You can call him Baldo, and you'll probably see him doing handstands around the office while drinking Slenderitas. Baldo comes from a background of sales with Cutco. He is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and all-around deal maker when it comes to getting you the vitamins you need to improve your health.  



Thanks to Jonathan's extensive education, he has experience in the following areas:

Sports Therapy with Olympic and Professional Athletes

Physical Rehabilitation

Family Medical Services

Urgent Care

Functional Medical Services

It has been his dream to open a holistic health & wellness center that offers a well-rounded approach. Jonathan hopes that you will become a part of his vision.

"We firmly believe at MSW Lounge that food is your medicine. And so we are very snobby about the food we put in our bodies." -Jonathan Mendoza


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"Being aware of your body and listening to your body, it tells you exactly what it needs." -Baldomero Garza


Allison 0:16
All right, well, how's that for ya? I had a little bit of fun mixing up some music to start off our show. This is the How do you health podcast brought to you by MSW lounge here in Austin, Texas. My name is Allison and I'm going to be the moderator of the show. You'll hear john Mendoza today on the podcast with Baldo Garza. JOHN is our nurse practitioner and chiropractor and Baldo is our medical yoga director. between the three of us we want to bring on interesting people that we think are doing health well. And we've turned health into a verb by saying how do you do it? And that was very intentional. We think that there are many different paths to reach what you think is health, and we want to talk to you guys about it. We just want to share the Word of health and get as many different sides of it on here as possible. So that being said, this show today is brought to you by slender rella the fat burning shot containing methyl cobalamin, b 12, and liver detoxification properties. Slenderella helps you lose weight by cleansing the cells and allowing them to release the excess estrogen that is stored within them causing weight loss. So pretty cool it detoxes the liver. slender rella is a shot blend or an IV blend that can be sold at medical facilities or gyms or places that want to have a doctor overseeing the medical use of it.

If you would like more information, they are found on Instagram as at Slenderella underscore USA, you can send them a direct message there. You can also email info at Mendoza sports wellness.com for more information on getting slender at your facility. The next advertisement I have is that this show is also brought to you today by flabs. To fitness. Flabs to fitness is working to help you achieve your greatness by being healthier, currently specializing in 20 minute workouts you can do anywhere including knee modifications and pregnancy modifications. If you would like to find out more, please visit www dot flabs to fitness.com. Or you can email flabs to fitness@gmail.com that is FL ABS to fitness@gmail.com Alright guys, those are all of the ads today. Thanks for hanging tight. We got a really cool Show. Today I'm going to learn a lot about vitamins and how to keep yourself from being sick when you're taking care of a sick toddler. And how to go from being a runner who can't touch their toes to a stellar Yogi and yoga instructor. Alright guys, hope you enjoy Have a good one. All right. So guys, this is Baldo and john, we are live on Facebook and Instagram at MSW lounge on Instagram. And there's the sports and wellness on Facebook. The hidden voice talking to you is Allison. And I'm going to be helping these guys through starting a podcast. So this is the first official episode of The How do you help podcast?

Jon Mendoza 3:24
All right, the podcast of MSW lounge. And we're super excited to get started. So what's up guys? What's going on? Good to be here. Yeah, we're having a great week. so far. I hope everyone else is too. So I guess what we wanted to talk today about was some of the services that we do here MSW lounge, including some of the vitamin IVs, the medical yoga that we do, and maybe some of the hormone balancing that we do as well. So

most people I know y'all can't see this and the podcasters can't see this for sure. But we have IV hooks, they're hanging up above my head. And even in the seats, a lot of people come in and environments so Baldo here has gotten many IVs. Right? And tell me a little bit about some of the vitamin IVs that you do.

