could go this way, and how we're going to stay on the right track, right. And we talked about this and our vision has evolved a little bit, right. But it's still kind of stayed the same over the past four years, right? And so, throughout thick and thin and even pandemics, we've literally had to stay the course and say, like, Alright, what are we gonna pivot this way? We're gonna pivot this way.

Baldomero Garza 17:19
Yeah, well, there are two big things. We're gonna make the new health insurance, which I think we're pretty much there. And then and then and then make food free. Yeah, it goes, if it doesn't get as if it's not a step in that direction, then, then it's not a step to take. So then I don't necessarily need to know what the path is. I just know that it won't is it isn't in that direction, or is it not?

Jon Mendoza 17:41
Well, the thing is, though, you're very disciplined. Yeah, right. There's people out there that get swayed very easily. Right. Think about a 30 day challenge where people are like, wow, I want to lose weight. I gotta eat like this for only 30 days. And then I you know, go back to the way it was like, no, it's like you this is just the way you eat now. So changing the neuroplasticity of the way that you just approach food. Yeah. Over 3040 years of a lifetime is a very hard way to just say like, Okay, well, I'm just going to fast now, like you're a fasting expert. But when people look at you sometimes and you say I do a six day fast, they're like, there's no way like I could never do that. Yeah, right. Like they automatically go to that

Baldomero Garza 18:15
well for me anytime you think that which is why I'm also doing the celibacy this year, anytime I think, like, I could never do that. Then it's like, well, that's exactly what I need to do it. Like it's as easy like, that's usually my mindset was stuff is like, anytime I find myself that I go, I could never do that. Not not because like I could never hurt someone, then that's why

Jon Mendoza 18:33
I get that. But let me ask you this, though. Do you have a comfort zone?

Baldomero Garza 18:38
I mean, it's always expanding.

Jon Mendoza 18:40
Right? But you know, you've somehow wired your brain to say, here's my comfort zone.

Baldomero Garza 18:44
So I need to step out I'll tell you this. Actually, I've told this story many times just because I barely remembered it the other day, but when I was younger, I think I told you, this one's like I used to be very OCD, like to the point where like, I used to like tie my shoelaces like three times. On each side or like if I did that then I had to do it here like all that stuff and at some point there's no one told me it is and my head of all the movie posters because I used to know movies and they were all always like just perfectly in line with each other and I used to be so like, freaky about like, Can I get a measurement tape mom so I can like make sure that this is in line with that other one and like all that like just super like freak and at some point I was like, I don't like that because it would stress me out and I was like maybe like eight or nine years old at this point. And I just don't like that and so I just decided you I'm just gonna put all my all my posters like just in a weird ankle just out of place and I'm just going to get comfortable with it. And it freaked me out for like a week I remember that until I was like well I guess I'm not gonna do anything about it because I already decided I'm not gonna do anything about it. So I'm just have to get comfortable with it. And and I was like eight or nine years old, but I can still remember like making that conscious decision that I wasn't going to do anything about it because I no longer wanted to be that. You know, like I didn't want to be And then yeah, and then the the shoe laces thing stopped. And then the other thing start and it was just like, it just made sense all of a sudden. And because my friends weren't doing that my friends had like all crooked things and never bothered them. It never bothered them that their posters were all crooked and stuff. And I would walk into a room and I would be like, What the fuck is going on? You know, like, Why are those things not straight? Yeah, yeah. And sometimes I still get that. Where I'm just like, God, that thing's crooked or whatever. I think you