Baldo 4:14
So I've kind of play around with a bunch of different things. It's cool because like I can we get to test out the different concoctions that that john comes up with. It's always great because depending on what's going on, so like even today, I'm going to get later today I'm going to get an IV on vitamin C because it's an essential vitamin to get rid of, I guess just toxins maybe or to just to get rid of anything that's going on. And so yesterday I babysat for Johnson, and I think he's a little bit sick and I felt donor's might have a scratchy throat. So I figured you know I've done this before when I've had a scratchy throat is I'll get a vitamin C IV because it's the best way to get supplements into your body and hopefully just not get sick and it's working. But other times before, so there's no reason why it shouldn't work again, but be doing yoga, I've always liked doing different concoctions to help me with my flexibility to make, make sure that our muscles recover faster. So that way, you know, whenever I'm out doing yoga, I do yoga every single day, for at least an hour, then that way I can, you know, stay flexible, stay focused, and throughout my workouts and, and you know, supplementation through through IVs. And shots is the best way to get vitamins into your body anyways. So I mean, why not do it to help me stay healthy and happy?

Jon Mendoza 5:36
Yeah, that's so you, you do your IVs for yoga, like you're doing ID Yoga is like yoga IV. So yeah, we have one out there called the, the yogi Express. Actually, it's one of our rapid drips. It's funny, because that one is more for relaxing and calming. That's why we do it. It's kinda like the Zen supplement that we sell here. But why in the world? Would you get a yoga IV? Like what was it do for you? I mean,

Baldo 6:02
I get slender a lot fit, right. And so that's just gonna be from what I remember, it's gonna be a lot of amino acids that help with muscle recovery and muscle repair and doing as much activity physically that I do. I know that it helps. I mean, I'm never sore like that. I mean, even the other day, last week, I went for a 10 mile run for the first time in a while and, you know, I wasn't even sore. So and I know it has to do with something I'm doing nutritionally and not just because like I'm a freak of nature, because I'm not because before I started doing any type of supplementation it was I was just like anyone else's, like demo, Akin for three days or like, just sore for like, you know, the day after you workout or the day after or two days after you workout. And so I haven't had that feeling thankfully, in a while since I've been, you know, trying different things out. And so yeah, so I mean, that's, that's my theory there.

Jon Mendoza 6:59
That's cool. Because a lot of times people think about vitamin IVs. The thing about hydration, like a big bag of sailing. And then they also talked about hangover cures. So we have that it's called lacuna data in the witch doctor, pretty much the healers what it is. But it's not necessarily lifestyle. We promote all the time, but it's something that's very similar to something that people would need for like jetlag, for example, or they were really, really chronically tired from being stressed out and traveling all over the country from summer trips. Maybe. We love vitamins here at MSW lounge, and Baldo is a prime example of someone who I've been just amazing the transformation he's done within a year. So I'm going to give you a little bit of background on him. So Baldo is my best friend. And he started doing yoga with over 400 days ago.

Baldo 7:50
It's for 28. Today

Jon Mendoza 7:52
for 28 of yoga in a row, like non stop 428 days in a row of yoga, which is downright incredible. And he's made me fall in love with yoga, which is great. And we actually if you do happen to be around the Austin area, this is just a quick plug. Next Wednesday, we're going to do a pop up at wonderlust downtown Austin. It's our it's one of our favorite yoga studios here in Austin. There's many great ones, but one of our favorites. And we'll be doing a b 12 shots, some freebie 12 shots and some other things as well, some supplements so if you want to stop by come see us. But um, going back to the yoga aspect, he didn't do yoga beforehand, he was a training for marathon. Can you

Allison 8:31
talk a little bit about that? valdo so what difference did you notice in your life and your fitness when you started yoga? And how does that help when you do decide to go on those runs?

Baldo 8:42
So I used to not even stretch before? Um, I don't know, I know I read it somewhere. It was from a soccer player, a professional soccer player that he said that. I guess his coach had mentioned something about like, you should never stretch or something. And he was adamant about it. So because I never like to stretch I took that that like interview that I read about and I was like hell yeah, like that's my that's my thing. I never like stretching because now it's like I don't know. Boring right? It's not not stress because now like, as you guys can you guys ever come to anywhere I'm at like you'll see me just pop up into a handstand or like just just because it's like I'm I'm kind of tight here anybody who has done like

Allison 9:24
a running joke that Baldo gets paid to do hands Yeah,

Baldo 9:27
yeah. And so um, I fell in love in yoga because I was training for an iron bowl, I have finished the whole Iron Man situation and then I was gonna it was gonna be about a four month gap before I started training for for Iron Man. And so I kind of like my competitive side wanted to do something in between but at the same time, like I didn't want to run more because I needed to rest from from that activity. So I went to a yoga class, mainly just because I was wanting some girl. I think it's During that class, someone was doing something about like, like a 30 day challenge. And, and, you know, they were giving him high fives and whatnot. And I was like, Oh, I could probably do that. Like, that seems like I liked what I did today. And, you know, I need something else to like, focus on. So might as well do that. So. But I said, I'm gonna go for 100 days, just because I figured, like, if that guy did 30, then I could do 100. And then that turned into like, well, I'm just gonna take it into a year, and I had gotten a knee injuries that I was also trying to heal, and that hadn't healed. So I just went for a year. And you know, thankfully, now it's healed. But that's for a completely different reason, different supplementations that I just never put together. And now I do. But I think that yoga now when I go back to running now, I can tell that my strides are longer, I can I take a lot less breaths during my like, during just my routine, my heart rate stays though even though I'm running faster than I ever used to before, I know that there's my hips have open so I can I can tell that my strides are also just like longer. And besides is being more efficient. And I'm just more aware of what's going on with my breath. And then also just including just on my body as well.

Jon Mendoza 11:14
Yeah. So I mean, all that being said, the transformation has been incredible because like I said, this guy couldn't bend over touch his toes. He was so tight, and his hamstrings his lower back. And it was incredible. Because now this guy can do all kinds of crazy things with these yoga poses. And it's only been a little over a year. But he takes it one step further the competitiveness. You can see he's a college athlete, and you heard about the 30 day challenge as well. I'm going to do that if you did, I'm going to do it right. So that's why and then he's I'm gonna do 100 days, I'm gonna do 200 days now I'm going to do a whole year, you know,

Baldo 11:45
think the year was I remember once I was actually I was still living in Houston. And I went to a class here because I was visiting you. And I was like, I need to go to class, right. And someone had told someone like that I was doing 100 Day Challenge. And remember, that guy had said something about like, why did a year ones but like, you know, I took a day here. And I was like, Well, I haven't taken a day off. And I'm not sure yeah, that's Yeah. And so now it's been over a year. And now Dean, the guy that owns do have a veto, so that he's done it for 11 years. So now I was like full fuck. Like, I can't, I can't let this stop now. Well,

Jon Mendoza 12:20
yeah, that's the competitiveness, right? I got heard that someone else has to be beat. I got to catch up to him, you know, and it comes part of your natural routine. And that's funny

Allison 12:28
to me, too. Because a lot of people think of Yogi's as being super Zen all the time. But like, that's a certain type of yoga. Very hard.

Yeah. can do and you can totally

get competitive if no, if with no one else other than yourself.

Jon Mendoza 12:42
Yeah. Well, I can tell you right now, I grew up in Austin. And I mean, people are gonna hate for me to say this. But the truth is, is that the people who were doing yoga back in the days were a bunch of hippies. I mean, that's, and I'm, I'm part hippies. Yeah, it hasn't changed. Well, it has changed because now you're seeing like, big guys that played NFL, that are coming in and doing yoga because it knows it helps their shoulder pain, you know, like it helps the rotator cuff. And I think that's incredible. One of the things we do with medical yoga here is Baldo is basically the medical yoga director. If a person comes in after a car accident, they have low back pain, or maybe they had, you know, Runner's knee or something. I found myself prescribing a lot of similar like yoga poses for those problems and saying, well, we might as well just go and create medical yoga as a form of sports rehab, you know, which is really cool. But going back to the Ivy's, I wanted to prove a point here. Baldo looks at his body as something that he has to take care of on a daily basis. Right. Yoga is one of those things that does that for him. But the idea is that he does I mean, how many of us have you had so far then? just the beginning of this year? Oh, man, at least

Unknown Speaker 13:47
one a week, right? 50?