Jon Mendoza 20:25
have to be OCD to a certain extent. I mean, you just have to have standards. Sure. It comes down to right you just can't be too in depth about it. Right, I guess right to the certain point. But I was I had a an LP session yesterday with a net. Yeah. And it was interesting because neuroplasticity, and it's rewiring of the brain. I think it was really cool because she she had me go through this exercise. And it was like, it was some kind of Hawaiian spirituality diagram and it was really cool. And it's basically there's like, you know, the universe is Earth. There's other In our connection to Earth and in connection to reality, and she taught me through this exercise, like what do you see, you know, this exercise was the first image that pops up to start describing it. And she's like, Okay, cool. So like, what is it that you envision going forward? Like, what are the two like, left and right like, what are the extreme spectrums that you want in life or whatever? What do you see yourself as I said, Well, I have this professional image of myself. And here it is over here. And I have the family image like me being a dad shoe. So what is it that comes to you when you see those images? And the the work one was me surrounded by a bunch of people talking, interacting, maybe I for some reason, I kept having a suit on for some reason. I was weird. And I noticed that the President there was a gray suit, so I don't know if I get by with that. Well, we're gonna just reinvent this Armani all day, right? Yeah. But there was the lights were forcing. It was a lot of like, very chill mellow colors. Gray and blue and all that as well. And then somebody Poulsen was very light, it was bright. It was like a picnic, we're rolling around in the park outside. We're all smiling and laughing. It was very interesting that those are the images that popped up. Because both of them I associated with, like, I'm in my element. But yet they're different, but they're very different. So then that was like, Well, what would you change with those images? And you're like, can you change your perception of how you see yourself in that image. And so the image of me working was like me in a suit being around a bunch of people. And it was kind of like fluorescent light, it was kind of darker. And I had to switch it to where I was sitting in kind of in a shirt like this, talking to people like in a very like roundtable setting. And it was a lot of interaction between us face to face, and the lights got brighter. Yeah, which was very interesting. And so I could feel my brain literally shifting that image in my brain to say like, no, think of it as like this. Now. So, the mindset is a very powerful tool because you have to like, there was times when I was doing that, that I could have backed away into like that I don't get it, I lose focus. Sure. But then I was like, I'm gonna go further with I'm going to train my brain to say no, make the lights brighter in your, in your mind with this picture. Change the people are sitting there, you're trying to change your attire.

Baldomero Garza 23:21
Right, you can create whatever you want,

Jon Mendoza 23:22
right? So and I did it because I know it stuck with me because when I woke up, we start discussing it I can still see that I'm seeing the image right now as I'm discussing it. And it's like it's there. Now it's an implanted image in my brain did now has life to it.

Baldomero Garza 23:37
Yeah. Well, it's funny because I've been telling a by we have we have we have some guests here. So sometimes I'm talking to the guests. And I keep having this like, image, like during meditations or just during visualizations where like, I'm shaking, like the President's hand like and like he's thanking me for for, like, whatever I imagine is because we built the new healthcare system or something like that. And I keep trying to get that image clear, because I know just how powerful visualization is. And at some point, I was like, I think that is like, it's us, shaking hands. You know that, like, you're the president and the vice president, so I can't wait to just have like, deep house music vibes over at the White House. Like that's, that's, that's, that's how I can see it. Right. Like, you walk into the White House, and there's just like, some groovy music going on. And people are like, Dude, this thing's gone down and fucking like, whatever country you're like this and that. I was like, dude, just chill. Like, like, What's so what's the solution? Right? Like, it's, and then though, like, why I think we should do this, like, that's fine. Let's do that. Right. Like, that's kind of how I see it. Because the other day, we had Emily Rose coming here, right? And she's, she's great. And she said, Look, I want to be the first female president. And I was like, let's do it. Like, that's not a product, right? And then when we're discussing some other topic, and she's like, but that's just not the way that it works like things go this way and go that way. And I'm just sitting in the background like, Yeah, but they can always just be a different Like you just have to make that happen.

Allison 25:06
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Jon Mendoza 25:50
Someone told me the world can change in seconds.

Baldomero Garza 25:54
Oh yeah. So what I think we can change the thought.

Jon Mendoza 25:57
Yeah, so whatever you thought a second is not true anymore. I mean, that's really what it comes down to. Right, Tim are are good for keep name dropping, Tim biohacker was like, whatever got you here doesn't mean it's the right thing, right? Don't do what got you here. Right? Maybe you have to change it up a little bit. And I, I think that we're always adapting and I look at having a mindset of being more open minded to what I don't know, right, because I get humbled every day. And I feel like I have a path and I understand it. I guess I have a craft, right? A skill set that is better than most people, right? certain things, right. But then you have something that you're better at you have something you're better at. And it's cool because when you look at like a master class setting, you give these tools and I was saying earlier this week saying in their utility belt, they kept saying in my utility belt, and I say that's a perfect way I think about Batman, right? I love Batman, and he always had something for every situation. He was always corner collectors, I got my battering I got my, my anti you know, bad Elephant spray or whatever? Yeah, like just, it's like, okay, he was prepared. But he was also trained and skilled to be paired for that situation. So it's not like you're gonna know what situation comes up. It's just more like, Alright in life. We know that the unknown as possible. So anything that comes up, it's adaption. I think I can adapt to it and handle stress to stressful situations in a very good way for my health. And then I could promote longevity because of it right. And so, I look at all the conversations I've had in the past four years, which I really feel like the last four years of my life has been a whole separate chapter. Like it's just it's a it's, it's been a blessing, to say the least. And the conversations I have, it's very much knowledge and wisdom. Right? It's not anything like a book that that you can read like you read any kind of book and you want to say, Hey, this is

Baldomero Garza 27:50
what we should get Carla's GPS guy on a podcast. Thanks, buddy.