Jon Mendoza 13:49
Yeah, you've had maybe like 40 or 50 IVs? This this year? All right. And it's only September, right? So he loves IV. In fact, he had he had an IV in his foot one time.

Baldo 13:58
Some of those are also experimental, just because like, we want to make sure that we

Jon Mendoza 14:02
Yes, okay, so so let me let me back up here. So I love biochemistry. All right, I'm a geek about it. I don't say I'm certified in it, or I've had a degree in our Ph. D in it, but I just love studying it. As similar to all the biohackers out there you we can talk for hours about methylation and, and an ATP and B 12. And all that as well. But when we method when we talk about diabetes getting and we test it on ourselves, we are very conservative in the sense that we don't ever give anything to anyone that might cause some kind of weird reaction or might not get the response we're looking for. So every formula, including the yogi Express for that matter, including Brain Candy that we just came up with, all of those have been tested on ourselves. So the reason why Balto has had an IV like a week or sometimes two a week is because I come up with a new formula like Bob, I want to test this on you. But as he started seeing the benefits of it, he started implementing it and gearing it more towards his personal means right like he doesn't drink I don't drink anymore, right? So it's like, why do you need a hangover cure, he doesn't need that he needs something more specific for him, right. So that's why the yogi IV is good because there's a lot of stuff in there for Cartlidge and a lot of stuff for collagen. And so you can apply that to not just, you know, knee pain and ligaments and tendons, but you can apply it towards like tightening of the skin and making someone look more youthful and more younger. You know, a lot of people will do that as well. And that I mean that he gets it's very customized to him, but it's become a part of his regimen. He even said on the way over here today is like, today's Thursday, I get to have my IV today, and I'm gonna go do this, blah, blah, blah. So it's part of his routine. And a lot of the clients that come in here are the exact type of mentality, they say, I go do yoga, I go do acupuncture, I go, I've been gluten free for 20 years, you know, I cook all my own food, I grow my own garden in the backyard, I take tumeric I do lavender essential oils and frankincense, and they all have chiropractors. I mean, I'm a chiropractor, in addition to being a nurse practitioner, but I can tell you this right now, a lot of my clients, some see me, they already have a chiropractor. I don't try to take over their chiropractic care, but I become part of the routine because I provide them the best way to get vitamins in your body. And that's why he loves IVs because when I told him this is the competitiveness, right? He said, What's the best way to put the vitamins in my body? Do I take pills? I was like, No, you do. I've eaten shots. And he says, Okay, I only want to do I've used it because that's 100% absorption, right? I was like, that's about as close as you'll ever get.

Allison 16:30
So before this year, and before Baldo started doing his IVs you're talking about now he comes in and he says I want X, Y and Z and my IV because this is so Baldo, you now know kind of what a lot of Well, you know what all this stuff does. Now, you've been there long enough? Um, but do you find yourself helping clients and seeing clients also kind of do the same thing if they decide to stick to a regimen of yoga and things like that they they, you bring in a lot of friends from yoga, and you help them kind of pick things based on what they need. You are in tune with your body enough now to be able to say, I feel like I'm going to get sick, I need vitamin C. So do you find it fairly easy for you to explain to other Yogi's how they should be supplementing based on what you've learned?

Baldo 17:21
Um, yes, I find it easy to at least talk about or at least, I find it easy for them to find it easy to want to talk about it and open up about it. Because I think we can find it, I mean, I've done I tend to get the same things on a weekly basis other than, like, I'll tweak one or two vitamins in my shots, just depending on like, today, like it's, um, I don't usually do vitamin C, if I get enough of it, because I do eat a lot of freeze a lot of oranges a lot, you know, I get a lot of it from citrus that I eat all the time. But I don't want to get sick and I felt a little rash. I was like, let's just, let's just do it heavy, so I can just flush it all out. But I find that like, you know, one of the parts of my business that I haven't focused on is like my wellness coaching. And but I tend to do it all the time anyways, because like, you know, like, we had clients today, friends of ours, or friends of mine that had told me that she had an issue and I said, Well, I have something for you that could help you. Come meet john, because john can help you understand exactly why it works. I know it works just because I know people benefit from it. And I see others with the same issues that you're telling me about benefit from these vitamins because of these reasons. But at the same time, I'm not the doctor, I'm not even the practitioner, but just come in, trust me. And we'll figure it out together. And usually when they're here and they talk to john, you know, they're already come in with some level of trust, because they know me. But then whenever everything's explained a lot better then it's like, Okay, well, that makes complete sense. And and then it's just a no brainer, because it's like you want to take care of your body.

Allison 18:49
But you weren't doing any of this supplementation this time last year. And now, or you just started

Baldo 18:54
I mean, I was doing like protein shakes. And I was doing like a couple things here and there but not like,

Allison 18:59
right, so in less than a year, you know, enough to explain a lot of different vitamins and minerals to people and what effect you feel they have in your life and in your practice. Correct? Yes, yes. So do you think that if someone were to try and learn this stuff for themselves, it would be very easy for them to do so. Because you can feel the benefits right away? It's kind of like you feel at once and then you remember, oh, this thing made me feel good.

Baldo 19:29
Yeah, well, the thing about is that there's a lot of information in here. And if you follow any of our accounts, MSW, Instagram, we're always posting information that you can benefit from. And there's tons of info, ton of things to learn from even when you come here, but at the same time, like you, each person is going to have their specific thing that they want to work with first. And it's just like anything else, like take it one step at a time. So if it's like if you're dealing with like, let's say, I'm just looking at this, if you're dealing with diabetes, and you want to go on natural way, like there's something that you can learn about that here without having to learn like all these other cool things that we have as well to which you might be curious about but but you can always focus on it. Let me let me focus on this first, you know, what can I do for energy? In the end, there's several things that you can do for energy. Everyone knows be 12. But that's just like the tip of the iceberg. I mean, that's just

Allison 20:17
Oh, yeah, I think that's super cool, too, because you came at it, starting with yoga and fitness. And john came at it. I mean, you like to work out, but you really came at it from the vitamin, you like learning about the nutrition stuff, and you broke that down into vitamins and amino acids and minerals. And the two of you together kind of a super team, because john has learned to love yoga, and Volvo has learned as much as he knows now about all of these supplements. So I think it's really cool what you guys offer together as a team, because the two things compliment each other so much. So john, when Volvo first started coming and working with you, what was his first goal when he wanted to start the supplements? Do you remember, like, if a yogi were to come to you now, what do you generally see problems? Like as problems with yoga, you mentioned the joints.

Jon Mendoza 21:07
Yeah, there's a lot of wear and tear that they do over time. And I sent it to another Yogi today. In fact, she's an instructor. As I said, Don't take this the wrong way. But you tend to put a lot of wear and tear on your body, especially your weight bearing joints, with all the handstands you do and the back wheel, you know, flies and all that. But you don't realize how much strain is put on your body because you're so flexible. Like if your back was hurting, they wouldn't be able to bend forward and touch their toes. But because they're Yogi's, and they've done it for 10 years, they can do that, you know, and so it's kind of like, they don't see that there's some damage that's gone on. And so we do have a lot of yoga clients that come in and get adjusted, you know, or we talked about taking this supplement for the Cartledge and supporting and preventing maybe delaying even arthritis as well. So when Baldo first started off, he and I'm probably wrong about this. But he wanted to learn about vitamins. He just wanted to know why, why should I take this over this, he even had a supplement company that he was working with. And I said, Alright, I'm gonna teach you the labels on the back. It's almost like when you go to the grocery store to read all the ingredients, I said, I'm going to teach you every single ingredient in this supplement, and what it's for. And I think that kind of spawned off the idea of saying, I want to try this, I want to try that. And I want to learn more about it. And then when Cinderella came out with you know, the weight loss shot, I mean, it was kind of a no brainer, because he was like, well, I could tone up a little here and type below here. And and that's another backstory we have, like, how much did you weigh last year? Was it last year, the year before?

Baldo 22:51
20? Is the highest ever weighed? How much is a little over a year ago?

Jon Mendoza 22:56
How tall are you?