Jon Mendoza 27:55
Man. And if if you if you think about We got all our vitals in, which is very, that's awesome. Yeah. So for your listeners at home, we're also a vitamin IV clinic here, broadcasting live from this place. So we got a bunch of vials. So it's like Christmas day all over again. But, yeah, just, if you have someone who you meet, that's really successful, what I would say is just ask them as many questions as you can without bugging the hell out of them. Right? And if they sense that you're a pretty cool person, the they'll probably give you some advice. And a lot of those times a lot of those times the advice might be good or bad, but I've tend to like, like, I don't know, take a little bit of something from each conversation, and maybe run with it, right. Like, they said one thing that I was like, You know what, that's a good, that's a good approach. It's something else, you know, pocket later. And then I'll think about it later when, when the situations right, it's essentially, you're passing along tools in life and existence, and that's really what we're all we're doing. We're all interested Trapped in these vessels we call human bodies. And we're bumping into each other all the time. We're just balls of energy, right?

Baldomero Garza 29:07
bumping and grinding, I guess you would put it that way.

Jon Mendoza 29:11
bump into one another and you say, I'm sorry, but in return, I'll give you this to leave with. Right? You can say, the metaphorical scar or bruise, right? And then you say, I'm going to move on. There I bump into a wall, I don't stop and sit down and cry about it's like, I got a big bruise. But I keep going. You ever seen a guy with like a broken leg or something and they're in the gym and they're still lifting?

Baldomero Garza 29:35
Well, we see that here all the time, right? Because they come in and go, I'm injured but like, Can I still work out tomorrow?

Jon Mendoza 29:40
We had a person yesterday fell off a horse without a helmet on and then asked like, Well, can I kind of work out? As just take today off? Just take it.

Baldomero Garza 29:52
That's two days off.

Jon Mendoza 29:53
I was like, just take the day off. You'll be fine. It'll be fine. But that's a mindset. Yeah. I can't Stop working out what because that's the thing.

Baldomero Garza 30:02
We've seen a number of people, a lot of women who they freak out when they you tell them that, like you shouldn't work out in the next week. And they're like, but I'm having anxiety.

Jon Mendoza 30:13
Well, I would say not just women. I think it's just

Baldomero Garza 30:19
it's a lie presented different.

Jon Mendoza 30:21
It's a lifestyle for guys. Guys will feel like their muscles are getting smaller. Yeah, that's how I feel like, like, if I worked out like three or four days, I feel like I'm getting smaller by the second. Right. Women OPI say, getting more bloated, like I can feel I'm getting like bigger. And I'm like, yeah, that's interesting, because like, it's probably not the case at all is probably just water weight for both of us. Yeah. So I'm not too worried about it in that sense, but letting go especially like now, I work out. I don't know, two three times a week. If I'm lucky. For yesterday, there was an hour. Yeah, I'm okay with it. I managed to workout two hours at a time like that was amazing. But I can't carve out two hours in a day right now. Because, I mean, I just thought

Baldomero Garza 31:03
I was like screw while I'm doing my push ups in the morning.

Jon Mendoza 31:05
Are you still? What yoga are you doing now? you doing? Like

Baldomero Garza 31:08
I do a lot of restorative yoga. Yeah, yeah. And but I do my push ups in the morning and some jumping jacks keep it simple. Like I get some movement and like that's definitely movement is definitely part of my morning routine. Sometimes that movement is like an hour workout. A lot of times it's just 50 push ups. Or some squats, like just in place. Yeah. That's it. That's about it. Yeah, but semen retention helps with muscle growth. And so that's been I can notice that.

Jon Mendoza 31:42
Okay, so

Baldomero Garza 31:55
Well, next time he's next time, he's just like being like a little too, to touch. He was like, babe, like, your muscles are getting smaller like you need to step away for a week. Three weeks is the is the is like the prime part of like muscle growth because of semen retention.

Jon Mendoza 32:19
gonna walk in like the Hulk or what?