Baldo 22:57

Jon Mendoza 22:58
Okay, so how much do you weigh now?

Baldo 23:01
One 166.

Jon Mendoza 23:03
Those last, like 60 5060 pounds, all right. And he's done this lynnderella in his IV or as a shot like consistently in the past year, which that's helped to contribute to a lot of it. But when I tell you this guy's like taking it one step further with all the vitamins and the nutrient stuff that we've talked about. He's gone so far as to say now he's vegan.

Allison 23:22
I was gonna say he eats very clean too. And that was something I wanted to mention for you guys, too. Both of you can chime in on this. What we haven't mentioned other than than being best friends is Baldo also lives in the extra room in John's house right now. So they're best friends slash brothers. I thought

they were brothers when I first met them. Everyone knows

Yeah. And um, but so you guys are very good about your nutrition. And you actually don't super like to cook very much. I know. bolo does a little bit sometimes. But you guys are both very busy. So how do you support your supplementation and your workouts without liking to cook very often.

Jon Mendoza 24:01
So we firmly believe at MSW lounge, the food is your medicine. And so we are very snobby about the food we put in our bodies. So we go so far as to say we only want food from like farm to table. So like he volunteered JD organic farms here in East Austin and brought it and brought back like carrots and spinach and peppers. And anything you can imagine when it comes to vegetables, and he said I'm gonna cook all of this with garlic salt and turmeric, and black pepper and like all this stuff, and he made a soup for it for the whole week. And so I can tell you right now, I love food. We all do. But I do not like to cook because I don't have time for it. So I get a lot of raw food. And that's one of the things that we kind of preach to people that when you cook food, you change the composition of some types of foods like I don't know, it's weird, like, tomatoes can have more antioxidants and then when you cook them, but sometimes it's a good change. It's a good change, but it's not always that Case like if you cook some foods and like a pan, you take some of the nutrients out if you cook red meat to the point where you know becomes like blacking on the outside like brisket or barbecue like that's carcinogenic, you know, I can cause cancer in the microwaves, you throw it in the microwave, because we don't have time, I could easily microwave food all the time, but I don't because there's radiation going to that food, it changes the composition, it changes the composition. So to look at the bigger picture of what are you going to put in your body, we're very particular about the foods that we eat the ingredients all the way down to the spices. I mean, he This is what we'll do. And I know this seems very odd, and you probably don't think you can do it. But you can actually do it. We haven't you just said you're very busy. I'm very busy, right? So there's no excuses. If you have 10 minutes, we can give you a 10 minute meal or a five minute meal. it'll fill you up for three hours. Okay, we have a chiminea in the backyard. And we cooked I don't know we cook vegetables on it when I don't say we he cooks vegetables on, okay, this guy resorts to going back to the caveman. And he starts a fire in the chiminea. And he rose onions, and corn, and peppers and mushrooms and garlic. And we I never thought I would do this. But when we're out there when obviously there's something natural about being in front of a campfire, right and smelling that and seeing the flames takes you back to when we were here, you know, two 300 years ago before all this stuff. And he takes out the the food and it's an onion. It's just a whole onion, and he put a clove of garlic in the middle of it. And he sprinkled like olive oil and garlic salt and tumeric off and we peel the skin in layers of the onions and ate it and it was the sweetest tasting onion. It was delicious. And here I am eating for dinner. A cooked onion,

Baldo 26:51
just onion and sometimes

Jon Mendoza 26:53
roasted corn to like the big well of course organic corn right

Baldo 26:56
another day there was $1 for this meal.

Jon Mendoza 26:58
Yeah. And I was like oh my gosh, like we ate like amazing tasting food for literally two bucks. So you

Allison 27:06
would say some of the healthiest food that you've ever found is also the cheapest because you're going straight to the farm to get it.

Baldo 27:11
And what's also misconception A lot of people think that eating vegan is like more expensive or they are eating healthy is more expensive takes time. But I mean like you go to sprouts and they sell you two corn stalks for $1 and you get like three onions for like two bucks. So that game doesn't cost a lot and that has a lot. I mean onions are like one of the hill seeds things out there. Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 27:31
it's it's a it's a relative of garlic. And garlic is like the biggest anti microbial food you can find next to tumeric like garlic, you could literally if you had a staph infection or a cut on your knee, you could smash a bunch of garlic up, rub it in there and it's an antibacterial food, would it feel very good, it wouldn't feel good but it would work like sometimes like my wife. Now when she gets congested, she cuts an onion and half puts it next to her at the bed. And like she feels better when she wakes up because she absorbed that smell from the onion and the onions and antimicrobial to is not as strong as garlic but you put garlic and onion and all of a sudden you have like an immune boosting food. So when you go back to food as medicine Yes, we're eating medicine. That's how we're getting in. So I want people to look at food, not necessarily as a reward. I worked out all week long. I deserve this or I'm stressed out I need to eat this tonight. I eat food now for sustenance and to get certain nutrients out of it and the best way to do it most of the time is wrong. So if you don't have time to cook in the chiminea there's a lot of raw foods that I typically eat all the time like pears or berries or almonds or avocado like I have an avocado over there. I can't wait to eat it. I will eat all Mercado straight up and

Baldo 28:53
synechron almonds snap

Jon Mendoza 28:54
on almonds like I have stuff over there that doesn't I we don't have a microwave in here for crying out loud. We have a fridge but it's only for the ice and for our vitamins. But like we have no way to cook anything other than to eat it raw. So when people talk about what type of food do you eat, I do eat cooked food from restaurants but I also like a lot of raw food because I don't have time to cook so I need stuff on the go. And the knock on that is that people don't think it tastes good if it's raw but I can say right now that onion that I had and I still remember like two weeks ago was the best tasting onion I've ever tasted in my life. It was like it was almost like candy like I never tasted anything like that. And then to top it off, we had two full stocks of corn with with the chili powder on it and we had all this oil tumeric little tidbit and you had vegan butter right? I put kerrygold butter in mind because I love kerrygold butter but that is that was I was full like I was really full and it was incredible because I never thought in my wildest dreams I was going to be eating just been in corn for dinner like That's crazy. I'm really jealous that I wasn't there for that. Honestly, I texted you about that. Actually, if I say we're eating, What are y'all doing green onions. You guys called me, guess what we had for dinner. That was our Friday night. That's what happens when you turn 35. So, so we

Allison 30:14
talked about a lot today we talked about how Baldo went from being an Ironman athlete to now a yogi who can still run 10 miles without hurting his joints. Talk a little bit about how you supplements to to help to supplement that. And then he talks about how you guys are able to cheaply eat healthy and maintain your fitness and your vitamins. While eating raw food. It's easy, you don't even have to cook most of the time. And you guys cook because you enjoy it. And that's good. But what are your final thoughts? Guys? What do you feel about this?