Baldomero Garza 32:21

Jon Mendoza 32:24
So I had a conversation with a client one time about his labs. And I know you've heard this before too, but like, we're talking testosterone. It's so his numbers was like, his total testosterone is 1000 and he's our age. He's like, 38 at the time. He's like, I don't know 3435 or something. I was like, you don't take testosterone Do you? And he's like, No, I don't I say what do you do to get your number so high? I got it. No, I haven't seen this before. And he straight up said here's my routine. He says, I take this to the and then every day in the shower in the morning, right you know, before I get go to work yeah, I think Take care of business like it's consistent like brushing his teeth and I was like that's that's incredible because his mindset is like this is just part of like what I need to do daily routine like it's just it's interesting it's working you know which I thought was crazy so

Baldomero Garza 33:15
it's probably all the other things he's taking

Jon Mendoza 33:18
well because boxes do it all the time but see I've heard I heard that keeps your numbers up but

Baldomero Garza 33:24
doctor I mean boxers do it all the time. They just won't have sex for like a month before because they want to like they they want to be like top performers in the boxing ring because they get so fatigued with every punch well, so they need to optimize every single little beat but what about the idea if you don't use it you lose it No, you don't know. I'm starting some articles I've been reading

Jon Mendoza 33:43
okay because what I've understood it as as you get older one of the reasons why guys have prostate issues is because they stop you Jackie Okay,

Baldomero Garza 33:50
so so so there's a there's also a practice to channel that energy. So that's that's the other part.

Jon Mendoza 33:57
With all the nursing home patients are they willing to go to Do that.

Baldomero Garza 34:00
Maybe I should start a program that

Jon Mendoza 34:05
I still haven't tried to get back to where you're at. Why do you want to join me?

Baldomero Garza 34:11
I was like won't because it's whatever like you can. I'm trying to levitate all that kinetic energies are just floating on a cloud. Just

Jon Mendoza 34:28
like, levitating now like, you're like I guess that's pretty cool. How long did it take you to get there? Like, two years? I don't think so.

Baldomero Garza 34:37
I think even better Dude, I can a week

Jon Mendoza 34:38
if you could levitate, and he was say five years.

Baldomero Garza 34:42
You could do like Superman like you could fly. I done

Jon Mendoza 34:52
no question. Does Sign me up tomorrow.

Baldomero Garza 34:55
Oh, yeah, dude, this climate would be so much easier. I just like I really only climb because I want to get to the top so I can like see the world from the top so if I can just fly up there then it's way easier but

Jon Mendoza 35:08
the fun out of all the hiking like the challenge,

Baldomero Garza 35:10
I mean sure but come on I could do all the mountains

Jon Mendoza 35:18
wow okay all right yeah I'd like to see that research because I don't know that'd be I'd like i said i just complete opposite in like that's why the whole like cutting the vast difference when you're getting a vasectomy leads to increase prostate but you

Baldomero Garza 35:32
start making it you stop making it right like or some I don't know.

Jon Mendoza 35:35
I'll just make it just blinks like you will say you back. You go through the motion, just nothing comes out. Right. So that's I'm saying if that's the case, where does it go? Does it build up but like

Baldomero Garza 35:50
I used to do that all the time just to like have multiple orgasms like just retain my semen like whenever I do an intercourse that's like trying to tantric sex like that's not a problem.

Jon Mendoza 36:00
Yeah, but eventually it gets released. Sure, like this is saying like it doesn't. Because like I imagine like if there's a guy who's like seven years old and eats a crap, he doesn't exercise takes a lot of fear. Got a vasectomy,

Baldomero Garza 36:15
and Well, yeah, but then you probably never have sex right? Yeah, but then at that point you're probably retaining like a lot of very unhealthy sperm. Or I don't know if that works that way. But

Jon Mendoza 36:27
probably right because if you whatever you eat is your byproduct of whatever you take in your body. Yeah. Right. So sure is the difference between McDonald's

Baldomero Garza 36:37
do so when I when I do have a baby's gonna be like a little fucking like super boy

Jon Mendoza 36:52
says he wants to have a kid when he's like 60 what like

Baldomero Garza 36:54
6055 or 60 Done.

Jon Mendoza 37:08
I know it's possible. I mean, you heard him earlier. It's like a big kid, right? So then rather than like, he's like, okay, now I'm ready.

Baldomero Garza 37:18
I think I'm a teenager now. I think I

Jon Mendoza 37:20
know how to outsource this.

Baldomero Garza 37:25
Yeah, that's true. That's cool. Anyway, so I think we're gonna finish it up there because it's nowhere else. The next one that john and i will be doing, we're gonna be discussing every single one of our supplements and telling you guys all about their benefits and what they do for you. And I hope you look forward to that one Other than that, I love you guys.

"if I can be open minded to gain a little more insight about what you believe and how you believe it, then I can see where you're coming from."
"It's mindset once again, right? It's what you put out there is what you will attract."


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