Jon Mendoza 30:45
We've covered a lot. Um, um, so

Baldo 30:47
Yeah, go ahead. I'll let you finish it. But um, so basically, I mean, I think that being aware, I mean, obviously being a yoga, a lot about awareness. Being aware with your body and listening to your body. Like it tells you exactly what what it means. And the more you're in tune with that like through, whether that be just eating healthy, or, you know, meditation, or visualization, like, it's important for you to be aware of that. So that way, you know, whether you need more of one thing or another thing and just be able to take it from week to week and see improvement or see non improvement but but that way, at least you're aware but just before I get back to you like I think that the goal with this with our podcast slash Facebook Live slash Instagram life is so bring you more health topics, and we're calling it what how do you health podcasts? Because there's so many different ways to to help to help. Yeah, there's so many. It could be nutrition, it could be, you know, physical activity, it could be meditation, I mean, I think that's a that's a huge topic that we'll tackle at some point as well too. But our goal is to bring you practitioners, Yogi's, just other like minded people that have something to offer and interview them and give you more information. And then that way whenever you come in, and if you have any questions, and we have more answers for you, too, because like we always learn from everyone else as well, too. I mean, we have we sit down with people, because they want to learn about this. And then whenever we're asking them about like, why is this important to you? Or what are your goals, and they're, and they're telling us their goals? And sometimes we'll hear something where it's like, well tell us more about that. We didn't even know about that. And then it's like, well, we should try to do them doing that too. And so that's, it's it's just about the whole community, the whole city, hopefully, I mean, the whole country just bring coming together and, and helping each other to live longer and healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Allison 32:39
I like to add to that, too, when you were saying like, the more mindful you are, the better you get at figuring out what you need. It's a positive feedback loop. If you're not eating well, and you're not exercising and you're not sleeping well. It's just going to continue to cause that and increase all of those bad things. But as soon as you make the decision to do something healthier for yourself, you start wanting more healthy things, which is linked us wanting to learn from all of these awesome people that we get to see. And if you haven't been into CSA, we hope you do because we want to meet you. But um, I mean, just a couple days ago Baldo was telling me like I've been craving salt lately. What causes that? And I said, Oh, well, have you been working out more? And he's like, yeah, I've been running 10 miles a day. I was like, Yeah, that'll do it. But he wasn't like I'm craving chips. He was like, No, I'm specifically craving the electrolyte salt that I need to replenish because I just ran 10 miles like,

Baldo 33:29
yeah, I told her I was like I was I even did the whole eggs. Yes, I just needed the salt. And that's fine. very specific. training was cool.

Allison 33:38
Like people people make fun of it. But when someone says I crave a salad, that's probably because the person is in tune with their bodies and their health enough to know that like they actually need a salad and not a chocolate bar. No, no, no, no. What's

Baldo 33:49
funny because like, I used to get a lot of heartburn by corn I used to drink. And it was always like, what a pill Can I take to get this? And it was never about like, why don't I stop doing those things that I'm doing before I get heartburn. And once I start I Wacom was one of them. But it was other foods too, that was causing heartburn. And I just started eliminating those in my heartburn stop. And it wasn't like, Oh, it's not like a pill fix it. It was just your heartburn means I don't want this. Correct. Yeah, not be happening. Correct. But it hasn't. I mean, it's been over a year since I've had heartburn now. But I remember I remember it clearly because it was like certain things. I was like, ah, and then you see commercials all the time about like, Hey, you know, take this pill and you can eat whatever you want. And it's like, well, just because you don't feel it doesn't mean it's not hurting you. Like Yeah,

Jon Mendoza 34:40
yeah, no, I get it. I guess going back to when you asked me about like, you know, my take on this. What we talked about today is part of a regimen, a paradigm, if you will, for people who are very into health and wellness in general, like we're geeks about that stuff, right? But it should not be to the point where it scares you. Because people can feel overwhelmed. When there's a lot of information like this, they might say I don't even know where to start. The truth is you can start anytime any day of the week and anywhere like Baldo could not bend over to touch his toes last year, he weighed 220 pounds two years ago, and you see a transformation. It doesn't happen overnight. But remember, this is a marathon. This is your lifestyle. This is not a diet that goes in turn into a fad. After 30 days, this is something they will take some time. But we're here to guide you and say, Hey, if you tried this approach, maybe you should include this in there. And then once you get to the point where you start figuring out, you start sharing what works for you, and guess what you do you pass that information along to someone else, and you help them get healthier. And so I just want everyone to know that you could take this into to heart. How do you help is what are you doing today to prevent sickness from coming tomorrow? I don't want to end up a diabetic. I don't want to have heart attacks when I'm 50. What am I doing now at 35 to prevent that from happening at 45 or 55. A little bit of something every day. And you could start doing that today and that it's never too late. It's never too early. And that's what I want everyone to take away from this however you health. Keep doing it.

Allison 36:29
Awesome. Great show guys.

Baldo 36:30
Hey guys, thanks.

"This is your lifestyle. This is not a diet that goes and turns into a fad after 30 days. This is something that will take time." - Jonathan Mendoza

"If you guys ever come to anywhere I'm at, you'll see me just pop up into a handstand, just because it's like, 'I'm kind of tight right here, let me do a handstand!' " - Baldo Garza

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